Tuesday, July 28, 2015

escape the collapsing empire 1


America used to be a pretty sweet place to live.  Other than a few peculiarities, you could be relatively free to do as you wished as long as you were White.  Sorry, dudes of various pigmentations, the pale faces kicked everyone’s ass and got to take the spoils.  That is how the game is played.  Of course, now NOBODY is free to do anything, regardless of skin type or gender, before begging for permission and then humbly and cheerfully paying a massive bribe.   Being White now offers few advantages-and being White is usually a de facto disqualifier when begging for welfare ( yes, I’m aware that per capita more whites than blacks are on assistance.  But they are on different kinds of welfare, and in an area with high minority counts, you are lucky to get traditional welfare if white.  Other assistance such as disability takes hiring a lawyer which can disqualify blacks ).  Of course, if you were the wrong kind of white, such as those living south of the Mason-Dixon Line, or a eastern as opposed to western European immigrant, or, hell, sometimes a Jew in the wrong area, you were just a more pale Negro as far as the socio-economic ladder went.  That said, America has never been all that particularly free, but it did make up for a continuing decline in personal freedom with the freedom to try to get rich.


Until very recently, say about the time of the Last Depression in 2008, immigrants to this country were never coming here because of personal freedom.  They aren’t like the fleeing oppressed a century ago.  The were coming here because they were allowed to try to get rich.  America hasn’t been free for some time, and any Jerry’s Kid who starts warbling about Land Of The Free or “America, love it or leave it” is at best a flaming retard best left to stew in their own delusions.  It isn’t rocket science.  If your government announces that it can now detain any citizen, indefinitely, without trial ( what used to be referred to as “disappearing” by more enlightened uneducated Third World peasants ), and not one in a hundred million says “boo”, “by your leave” or “hey, that’s bullspit and unconstitutional”, than what you obviously have is the loss of ALL freedoms and a complete unconcern by all involved.  We ain’t free.  Your only freedom occurs prior to anything you do being noticed by the authorities.  And you certainly can’t get rich here any more.  Oh, there are always a few new lucky lottery winners.  A few crooks not of the 1% who get away with a new scam.  But those are the examples held up to notice to keep the deluded serfs panting away at their gerbil wheels, busily working harder and harder and faster and faster, with greater haste and precision, to transfer all their wages to the bankers and the bankers proxies. 

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  1. Their is no escape from the collapsing empire.
    It is global.
    But, then, there was really no escape from the fall of the roman empire either- instead the roman aristocrats and other citizens on the periphery of the empire were the ones least hit by the fall - Orleans and Londinium were hardly effected when Rome was sacked. So if you are in DC the fall of the USA will hurt- hard.
    If you are in LA, NY, Seattle, London, you will feel the effects.
    If you are in a small city, well removed from from the concerns of the corridors of power - you will suffer least. If you are in a small place in a third world country you have probably already suffered the first stages of the fall of Imperial America. Your suffering will increase due to invasions if you happen to be in the line population migration.-
    Where ever you are if you are dependent upon anything from outside the immediate area you need to be prepared for it to be unavailable or increase in price - and if it is local but needs tools or supplies to create or extract etc- expect the same. And almost everything is dependent upon petroleum inputs at some levels....

    1. Perhaps most folks don't realize that empires are not political units. They are trade units first and foremost. Everything that the Yuppies desire, from future supplies of propane to run their deluxe generators to more ammunition, relies on trade. The collapse of empires is the collapse of trade.

    2. Exactly why Imperial Americana is global, to a lesser extent so were the western European Empires from about 1600 on. When the last major one (Britain's) fell the American one was right there to step in and keep things going trade wise, Britain suffered a little but since they had allied with America their suffering was more muted than it might have been.
      Who has the resources, and gumption to pick up America's global empire? Japan? Korea? India? Australia? China and Russia think they can get big chunks of it, but they are A) not affectionately disposed toward the USA nor vice versa. B) have a lot less resources to work with, and C) have a global society less favorably disposed toward them than the US when it was picking up Britain's pieces.
      I expect Russia and China to be butting heads and keeping large regional empires but not ones global in scope like the USA's.

    3. There can't be another global empire, not with resource contraction. Which is why I totally call BS on One World Conspiracies.

    4. Petroleum wasn't necessary for the first near global empires. Fast sailing ships, pony express, cannon, and the like was all they had, and they still managed huge continents as a (mostly) single nation. Telegraph and train truly unified the continental nations- coal, hydro provided electric, or nuclear trains could work. Telegraph through fiber optic lines is still possible (fiber optic won't be ripped out of the ground as there is little metal content to resell).
      Global in scope? probably not, but continental is possible with just 1700s tech as long as it is fairly loose (lots of local self governance). So a North American Union could rise from the ashes of US Canada Mexican nations. Of course that means US citizens would be middle class to live at just above the level of Mexican peasants now.