Thursday, July 9, 2015

malthus 3


The whole terminology of the survivalists field is highly suspect and ever changing, so any descriptions given here are subject to change and really only used as a temporary metric for illustrative purposes.  Survivalists are usually the stereotypical cabin in the woods, cammo wearing rifle toting paranoid wackos whereas preppers are survivalists lite.  Pussy survivalists.  People so fearful they invent a life vest that sooths their fears but does little to keep them safe.  I mean, come on!  So anchored to the money economy in fears that giving up a mortgage or suffering a credit score downgrade is more frightening than the ass actually falling out of civilization, anything they might do towards preparing for Not Business As Usual is superseded by their preparations to survive in today’s crony capitalistic wage slavery.  The difference between survivalists and preppers is that survivalists are not scared to give up on today’s trinkets available to enslave us.  The golden handcuffs.  Everyone prepares differently and everyone has a different idea as to what the most dangerous threat is.  You can have preppers more deeply prepared than survivalists.  For instance, a desert rat living out in the boonies, unemployed, with a few years of wheat, is not going to be as deeply prepared as a prepper on a country road ( to be tied to the electrical grid ) with a basement of freeze dried foods, alternate energy to service the well, a tractor run on bio-diesel, thousands of rounds per semi-auto gun and all the rest.  But who is better prepared?


If you said the country prepper, wrong answer.  He is dependent on a strong functioning economy, and his self-sufficiency is going to be sorely tested after a collapse as he will need scores of young strong bodies, with attached families of worthless abilities, to protect his food production system.  Any surviving power structure will immediately target said system.  The desert rat, on the other hand, has nothing to offer anybody.  He has divorced himself from the system, to the extent possible.  He needs less, wants less and offers less.  It is all well and good to be food self sufficient, but nobody pays attention to the infrastructure surrounding and protecting that production system.  It is a chicken and egg system.  You need soldiers and their system in place to protect fields but you need fields to arm a group of soldiers.  Without storage food in place for your army, there is no army to protect food production.  And farmer/militiamen are most likely a pipedream as any group of armed marauders can attack, one wave after another of different competing groups, one attack from fresh troops after another until one group prevails over the former owners.  There is no one correct answer, but usually today’s perception that independent farmers will survive with sovereignty is ill conceived.  The Backwoods Home model is good only for economic contraction without collapse. 

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  1. "...whereas preppers are survivalists lite. Pussy survivalists. People so fearful they invent a life vest that sooths their fears but does little to keep them safe."

    A lot more venom in your posts lately...keep up the good work!

    1. I might have been getting a little too gentle with the blog, given the venom was going to the fiction. I gotta watch that :)

  2. Pls give your snailmail address.

    1. James M Dakin
      181 West Bullion Road #12
      Elko NV 89801-4184
      That is first class mail.
      Anyone sending books, bullion or bullets, use work address:
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  3. Large scale Farming is the same as fixed position warfare. I think Patton called it something like :ARE MONUMENTs TO THE STUPIDITY OF MAN: gorilla gardening and plots over a wide area much better. You have mail with books attached

  4. But... Economic downturn is a likely part one of a series of stages in a collapse. Raising food is a good position for the early stages, just be ready to throw in the towel and run when the powers that be take an interest in your land. One should be flexible and ready for different strategies, not just one strategy for all circumstances.

    1. Given the 99% insistence on More Mammom To Prep, I wonder just how adaptable most folks are going to be.

    2. They won't adapt, at least not most. Adaptation is mostly dumb luck based on numbers. With 7 billion people, a few will stumble through with the right strategies at the right time and declare themselves God's chosen people or geniuses.

    3. Supposedly city dwelling Russians had their "vacation dachas" where they went a few times every year, and basicly gureilla gardened. Never enough for the entire family for the entire year, but with working in the communist factories, and shopping the communist 'stores' plus a little black market trade on the side, the Russians kept themselves fed during and through the fall of communism.
      So IMHO a small backyard garden, series of guerrilla gardens, and maybe a couple of egg layers is possibly worth while if you can do it. It wont be enough to feed the family through the collapse by itself, but the fresh greens can supplement what else you can bring in, and should be small enough to be overlooked by most if care is taken.
      Having a good amount of hidden food caches, and some other sources of food for when the garden gets raided by bandits 2 or 4 legged is also important.
      Basically gardening on a SMALL scale will usually not be a big target of the big gangs or "authorities" and will be enough to help out a lot of the time. And small scale CAN be done in any environment with proper adjustments - including a lot of indoor starting of the plants, choosing plants for the environment, and choosing plants that naturally conceal or repel the pests. (decorative cabbages anyone?).
      Small scale livestock is also an option--- a couple of 'pet' hens and you have eggs, miniature female goat for milk, a decorative pond with 'mosquito eating' fish for protein... You don't need a lot of space just ingenuity. Think about how much milk, eggs, and fish, cost and the grocery store- and how variable the price is, almost always shooting up. Think of how healthy and delicious some vegetables are, but even in season they seem to cost a fortune.
      Again you don't have to start by tilling up 40 acres. Nor do you need prime farmland. A single potted plant next to the door is a start. Master it. Enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Realize it isn't that much more effort to make it two plants next to the door. Plant a 'decorative' row of broadleaved plants along side the house.
      Choose a chicken that lays good and is friendly to have as a pet. raise it from a hatchling - see if you can figure out something to do with the waste (fertilize those decorative plants?) and those eggs it keeps leaving (breakfast?).
      You might seem a _little_ 'eccentric' but nothing that would scream "survivalist! lets rob him!"

    4. Isn't it amazing? Two resource rich countries, one populated by pragmatic resourceful folks the other by bloated helpless pukes. I guess being rich at one time spoiled us.