Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2015 crash part 2 of 4

2015 CRASH part 2

I believe our buddy over at Peak Prosperity, the author of Crash Course ( field reports from minions report that his newest book “Prosper” is underwhelming ), was the first to popularize the concept of banking and oil tied together moving our economy.  If oil supplies kept growing ( going back further, if all carbon fuels kept growing to power industrialization and mercantilism ) then debt could keep growing because extra energy introduced into our economy was extra wealth which was mandatory to pay back the interest on debt.  Without wealth growth, conjured up by growing energy, no extra money was available to pay the interest.  Not on all the old debt and certainly not on any new debt.  And as we might have discussed a time or two, without central banks creating debt you can’t grow an industrial empire which controls the world.  The reason England became the world super power before us was because it had the central bank which worked the best, providing credit to invest and expand, rule and conquer.  The price was ceding control of certain assets to the private bankers.  Whose profits were the interest paid on debt ( this isn’t an evil nefarious plot by Jews or the Illuminati or Little Green Space Men.  The government benefited handsomely in this arrangement, and so it came to be ).  And that interest was paid by the wealth created by colonizing and harvesting extra energy ( in the form of food and nitrates-the Spanish focused on gold, which ultimately doesn’t produce gunpowder or feed a growing population.  Poor misguided bastards ).


You can bet that the US power elite was well aware of this dynamic.  They tried to start a central bank from Day One of the founding of the republic ( sad to say, more than likely it wasn’t strong freedom minded individuals who thwarted its formation, but most likely the world power central bank in England who wished to keep us as a resource producing colony rather than a competitor.  After it was plain that Germany was eclipsing Britain economically and militarily, the owners of the English central bank jumped ship, came over here, used a few Quislings to push through legislature and set up house in the brand new Federal Reserve Bank, a new relatively unexploited continent ripe for the plucking and the old corpse left to rot quickly and thoroughly ).  The east coast Yankee Scum went far in turning slave trade profits into mills and factories, colonized the South and did a great job kicking the crap out of a sickly aged Spanish empire to acquire the Philippians and other islands, but we never would have grown enough to become the new empire the sun never set on if we didn’t have a central bank to fund our climb to the top.  Dictators in the Fed Gov were well aware of the Faustian bargain they signed to be all powerful, and none cared the slightest since at first it seemed the deal implied centuries long rule before collapse ( oops!  They didn’t see the very new rich prize of oil being on a much shorter lifespan ).  Continued next article.

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  1. Haven't read the other guy's book but after buying and reading your Frugal Living ebook, I picked up your Survivalist Sixpack set yesterday. Looking forward to reading it.

    Too bad Andrew Jackson couldn't rise up from the grave, I am sure that he could handle these "too big to discipline" bankers.

    1. And of course I love you for buying my book. Crash Course is available free online in the form of a series of videos. No need to buy anything. Highly recommended as Big Picture.

  2. Money as debt.
    Debt paid for by growth.
    Growth made possible by energy.
    Energy from (limited) fossil fuels.
    The equation is easy. The results of the equation are less than pleasant however.
    Hopefully Germanys new fusion reactor actually works- it is really expensive and complicated to build but still not much more expensive than fossil fuels and using cheaply available hydrogen could provide the necessary energy to service the debt.
    If it fails, and no other shot in the dark toward cheaper energy occurs there will HAVE to be an economic CRASH of unprecedented levels. I think we are will into the start of the crash and that the PTB are doing their best to slow and disguise it.

    1. My understanding reading up on the fusion reactor was that this is merely a new direction in a longer term research. I could be wrong, but I assume fusion is mostly hype.

    2. We all get a daily reminder how useful fusion power can be, it is overhead every day. (the sun).

    3. Mind you CONTROLLED fusion on a smaller than stellar scale is HARD, and expensive to get setup. The science shows that if they can get it figured out it will pay back the investors faster than the 5-10 years of a natural gas or coal power plant, but not by much. But since Hydrogen is a much more common substance than fossil fuels the fuel costs over the life of the reactor should be far less, and after payback period it is mostly gravy.
      The problems have been with getting a reactor going well enough for long enough to be self sustaining and not destroying the reactor - fusion has been achieved multiple times but keeps breaking the reactor or requiring energy input greater than out put.

    4. Isn't there a lesson from Greek mythology there?

  3. "Crash Course" is a great presentation of How We Got Here, and Where Here Is. This stuff is not allowed in Gov't School textbooks or speech by other than slight hints by nearing-retirement Econ/History teachers to read some Austrian Econ books where some truf be hidin'.

    "Prosper" is far too optimistic a title, but optimism sells, 'specially to the young ladies. I would have titled my book SURVIVE TO RULE: The future Khan emerges from a hole in the Western desert to impose low-density human-powered victory and individual justice on his minions while they rebuild the good parts of Western Civ. Not so different from the imaginary parts of Spinrad's Iron Dream.

    ;-) pdxr13

    1. From the Wiki entry on Iron Dream, it seems like a combination of Mein Kampf and the Gunpowder Revolution ( ie, weapon Evolution rather than Devolution ). It almost sounds like a Dick novel, written under the influence.

  4. Amazon comments are reflecting more on us than the book:

    The Kindle version is a quick-edit pirate text-scan, probably worth a buck. The 1972 paperback is a good collectible. It's in a box around here somewhere.