Tuesday, September 30, 2014

fair share 2


An innocent soul, confused as to what all the hooting and hollering is about the end of growth, might say something silly but forgivable such as “if we all just grew permaculture eco-villages and braided our armpit hair and sung around a fire to Forest Spirits, why would we need to worry about if our resources were contracting or not?  We could just live within the solar economy as in days of yore”.  Do they have any idea why folks were able to live within their solar energy ration?  I would imagine not.  It was because enough people died every year that the new babies didn’t eat anything extra.  It was pretty much as simple as that.  So, Joe Blow Hippy, when your medicine women uses natural herbs to care for a birth event, and the baby is healthy, and all the eco-tribe are healthy old adults, and every young adult is healthy and procreating like mad little rabbits ( if you can imagine an Alice In Wonderland type rabbit in coattails and top hats he made himself because this is a self-sustaining village and so he got lead poisoning and went quite bat crap crazy ), where do your next generation pair of young adults go to start their own Hobbit House eco-farm?  The village needs to expand, doesn’t it?  If you don’t have room to expand, if there isn’t enough fertile land or neighbors hem you in, then you have to embrace the old school methods of birth control which were NOT too much fun or peaceful or very groovy, man.  Things like war and infanticide and geriatricide. 


Growth isn’t just because bankers need it to survive ( the interest needs to be paid and to add money to the system to pay the interest you need growth ).  That is mainly what we see today and you can pretty much blame the whole coming die-off ( we are already in collapse ) with depleted aquifers and lack of soil fertility and Gulf Of Mexico dead zones and paved over farmland and gross overpopulation and illegal immigration and gang warfare and whatever else I can think of on greedy friggin bankers who need the vig paid back on their loan shark debts.  The countries tomorrow fighting over oil, all the oil and all the resources, polluting the earth with radioactivity, they are all mostly going to do so because they have to keep growth.  The Russians out of fear of being overrun by Asians, the Asians out of necessity to feed their masses and the US to keep the bankers profits up.  It isn’t something silly like a One World government.  Don’t be retarded.  You don’t centralize in an energy contraction.  You decentralize.  But everyone WILL be motivated by growth.  Growth or death!  Literally.  No one’s system shall allow otherwise.


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  1. In sad news, Dr Stan Monteith (Aka the original Dr James Dakin) has passed away.

    May he rest in peace.


  2. There are plenty of usable low tech methods of birth control. Not quite as effective as modern ones, but given increased deaths from accident disease and untreated conditions, it should be enough to seriously slow population growth in a PODA. Especially if birth control is encouraged instead of thought of as a sin.
    However a high birthrate is required if there is any other tribes around who aren't trying to control their birth rate- otherwise your people will be overwhelmed.
    In other words, just like restrained resource usage, population growth is really a sort of everyone has to do it or it is possibly worse than pointless to try.
    But just because that HAS been the way things have been doesn't mean that they cant change, just look at chinas successful 1 child policy. They now have an army of grumpy violence prone young men who need brides- AND china's population barely grew any relatively. So those young men are well fed, well supplied by the worlds largest factory nation, and raring to go out and conquer new lands. Oh, they wont call it 'colonizing', though it sort of will be. And since the 'army' will be marrying the locals, pacification should be easier. Then china will have a nice half loyal to china buffer zone in its regional areas of interest.
    They are already doing it in parts of western Africa.
    The USA however reduced the growth of its primary ethnic group - (of western European descent) to below replacement rate, fermented its underclass (because of history not nature) ethnic groups to have both dependency and violence, AND invited in a slew of new immigrants that were encouraged to keep their old cultural loyalties. The USA and Europe would be boned because of just these demographic issues even without resource contraction- throw those in and, well people fight hardest when there is least to fight for (shrinking pie).
    There are places that the Hippy village can survive. distant or largely isolated pockets and islands without much resources available beyond what is needed for bare self sufficiency. Or The glorious manned Lord Bisons dream of independent nomadic herders on marginal desert land.
    Both, with birth control, can remain largely left alone and not have to be invaders or the invaded. Everyone else? good luck.

    1. Chinese are also settling in Siberia, illegally according to Russia but encouraged by China. They saw Mexico's example and figured it was a great way to take over the resource rich north, I guess.

    2. You got it- China and Russia are both super powers - but they are trying to keep their focus regional until the big boy (that's the USA) blinks for to long.
      Putin has shown our presidents (the past two at least) up as the complete bozos they are.
      China is ruled by an obfuscating oligarchy but they too are playing to all the USA's weaknesses and avoiding out greatest strengths (Hollywood culture and Military Might and Self deulsions).
      I think Russia is going to push west and south China is going to push west and south as well since China is Russia's' east border it might get a little messy there, but there is a chance that the loot to the south will keep it from getting too violent- which is to bad for the USA.

    3. China will be the new Greater Co-Prosperity Sphere ( or whatever Japan called itself in the 1930's as they colonized Asia ) but with much greater success as no military will oppose them ( this assumes post-US gov collapse ). Russia doesn't necessarily want the same ground they do.

  3. First EBOLA case in U.S. Dallas Texas!!!!!!!!!


  4. Overheard conversation................

    We DON'T need ANY bombs! We don't need laboratories or scientists! Get me 100 volunteers. Send them to Africa. Put them where Ebola is running wild. Smuggle them into the U.S. Have them walk around in malls and airport terminals. It's PAYBACK time!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise Allah!.......................

    Don't think for one minute that thousands of people have not already thought of this!


  5. I'm not retrdeeeed. My Mommy and all my uncles says I special!
    Why you so sadddd whooes died?

  6. Who doesn't love the hippie grrls? Their male cohort is easily manipulated by non-hippie men, giving a large peasant population. A lucky few will be trained to defend to group.

    All Hail Lord Bison!