Friday, July 31, 2015

escape 4


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You might think this is pretty much the Arch Druid Collapse Plan, moving to a better location to weather the coming crap storm.  And mostly you are correct.  I respect the heck out of the Druid Dude, even if our views wildly diverge from a common starting point, for living by his convictions.  Growing up and spending your long life in the Pacific northwest, then uprooting to the rural South, that is a tough row to hoe and shows conviction.  But, of course, we can’t just be exactly like the Druid, because he thinks we are in for a long slow collapse and such things as mortgages and jobs and rioting mobs are less important to him than it is to us.  I think we have already seen the long slow collapse for fifty years and all that is left is plunging over the waterfall ( notice how we’ve already picked up speed and that this is enough to freak everyone out?  It sure is bringing in the bucks to the charlatans cashing in on the new increased fear.  Compared to the financial panic now, Y2K wasn’t much ).  So, location is more than just a job and more than just moving to a Softer Collapse area.  It is about surviving a sudden collapse with all its danger and violence.  My best solution for you here is to relocate to an area closer to an optimal location. 


You move to a better area, and then you still must face utilities failing in the winter and mobs.  But IF the collapse isn’t as severe as I think, you still have increased the quality of your life.  You’ve moved to a smaller town in a more relaxed area with better neighbors.   IF it is as severe as I believe, then what you want is Plan B.  You want options immediately outside of town.  You are living in town, with its jobs, keeping the family unit happy, but you have moved to an area that offers an easy, quick and very close by escape.  My situation here in Elko is an example.  I live in town and have an escape a bicycle ride away.  I can have each foot planted in a different option.  In your case, I understand the wife would not allow you to buy that junk land just outside of town.  Even at $50 a month.  Not a problem.  Once the economy tanks and you and everyone else in town loses your jobs, there will be land immediately surrounding your town up for sale very cheap.  Because nobody else has been saving money like you have ( I’m assuming you are saving it smart.  Burying it in the backyard under the dog crapping area or converted to silver coin, anything but in the financial institution awaiting a permanent Bank Holiday ).  You can then convince the wife to move to the junk land ( lie to her.  Say it costs $500 from a desperate seller.  Don’t tell her you have serous money or she will insist you use that money to move to another area looking for a job ).  You could also use this strategy by moving much closer to friends or family already owning land, stockpiling your entrance fee ahead of time.  This is at best an interim step.  It isn’t optimal.  But neither is staying in a crappy overpopulated area, praying for a lottery win or to die before the collapse.


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  1. His logic for moving is well thought out. His assumptions may not all work out, but it is a very good mix of logic and emotion.

    1. I don't think I ever caught that article, thanks for the link ( or maybe I did read it, but that's okay since 6 years is enough it is now fresh reading ).

  2. Our fallback is my sister and BiL's place. 20 acre off the road and nearly off grid. We will be welcome as I helped pay for it. Close enough to haul all the important stuff in one trip and still have daylight to set up house keeping. Strength in numbers.

  3. I have been catching up on your articles. I just read "A Basement Darkly"

    HOLY FU**! Jim!

    You are turning into just another pussy whipped Mother FU****!

    Here you are hiding and justifying and rationalizing EVERYTHING, YES, EVERYTHING that you are buying to her.



  4. I have 2 kids at home both are waiting on tax deeds on state owned property. Both found 1 acre lots in semi rural country for under 300 each . They are out there .Every state keeps a list of delinquent properties ours issues tax deeds after 3 years . The prosses is involved but worth it. And yes I am helping them find their own its what a father does (add energy and food cost for a child divide in half you could buy 5 acres at full price) to get his house child free.

    1. My memory is hazy but I swear I read the book on the tax properties decades ago. I was an idiot and should have bought mine back in the 80's. But then, I'm an idiot now and still haven't bought any.

    2. In general, you find a State selling back tax deeds and you bid at auction. The State (or the County) owns the property and the previous owner owes taxes. You are bidding to pay the taxes and get the property transferred to you. Sometimes, you have to bid only in-person with a local certified check or cash. Lots of fussy rules, different everywhere. Even if you are the high (only) bidder on the property, it's not yours (to keep) for a year or 3, and during that time the previous owner can pay the taxes and get it back. Not sure about if you get increase in your money if they pay the back taxes, but you do get a clear title if they fail to pay for enough time. You also get to pay taxes during the time you are waiting to get the title in some places. Fun, but you get a place for way less money and no bankster involvement.

      This is the only way I'm getting a chalet in Sun Valley or off-grid organic self-sufficient farm (and covered bicycle parking) in the American Redoubt.


    3. Although lots of fussy rules, still probably less than most other things they regulate. They seem to streamline it a bit, as they are getting money and that is magic to them.

  5. A quibble - Druid Dude isn't in what most folks think of as the rural South. He's in Western Maryland. Only technically below the Mason/Dixon line. Yes, it's 'Appalachia', but still Maryland - lousy gun laws and all.

    1. Of course, when I lived just below the Oregon border in the boonies I wasn't really still living in California. But still, technically, I was a West Coaster Puke. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't Maryland occupied by troops and forced to be Union? I'm fuzzy on details but thinking we should give them partial credit for past Southern sympathies. No excuse for how they are, of course.