Thursday, September 4, 2014

loco gringos 9.2


“Well, what in the name of all that’s holy and just do we have here?”
“Look’s like 5-0, yo.”
“Poet and didn’t know it.”
“Should I finish him off?”
“It’s your ammo.  I wouldn’t waste it.”
John stepped on the gun side wrist of the wounded man, reversed his rifle after decocking the bolt ( or was he disengaging the firing pin?  He wasn’t too sure on the terminology.  You just grab the back part of the bolt sticking out and pull the trigger and ease it forward.  In reverse, you have one in the chamber and just pull back when ready to fire.  Handy feature to have to keep the pressure off the firing assembly- no dry firing needed ), and slammed the butt into the guys face a couple of times.  Hey, fuck ‘em.  Bitch started firing after all. 

“You want anything besides the firearms?  Police up the empty mags, too.  This might be just the thing we need to barter for some food.  Every swinging cheese dingus out there wants a semi- and it might be good for us, too- seeing as how these ‘trained professionals’ did so well ventilating everything around except us.  Not much ammo left but that shouldn’t hold up the trading much.”
“Hey, how about we take the badges, too?  Perhaps it would be good camouflage.”

“I don’t think anybody else is going to be any more impressed with authority than we just were.  Sure, only a few out of a thousand know what’s really going on.  But as soon as those guys are observed ignoring the law, they get copycats going along who are just doing it because it looks like they can get away with it.  Actually, come to think of it, we have badges we are MORE of a target.  The firepower.  And, having the Enfield’s ain’t going to jibe with a badge.”
“It is kind of funny, these idiots go off the reservation and come to do the same thing we are and they die over nothing.”
“And we have trade wampum as a result.  I’m beginning to think the Universe loves us above others.”
“No, loves ME.  You are just along for the ride.  You want to try the feed store next?  More of an obvious target, but we can just cut straight across the fields and river bottom and recon it pretty safe.  And if we are lucky the 12th street bridge has too many stalled cars on it that no one from town gets through and we only have to worry about Last Chance Road residents bothering the place.  Since this one was on the side of the river with all the idiots, and we only ran across these schmucks it might not be too bad of odds finding something undisturbed.  A bit more difficult manhandling across the water, but it’s that or small change rice and #10 cans from Bonanza Produce.”
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  1. we're not worthy, we're not worthy, we're not worthy!!!

    great story, keep it up Great Basin Commander

    loyal minion

  2. Always entertaining, albeit too short.
    Awesome Hair!

  3. "That makes us MORE of a target" hahaha! Great stuff. Of course what else would you expect from someone withr great hair. I also like the swingin cheese dingus bit.


  4. Don't you get it?!? We come here to get bits of thought provoking Ideas and some times just a little deeper insights about what is going on in the "real world"
    (when you really read a paper you stole from a homeless person who was going to use as toilet paper).
    We all know you are the real James Rawles, you just be pretending to be a cave dwelling poor boy!
    Stop the Faking, and stop the YAWN stories! All of us see how the comments go down to less than 1 half of 1 YAWN percent!.
    Don't make me post this post again next week Mr. Rawles!

  5. +love your writing keep it coming

  6. All hail your glossy hairness Lord Bison! One important tip, never lower the firing pin on a chambered round. The slightest bump will fire the rifle, since the firing pin is pressing hard on the primer. Try this with a primed casing as an experiment. You are right about needing a bayonet as a backup. Hail Darwin