Monday, December 28, 2015

my biggest prepping mistake 1 of 4


A minion suggested that I write this article and I thought it was a good idea.  Being perfect, and on the VERY short approval list of Baby Jesus ( hint: so short it is about one person long ), if I could actually make a mistake then the reasoning went that everyone else, being far less worthy and embarrassed by that, would chime in with their mistakes and we would all have a rollicking good time.  Well, perhaps not all fun and games and free unicorn rides, but at least it would be educational because if you can’t identify a problem you certainly won’t be able to fix the issue.  I had to put quite a bit of effort into thinking where I had screwed up, because all kidding aside I think I’ve done a relatively bang-up job on this survivalist thing.  Not because I’m smarter than most but because I am blessed and/or cursed with an overly analytical brain and I obsess about this crap.  I’ve fallen far short of where I know I should be, which will fall under my mistake when I reveal it after the proper amount of suspense, but I’ve also accidentally fallen into a pile of roses more often than not and all things considered I’m relatively well positioned.  Plus, after a certain number of years of this planet you just stop really caring as much.  Even if I’m not in the perfect place prepper wise, I call it good enough.  If it kills me, as long as I can take out some of the humpers with me I’ll be content.  No one lives forever, and contrary to the legions of zombies you see in Arizona and Florida, no one should want to live forever.  I reserve the right to change my mind of course, but I see little quality of life as I’m busy filling up an adult size diaper trying to remember if I’ve forgotten if I’ve already lost my mind to dementia or not.


I can’t say I’m disappointed in my career or my relationships.  Being of the Redneck Survivalist variety, I don’t need all that much money for preps.  I’ve never really had any regrets I’m lacking anything because of low wages.  As a minion observed, when you have extra you only see more expensive solutions.  I’m not so nice, so I say that Yuppie Scum are just buying peacock feathers, but I see his point.  When you have more your entry price point is higher, even as your percentage of budget to preps is the same or smaller ( probably smaller as you have middle class individuals and institutions to support ).  If you have a hundred to spend you buy bare minimum.  If it is a thousand, suddenly your bare minimum costs four times as much.  There is nothing I lust after ( books aside, obviously ) I can’t afford with just a little bit of savings, even earning ten grand a year, but luckily I don’t even lust after all that.  When you see the short term nature of all of today’s luxuries, suddenly it doesn’t seem all that important to bust your ass getting them.  As for relationships, it’s been a long rocky road but I figure even if it would have been nice to start a decade or so ago, at least I get to spend the last years with someone I care about ( and visa versa ).  And it doesn’t matter she isn’t a prepper, as I’m already squared away there.  I got lucky in the collapse timing and all the previous females actively working against me in preps didn’t negatively impact me.  So, I call no mistakes job or relationship wise.

More next article.


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  1. More snow here than all my other winters here combined. B-POD withstood nine inches of heavy snow. Its definitely still weird weather.