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Thursday, December 25, 2014

dr. dolittle


As we get started, let me try to make my position perfectly clear.  I respect the hell out of a lot of professions.  Volunteer firefighters are willing to risk their lives to save puppies, small children and past their prime oxygen wasting geriatrics   trapped by fires, all equally.  A lot of cops disappoint me, but far more are righteous guys who still embrace a peace officer rather than a LEO attitude, yet are scarcely rewarded and are pressured from all sides by ingrates.  And will still try to put their lives between you and danger.  Almost every single doctor is dedicated and has sacrificed a lot to try to save lives, and their shortcomings are usually caused by the legions of parasites attached to them making them far less efficient than they should be ( you fight the for profit hospital board, the malpractice insurance agent, the AMA, the federal regulator, give them all a cut of your spoils, then work sixteen hours a day and see if some of your customer care doesn’t get cut from an optimal level ).  Now, having said that, these people are going to be next to useless to you after the Apocalypse.  I get why the political larvae want us to worship the First Responders ( remember my temper tantrum about some douche bag wanting to include them in Veterans Day celebrations? ).  Uniform Respect is a cultural trait big brother loves.  But my respect is for those you serve other citizens, not those who serve the government.  And don’t let yourself fall into a hero worship trap.  For all the good these folks do now, don’t believe it will carry over well.


It’s already been discussed how doctors are going to be severely hamstrung by lack of Just-In-Time inventory medicines.   About how ambulances won’t be able to get its charges to the needed care.  How cops can’t patrol or communicate.  But it goes deeper than that.  First Responders have been indoctrinated and trained, highly trained no doubt, in only one environment.  The JIT inventory, the fuel dependent transportation, the Internet.  We are awed by their skill set, and think even in moments of privation they can still do something, anything, mere civilians cannot.  I disagree.  Take a basic example.  With budget cuts and resource shortages, ammunition became hard for some department to procure.  Training was suspended, yet without training on a regular basis, how much better is a patrolman going to be in a firefight, other things being equal such as stress response, than his adversary?  How much more danger are bystanders in?  If New York Cities Finest are any example ( the case recently with heavy civilian casualties with minimal damage on the criminals ), a lot.  And that is just one of the smallest examples of modern Oil Age techniques and training and equipment not being optimal.  Ignore every post-apocalypse fictional plot line of yearning for professionals in a group, and rationally think through how much their skills are really going to help.  Or hurt.


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  1. Hey, Jeffers is back in business. Hope his post picks up your Xmas. I particularly enjoy the " so we are 7 years into the 8.3 extension", comment he left in the comment section. LMAO! Peace

    1. Cool! Hope you keeps it up this time. Having a personal life ( whats that? ) is NO excuse for not blogging.

  2. You'd be surprised how much make do and improvisation Firefighters have to do, especially in small underfunded departments. Some sort of emergency response could be cobbled together for some time. Did my fair share of that when I was a professional Firefighter. A lot of simple old firefighting tech is still out there and being used.

    However, stop paying them and they'll go do something else to support their family.

    Shoot at them and they'll find something else to do.

    1. Can't blame a brother for only putting up with so much at such a low pay grade.

  3. Voluntary user fees eliminate a lot of misunderstandings, that's why they work so well in the private sector, and yes, they can be used universally for everything. And the first MF that comes off with that retarded "free rider" nonsense gets punched right in the face.

    The same sort of premise as used when acquiring a shirt at Walmart.
    If you want it, buy it.

    And for the statists: Don't even think about requiring me to pay for shit you want, I don't require that of you. You want it, buy it, plain and simple and the way things were always meant to be.


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