Monday, July 13, 2015

they hate our freedoms


I just came across an article ( 8 Jul 2015 ), linked through Zero Hedge, about how preppers were glorious heros and how all state toadies hated them, and the reason they hate them is because glorious wonderful preppers are free and love liberty and self-reliance.  Now, setting aside the obvious bull crap on self-sufficiency ( urban dwellers working a job to feed themselves are no less insecure than a prepper working a job to pay the mortgage on the farm that feeds him ), and the rather blind self-portrait akin to Soviet Stalinist apologists painting the Proletariat in Technicolor Day-Glo hues, does anyone else kind of feel that this is sort-of a state sponsored rebuttal to a supposed state sponsored smear job?  They hate our freedoms.  Where have you heard that before?  From the Bush Dynasty Pick One Of Fifty Official Excuses For Invading Iraq.  They hate us for our freedoms, they attacked us, now we must PROACTIVELY bring the fight to them.  So, here is some Gumba mother-humper using the same phrase.  Coincidence?  Hmmmm.  Now, while I have no earthly idea who this dude is that authored said piece ( and, admittedly, he might be the nicest Joe ever ), I also get a vibe that this is a rather inflammatory rebuttal and while it might be innocent, I fear that we are being played by the intelligence services to respond out of proportion ( to be clear, this wasn’t THE piece to bring blood into the streets, but the first response to the first spark in an attempt to get some militia/survivalists to agitate beyond the law ).


What we have to understand is that when you are being played, you the target are always the last to know.  Manipulators do their thing for a living, as it were.  Just think of the last really evil manipulating female you knew to your sorrow, and double that for a good operative.  A piece comes out in a leftist publication stating that preppers should be killed to cleanse the gene pool, and a prepper gets pretty worked up about it and writes a good long letter back.  Inflaming passions on both sides.  You want poor Black folk to die, you want to kill White folk, etc.  Both sides are/might be  innocent of anything other than heated rhetoric, but it sure seems like both sides are being set up by others if not guilty themselves ( to put that in perspective, remember that I advocate the Lamp Post List, those worthy of being hanged come the revolution.  This list includes lawyers and politicians and bankers.  Now, turn that around.  Wouldn’t centralists be entitled to the same violent passions? ).  As it is fairly obvious with Obammy and Holder encouraging deadly Knock Out Game behavior from their tribe to build up hatred past historical levels ( allow me to be clear in my advice-this isn‘t just an Obammy thing.  Hilary will continue it.  Divide and conquer.  Leave heavily Black populated areas unless you want a front row seat in the Race War ), why is it beyond possible that this is the next step?  Disinformation and fire stroking to up the violence card.  Don’t get drawn in.

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  1. Always be suspicious of those trying to motivate you.

    1. uuuhhhmmm...aren't I trying to motivate you to be more paranoid? :)

    2. Yeah . . . what's with that? :)

  2. Divide and Conquer.
    An ancient technique used now against internal populations. Preppers/Survivalists/Homesteaders/Hippies all have common interests including an anti-authoritarian attitude. So the Authorities are doing their best to make certain that these groups don't coalesce into a large anti-authority voting/influence block. Inflaming rhetoric between conservative, liberal, libertarian, green, etc. dividing lines - is easy to do. and even easier to encourage. I doubt TPTB can keep a lot more people from realizing how effed up the whole system is when we have a Bush running against a Clinton AGAIN. But without a single anti - TPTB block to turn to most people will simple throw up their hands and go back to their beer doughnuts and boob tube in frustrated apathy.
    TPTB will do the same thing with race, religion, and ethnic background where they can.
    If they over do it and it sparks violence, they can just use that as an excuse for more of a police state crackdown (leading to more violence etc.).
    If they are REALLY lucky they can get everyone else to kill each other off, with the last few cops/troops going all terminator / killing fields on most of the remaining population.

    1. I hear what you are saying, but is this still true if the vote is rigged?

    2. That's why I don't think it will come to a Clinton / Bush contest again. TPTB will just pre select in the nomination period whom is going to get the election (Hillary probably) and let the other be pushed off till the next (s)election. Unless their goal is just to underline their complete dominance of the system and that they no longer fear any resistance - then we will see the Clinton / Bush contest.

  3. Good article James. Indeed the PTB have been pitting the various groups against one another for many years now, and to great effectiveness.

    That being said, and before I proceed. To be clear, while I can't exactly get on board with a lot of the stupidity that the modern right espouses (As well indicated by the title of this article) it's clear to me that the left has long since completely triumphed. The left was very sly in that they directed their efforts towards the youth, and influenced them out from under their parents.

    The last major obstacle in their way to complete success, has been overcome. We saw within one weeks time alone, gay marriage rammed up the butt of all 50 states (pun intended :D) and the Confederate flag, for all practical purposes being outlawed (Displays, sales, eliminated, TV related shows such as The Dukes of Hazzard now off the air, etc and so on) all over one guy that killed a bunch of innocent people and happened to have one displayed in one of his photos.

    This is a sign of what's to come, and it's not going to get any better. Look to be chipped within the upcoming years in order to gain employment or any kind of social services. Also look to see non-pc language directed towards any of the lefts “sacred cows” (LGBT 's, etc) treated as a hate crime, and punishable by prosecution. Already the case in Canada, and soon to be here as well.

  4. James, are you doing meth now? You sound over the top F**** crazy, you used to be coherent, insightful and a little weird.
    But not nuts. Is this what happens when James get a woman?
    Or is it because everything is in bold typeface now?

    1. Wow, seeing conspiracies under every rock? The boldface is for old farts with bad eyes squinting at the computer screen.

  5. thanks. you've put my thoughts into words.

  6. They do hate what freedom remains as residue from the MYOB of low-density pioneering era. BUT, they really won't be envious of what there is now, since Euro-zone legal-resident privilege set is at least equal to the net-result of US "rights" available to folks making less than $78K/year (single) in any urbanized hell-hole East of Montana.

    For people who can't see text well on paper or screen, look at APHont
    It works! I can read it smaller and farther than other fonts. I wish that it loaded onto Kindle Paperwhite.

    Confederate soldiers are equal to all other US veterans, by law. This makes removing flags, grave markers, statues a Federal Crime. Let's try to get Eric Holder or his collectivist follow-up person to prosecute some of these survivors of #flag-grabbing, after they get out of the trauma ward.

    Blunt force trauma builds strong memories.