Tuesday, December 9, 2014

consuming celibacy


I’m a bit in a slow cycle here, the lack of brilliant new ideas slowing to a trickle, and today we’ll dredge up some slightly pungent decomposing subject from the past we’ve already covered- consumerism.  I started one of Chris Hedge’s books that was a compilation of his Truth Dig site articles ( he isn’t my favorite, but he keeps me honest[ish] with a view from the other side of looking at things ) and not too far from the beginning was a snide comment about consumerism.  Just as I get tired of his silly misguided notions of our nation’s citizens rising up in a Gandhi like peaceful protest, as if any swinging cheese dingus out there can miss one day of work that pays the mortgage to protest his servitude, I think the hatred of consumerism is a bit of a knee jerk reaction ( the bulk of his preaching is bitter if needed medicine, but like the Druid Dude and his refusal to accept swift collapse as possible, Chris does have a few holes in his conclusions ).  Anti-consumerists seem to me to be like old timey gals marching to ban alcohol.  Since their husbands are drunkards and quick to throw the rent money down their gullets, then nobody can handle their liquor and by banning it they have saved the world from the evil embraces of Lucifer.  Nobody is denying the negative effects of alcohol or consumerism, but ignoring why drinking or buying shiny trinkets takes place means you can’t stop the practice.


People drink to escape reality.  You can pretty it up, put some needed lipstick on that pig, but that is the gist of it.  Perhaps if those gals a hundred years ago were a little busier keeping Papa happy instead of being a fish wife, they wouldn’t spend so much money in the bar.  And if they did that, in addition to working on moderating intact, they could have been happier at home and left the rest of us alone and Prohibition wouldn’t have ushered in gun control and federal police growth ( yes, I’m blaming the birth of the modern police state on ugly bitches who were bad in bed ).  And people consume.  They do it for the worst reasons, but a lot also do it for a very good one.  Money in the bank in subject to inflation and confiscation.  At least if the spend the Greenbacks quickly they won’t waste them as badly as when they are put into savings accounts.  Consumerism is a defense mechanism, which is in response to central banks controlling the economy, just as consumerism is a tactic by those banks to get people to consume and use credit and stay chained to the workplace.  Having now forced us into a money economy, unable to NOT work or become government dependents, we are stuck as consumers as the least worst choice.  The fact that it destroys the environment is an obvious fact that each individual worker is forced to ignore.  So instead of preaching against consumerism, and corporatism, preach against the central bank.  Otherwise, you are like the church using celibacy as a litmus test to see if you are worthy of joining their organization.  It causes more trouble than it is worth, but the anointed new holy ones can then preach to others how unworthy they all are.  Look, I don’t hump or consume, I’m special.  Are you?  Okay, if you say so.

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  1. Bartering is the best form of consumerism.
    You cut out all the middle men.

  2. I have often wondered what effect being drained dry everyday would have on behavior. I would be willing to volunteer for an experiment if my lab partner was real pretty, had a killer body and great skills in the bedroom. Let me know if you hear of such research being conducted anywhere.

    1. A nice thought, but, alas, it would just be like eating steak everyday and soon you would be begging for a day off. I hope.

    2. Ha, ha, been there done that ! Although it's not the only reason I've been married to her for 36 years now ! Whoee didn't think I'd survive those first ten years har har .