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Guest article part 2
Guest Article  2–
Implementing the Dakin survival plan.  
The Dakin plan has some fairly simple prime ingredients for those few of you who don’t remember them, they are:

  • ·         Bike – ditch the motor vehicles as much as possible and walk or bike everywhere.
  • ·         Junk Land – buy cheap land outside the town you can find minimal employment at.
  • ·         Travel Trailer – Or other nontaxable cheap shelter to protect you from the elements.
  • ·         Bolt Action rifle – more reliable and ammo conserving than a semi-auto.
  • ·         Whole Wheat food storage – simple grain food storage for your future calories, don’t forget the water filter.
  • ·         Economic Collapse – perform your economic collapse (declare bankruptcy/get out of debt NOW) before the rest of the economy collapses aka ‘Collapse now and beat the rush!’.

The finely coiffed James Dakin is living this plan now.
You can pre-position for living it now, while continuing much of your current lifestyle with little sacrifice if you have the resources, or you can switch over completely almost immediately (Jim gives guidance on getting there in 6 months in his blogs). What Jim fails to mention much is that properly implemented the plan can work not only for you but for your descendants as well.
Certain things are needed to keep body and soul together:
·         Air, Water, and Food – The Dakin plan has you living outside town (air),  owning a water filter and having a source of water within walking distance, and storing multi-years’ worth of grains (and beans) storing water is also advised.
·         Shelter – The Dakin plan recommends a very cheap shelter, namely a Travel Trailer or BPOD (bison pit of doom – read the blog!), the BPOD especially is well suited for the collapse. The upgrade possibilities are significant for both if you can get the resources.
·         Security – The Dakin plan starts with the minimizing your target profile,  getting a bolt action rifle, and then recommends a side arm, knife, and ammo, ammo, ammo,  AMMO, then expanding into diversity of other techniques like caching, etc.
My ‘Dakin Plan’, Adjusted-
So I am personally implementing the Dakin plan now. I have had to adjust the plan to fit my circumstances and am not yet to the point Dakin is but it is coming along. I will try to maintain some OPSEC here, but the generalities are below.

  • ·         Air – I live in one of the most rural places in the lower 48 states.
  • ·         Water – I have a water filter, rainfall collection supplies (currently unused), tap water, seasonal creeks on my land, and a month + of storage water. I still plan to implement rainfall collection and a cistern when I move to my land. Figures show that should meet all except the future garden/livestock’s needs and a planned pond system should take care of those needs.
  • ·         Food – I suffer gluten intolerance so many grains are out of the running for my consumption. But since I am preparing for the family as well as myself personally I still include some wheat in our food storage.  We have (OPSEC  lbs.) of a variety of grains, mostly white rice and well dried corn, but also some wheat, oats, spelt, etc. Most is packed in Mylar with O2 just because we had the money and time at one time. Other family members’ dietary considerations make certain we also have a lot of a variety of beans and legumes (lentils, pinto, red, white, navy, peas, etc.) and a pressure cooker to cook the older ones in. We eat mostly meat and fresh/frozen veggies now while they are affordable and most healthy, with storage foods replacing most processed foods of the modern American diet to bulk the meat and veggies out.
  • ·         Exercise and Transport – Mentioned in passing as ‘Bike’ in the Dakin plan every family member has a bike that is used to go everywhere in town that we don’t walk to. Groceries?  Put them in the bike baskets or hang the bags from the handle bars. Only massive water buys or trips out of town mandate the use of the motor vehicles.  Swimming in the free community pool after work on the land digging ditches and putting up fences also counts.  Everyone in the family has improved health from this much exercise; though fat is still riding our hips it is being supplemented by muscle. We haven’t sold or lost the motor vehicles yet, but could do so with little to no adjustment to our daily life. If you have a medical condition or are just too fat, you might want to look into an electric booster for your bike to help up those hills and on the longest trips, just make certain you don’t rely on just it so you can usually do without it eventually.
  • ·         Shelter – Currently shelter is our families biggest failing, we have the junk land, but have to finish fencing it (cows can beat the crap out of construction sites, and not what you want walking over your BPOD or rubbing against your Travel Trailer or tent), and Travel Trailers this close to the fracking oil fields are much more expensive than reasonable.  Hopefully as the oil boom finishes peaking those prices will come back down. We are renting a POS house in town for now, but if we had to we could tent live on our land any time except the winter. Next spring we should have enough saved in spite of rent to get a nice enough trailer to live in over the summer. Then all the rent savings can go to building our deluxe BPOD piecemeal. We have big plans for shelter but are not going to wait for too long to get on the land. Our biggest purchase since our ‘junk land’ has been the tools and equipment, including a tractor, to improve and maintain our land. The ability to dig out a big hole relatively quickly will make our first rooms of our deluxe BPOD  easier per square foot,  than Dakin’s to make, though probably more expensive.
  • ·         Security – We have a bolt action rifle, a pistol for every adult family member, a plethora of knives (and swords, and slings and a bow). We have enough ammo for the pistols for now, but need to build up our rifle ammo supply.  Since the viable range is very far out here, and wildlife is as much a threat as bandits, we made certain to have a good scope instead of a bayonet for the rifle. If we see a bargain on an additional long arm, we may go for it, but just like an animal you have to plan for feeding your firearms.  So, once we have a long arm per adult +1 we will stop buying them and put all the rest of the security budget toward ammo, alarms/traps, and community good will.
  • ·         Financial - Once we are living on the land and/or the main bread winner loses their position we will be filing bankruptcy.  OR coming up with a debt settlement plan that the creditors will accept to pay off the debts in a short time period (but keeps the bankruptcy in the back pocket for that eventuality).


Adjustments to the plan for the situation.  As you can see my situation is different from The Guiding light of his glorious hair, Lord Bison’s, but the fundamentals of the plan are the same.  If you are willing to work at it you can achieve a similar position suitable to ride out the coming collapse.

Guest article 3 will include home work for the readers......


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  2. Someone may have already asked this with the delay on comments but where is part 1? Good article though.

    1. Attention guest article writer dude. Remember when part one was? The other blog, perhaps?

    2. Don't know if you saw my other reply, the other article you posted back in August or July of this year.

    3. I think that reply went into the spare sock universe. Sorry, don't recall seeing it. Or, my memory is REALLY going.


      That was the first.

  3. Great stuff, do what you can with what you have. There was a good article some years back called PISS ON IT. The author had the same mindset, do what you can and don't worry about the rest of it, you are way ahead of the others taking just a few steps.

    1. And everyone can make a plan- sticking to it might not be possible but at least it lets you see some holes and items to prioritize.