Friday, September 12, 2014

how free?

We’ve talked before about how much of a flaming douchebag George Washington really was.  Besides the well-known libertarian path trod about the Whiskey Rebellion, there was the very well unknown incident of that good ‘ol Southern aristocrat having troops executed when their families were starving at home and he wouldn’t let them out of military service ( after they had started with no sign-up bonus as promised so any contract breach was on the side of the government )( one of the first but not last incidents of the military keeping folks against their will when it suited The Suits-even as they, for instance, “fought against slavery” ), and the standard go-to strategy of his lining up his men to be slaughtered by much better trained British troops rather than allowing them to fight unconventionally ( Washington didn’t do this because he wanted equal status recognition for his nation as claimed.  He viewed “His” men as peasants and underclass and just cogs in the machine.  The Army hasn’t changed at all in 240 years ). 


Last night I had to sit through another God-awful episode of Antiques Roadshow ( it ain’t bad, but once  a month or so is enough.  Ball And Chain likes to watch whenever possible ).  And I actually learned something new and exciting.  Washington had a bodyguard unit ( the antique was a piece of jewelry showing the commander of said unit ) that numbered from 150 to 250 members.  At all times.  And they were considered an elite unit.  Now, call me paranoid and suspicious of authority and a real stick in the mud when it comes to being oppressed by rich snobby asswhores, but why would Washington need so many damn men guarding him in a time when money was non-existent for essentials and his men whom he supposedly loved so much were making red tinged  snow angels from lack of shoes.  When there weren’t enough powder or draft animals for cannon.  When France was bailing us out.  Okay, sure, there was a need to protect him from the British.  Why?  Wouldn’t the army with him do that?  Why a special unit?  I stipulate to you that while there might have been a bit of a danger from Crown Loyalists, the bulk of the danger came from his own troops.  He was our first Super Prick President, long before Obammy.  I would go further and ask that we examine a little closer about how free were we in actual fact.  The western migration might not have just been about owning one’s own land ( and by the way, your precious hero Washington screwed a lot of troops out of their promised free land at a profit to himself ) but perhaps a continued search for more freedom, away from the bastards screwing everyone on the East Coast.  Perhaps the Bill Of Rights wasn’t just about individual freedoms but also a guaranteed paycheck to moneyed interests ( Ben would have been interested in having freedom to print anything, for instance.  And the Second Amendment, if it accompanied mandatory militia membership, was a cost-free standing army of conscripts who armed themselves to fight the Indians ).  Perhaps all the fighting was about the rich getting richer.  Just something to think on a bit.

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  1. Jim,

    You are the first person who I've ever heard express a view that I developed fairly independently (this is one example of why I read your post). Anyone I've told it to probably thinks I'm a real radical.

    My theory is that the only reason this country was ever "free" or that people had "freedom" was because the 1% / Oligarchs / Money Power allowed it in the short run. The sole purpose was the economic development and subjugation of the country / continent. They knew that the easiest / best / fastest way to develop a nation is to give the inhabitants maximum personal / economic freedom.

    See, they knew that once this was complete, they could, with the flick of a pen, take it all away.

    Think of all the pioneer farms that were lost to the banks during the Depression (my family lost two). Think of the tens of thousands of hours and tremendous work and sweat that these folks and their ancestors invested in the farms which were confiscated in the blink of an eye.

    The US was essentially built, at least the true infrastructural / building foundation was probably put together in the period 1865-1915. How many thousands of cities and small town still contain mainly houses and buildings from this short period. Look at the quality of construction - a testament to culture and hard work - and liberty. 1913 (and you know what I mean by this date) really was the death knell to all this, just as it was in Europe.

    Once the groundwork was laid and the true "Hard Work" was finished, the freedoms and liberty started to be rapidly taken away. The powers that be are smart and they are patient. They know that the goal may not be achieved in their lifetimes. But they "know" that their Order will "win" in the end, even it takes generations or centuries. They are prepared for the wait.

    I'm not a fan of Jefferson, but he did remark that the wealth of the people would be taken from them, and they would wake up homeless on the continent that their forefathers had conquered.

    I believe that the freedom was possibly just a big ruse. A ploy to get millions of people to subdue and develop the greatest piece of real estate in the world, only in order to lose it.

    Now, we are all just "useless eaters" waiting for the T-1s and T-100s to appear on the horizon.

  2. James,

    Please don't stop writing.

    I know it's discouraging financially. I'm sorry for all of our failures as your minions to give support where support is due.

    I shall try to make up for my past lethargy soon.

    R de B

    1. No, don't worry. I'm over the lack of compensation thing. Pretty much. This writing used to be 50/50 love/greed and is now about 80 love and 20 greed. As I've said, for as few minions as I've ever had, I have been very well compensated. The down turn is just discressionary income slowing down. I DON'T want minions taking away from preps to support me. Time is too short and I need too many brownie points for my eternal soul to worry about money any more than is minimally necessary. I'm all good- stop wigging, yo.