Wednesday, July 22, 2015

follow the leader 2


LBJ did not start the Great Society welfare state amidst the Vietnam war because he was a softy for Negro’s.  He didn’t care about civil rights, past abuses, the plight of the poor, the health of hillbillies or geriatrics.  He wasn’t trying to bankrupt us by doing the whole guns and butter thing at the same time.  He was, simply, continuing the war by bribing the peasants who were revolting.  Blacks rioting in every major city?  Bribe them with welfare.  Any mass protest against anything other than the military draft?  Bribe them with welfare.  It was all a simple bribe.  The draft continued because the military needed its cannon fodder.  That would only change once the war was acknowledged as lost.  But everything else, every group that had a solid base to protest, bribe them with welfare ( once the old pukes saw the young being bribed, not content with Medicare, the greedy bastards, the geriatrics agitated for much more in the way of bribes.  Just in time when I entered the workplace, Social Security withholding went way up.  Enjoying more of my money, you parasitic bastards? If any of you think I‘ll see any of that retirement money in fifteen years, you are delusional.  No way our system lasts that long ).  Now, I’m not just ranting here.  I’m working up to a very important point.  Welfare is not a reward to the ghetto dwellers for being lazy.  Welfare is a control mechanism wielded by the FedGov.  It is as simple as that.


Our economic engine sputtered out a long time ago and without welfare bribes to almost all of the population, we would have descended into chaos and anarchy decades ago.  You worry about a future where the government socializes all jobs and controls everything?  It is already here.  Ever heard of fascism?  It is the same as socialism, except that the government isn’t bothered with as many details economically.  They control the private sector through regulation and taxation.  The business is still run by citizens, not civil servants, but the government controls the business nonetheless.  Socialism is too expensive, being labor heavy.  Fascism is the poor mans way to socialize an economy, using far less people for control.  Yet, socialism is great for sopping up the unemployed.  Make work jobs are everywhere.  Under fascism, if you aren’t ramping up for or already conducting a war, you need to do something with the poor.  Under our system, we don’t employ them, we bribe them to stay quiet and behave with welfare.  We can’t go back to the Great Depression, with the army of FedGov workers building roads and dams and clearing forests.  We don’t have the physical resources for that.  And we can’t go back to World War Two, or even the Vietnam War, because, again, we don’t have the energy or ore to conduct a war big enough to sop up the unemployed.  Welfare is the cheapest way to occupy and pacify the unemployed.  Of course, all that had a price, in crime and social unrest.  More next article.

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  1. Thank you !! Few understand that welfare ,food stamps and other social programs are to prevent civil unrest. Social welfare is less than 1% of the GDP . Civil unrest would cut the GDP to half or less. It is a simple cost benefit solution. While I don't like his books but Mark Goodwin wrote a months delay in food stamps could be the trigger for collapse.

    1. A whole month? The savages wouldn't wait that long. As it is, due to selling some off to buy drugs, legal or illegal, the Stamps run out before the end of the month. Why else is it all 12:01am the first of the month?

  2. it's the baby boomers turn

    you've covered christians, commies and hippies

    a good baby boomer rant is due

    boomers dying a slow painful death, that would cheer me up


    1. I'll get there- I left too many demographics alone for too long. Too focused on the failed novel.

  3. "Welfare is a control mechanism wielded by the FedGov."
    even a stupid dog will avoid biting the hand that feeds it - especially if that hand is backed up with an iron fist (see US incarceration rates and police brutality).
    The US is feeling more and more on edge than ever, but in part I think it is because the real rate of inflation is cutting into the value of the welfare dollar, and the iron fist is showing too clearly through the velvet glove.

    1. I don't know about welfare inflation. Frozen pizza and chips aren't up too much, are they? Who cares about rent if you have Section 8. And, while seniors scream bloody murder about COLA being artificially lowered, why do the idiots still have a car payment rent/mortgage at retirement? SS should be for basics, not a comparable paycheck.

  4. i think it was on the coffeypot blog that there was a column 'lbj wouldn't listen'.
    a real eye opener.

    been told some small store operators here in ne ohio buy food stamp cards at 50 cents on the dollar.
    the schools send food home with kids whose 'mothers' get food stamps because there is no food at home.
    many of them are at a bingo game every night of the week and it is 20 $ for a basic set of cards.
    they buy snacks and 'rip offs' which are a kind of gambling card.
    where do they get the $$ ?
    wish i had that kind of bucks.
    i am on soc sec but we paid into it and paid and paid.

  5. p.s.
    i'd rather the welfare than the social unrest!

    1. Listen to Beck and Rush, their ( most likely smaller ) taxes are ONLY feeding worthless parasite class. And Beck claims to be a historian.

  6. The state of the economy means they MUST cut - military spending, or welfare, or taxes.... OR cut them all by printing the money. Guess which way TPTB are going to go?

    1. We get them all cut, except taxes. Oh, the military isn't cut too bad for now. Still a lot of very expensive planes that won't fly or tanks that won't run that must be bought from each CongressCritters district. But their writing is on the wall. Welfare is already being cut with stricter means testing and COLA, again not too bad but going there. And what are we on now, QE 3 or 4? Add in drought inflation, peak oil inflation, peak ore inflation. Ah, what a wonderful time to be alive. I love the smell of collapse in the morning.