Wednesday, September 20, 2017

elusive habits

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Today we cover the Mating Habits Of The Elusive Breed The Off-Grid American Male.  Sorry, gals, it’s not like you have all that many problems luring a mate to the wild boonies.  Guys, on the other hand, seem to seek refuge in the fact they will never temp a female to give up luxury and convenience to move out to the semi rugged and wild off-grid habitat.  This is their last and finale say in the matter as they stay in town and drive a car.  It is the excuse to use even if you aren’t lazy or a pussy.  Now, please don’t take this the wrong way.  The number of old people, meaning anyone before the current generation just starting out as adults, that can conceptualize life without a car is vanishingly small.  I don’t blame you or mean to deride you.  Car ownership on a near universal level is cultural and ingrained.  Only recently can college graduates finally see the insanity of owning a vehicle, as they have no choice in the matter.  College loans, mass unemployment ( for the inexperienced ) and insane rental prices leave no room for food costs let alone car ownership.


All I am trying to point out is that when a behavior is universal and ingrained, the tendency is to make excuses to continue the behavior.  That is just human nature, and no reflection on you ( I understand I didn’t help matters by being too caustic and judgmental in the past ) personally.  You aren’t an idiot because you are swayed by advertising, you have just been blasted by it all your life at every waking minute and sometimes it is hard to ignore.  And likewise, you are not to be blamed for not seeing the forest when you’ve lived near the same tree your whole life.  Our entire culture was car-centric for many generations.  Hell, fast food started not to compete with restaurants but to feed people driving everywhere all the time.  The fact that this unhealthy crap is so popular reflects not on folks intelligence but on the infrastructure of a car culture being all we see or experience ( as first conceptualized and practiced, fast food isn’t inherently unhealthy if done right.  Quantity and  pseudo-food additives make it so ).  I just got lucky it was so easy to dismiss the car ownership issue by and large my whole life.  I only lived for my books and car ownership was a serious crimp in my time and wages.


Now, geography might be against you.  In South Carolina my kids and ex-wife all have serious issues finding affordable or safe housing near work.  For such a smaller state, the driving distances are somewhat extreme.  Here out West, it is easy to see thirty mile commutes, to get far enough away from town to get affordable shelter.  In one state the place is so crowded and jobs so scarce, commuting is mandatory.  In the other, towns and jobs are so centralized you still have to commute long distances even when the population is scarce.  I don’t know if there is a place anymore where commutes are NOT long and expensive.  I know it wasn’t planed this way, it is a mere consequence of both moving jobs overseas and immigration and shrinking retail ( and, NO!, not because of Amazon.  Amazon is merely a mail order company, serving a niche.  Hello!  Remember that little thing about Americans driving everywhere for everything?  Like 40% of their food being consumed at retail eateries.  ALL companies selling ALL products online is only 5% of the retail consumer dollar spent.  Retail contracting is overcapacity, not “the Amazon effect”.  Why would the elite controlled media blame off shoring jobs?  Blame Amazon instead ).


Okay, now here is a very important point.  Please pay attention.  Everything the survivalist does MUST be contrary to the general trends we live by.  Got that?  Stockpiling carbon fuels to live in luxury after grid down, that is NOT living away from our failing system.  Owning a car?  NOT living away from our failing system.  Really, must I go on?  I hope you get the picture.  If you aren’t doing everything contrary, you are decimating your odds of survival ( oh, one more thing.  Sorry, almost forgot.  If you need a FLIR scope, you are NOT living away from our failing system ).  So, to return to that little matter of deciding not to live off grid because you can’t take the wife, or get a new one?  No one is saying you can’t still get laid ( which is as natural as breathing, despite the claims of those weird guys preaching celibacy.  No sex can of course be done, but it just isn’t natural.  Your frigid wife?  She isn’t miserable because you want sex, she is miserable and cranky because she ain’t getting laid enough.  I know about those types-I lived with enough of them.  The thing is, even if you know how to pleasure them, and good God how hard is it after looking at basic anatomy, they are so adamant on using sex as a control mechanism they won’t allow themselves to enjoy it ). 


I make absolutely zero claims to being a Casanova.  I’m basically reclusive and shy and charming the pants of the fairer sex was never my strong suit.  It was an uphill battle my whole early adult life.  But, I finally got over it by bitter experience.  Thank you, once again, Handmaiden Of Lucifer.  Not only did you knock my dingus in the dirt financially and force me to learn extreme frugalism, you got me so pissed at females in general I simply stopped giving a crap about them individually.  And that is when I stopped having problems finding a mate, despite my awkward social skills and shyness.  Not giving a crap is catnip to gals.  Oh, not all of them.  Everyone has different “tingle” factors.  Some won’t be sexually attracted to you no matter what, as you are not their type.  But enough will be.  And you can’t pretend to not care, you must genuinely not care.  Sure, you care about sex and relationships, but you stop caring about which individual female provides it.  That is the key.  If she wants you, great, and you return the favor.  But as soon as she doesn’t want you, or starts testing you or trying to control you, later!  Plenty more fishes out in the sea.  That isn’t trying to be a “player”, attracting the real good looking ones and pumping and dumping them.  That is just selfish manipulation.  What you are doing is just refusing to play the sucker game.  And it works out for both parties, because most females are not actually happy to be the alpha in a relationship.  You being needy?  That doesn’t work for them, fundamentally and long term.  If you stay needy, you’ll just keep getting gals that pump and dump YOU-except it is your wallet getting pumped.  Believe me, I’ve been there enough.


Now, that is the first thing you work on.  Dumping your FemiNazi Politically Correct BS attitude.  If You Need, You Bleed.  Stop being a pussy.  Simple as that.  Most gals aren’t lesbian.  So stop trying to attract a gal by being a pussy.  Good God, I wish I had learned this lesson a decade earlier.  Treat women in general like you could care less that they are there.  If one shows sufficient interest, and you develop a relationship, THEN you treat her like a princess.  But they have to earn that, it isn’t granted automatically ( which is you being needy ).  And once you are in a natural, non-PC relationship ( not necessarily that she is submissive, just that YOU aren’t ), be alert for tests.  Gals will test you, always.  It is in their nature.  They aren’t evil or confused.  Testing your ability to stand your ground is a survival mechanism with them, and they don’t always know they are doing it.  Don’t stop treating them like the best thing that ever happened to you, which includes being turned on by them, by the way, so don’t skimp on ravishing her, but always stand firm and don’t be swayed by obvious unreasonable demands.


This isn’t saying a gal will follow you off grid.  I’m not claiming that and I’m not recommending it unless you have a group of gals she can hang out with regularly.  Gals are not solitary creatures, hermits, nor want to just see your mug exclusively every day.  They are group creatures.  Again, that isn’t a bad thing, it is natural.  They need their little hen flock to cluck about in.  Why do you think I’m living in town, now?  I learned the hard way a wife isn’t happy away from the group.  She was never happy WITH a group, basically being a shut-in.  Which I mistook for an ability to live away from people.  No, she needed the OPTION of interacting on her terms if she so desired.  Those were a miserable six years, the bitch so unhappy it was mandatory I share in that feeling.  Hell, I only stayed with her as she had health issues and couldn’t work and by moving I had assumed financial responsibility for her and couldn’t leave her.  And she made me pay.  Financially, I HAD to move off grid.  And I took care of her.  And she didn’t appreciate any of that at all.  No, don’t take them solitary off grid unless it is their idea, AND if she has the financially means to leave there.  Unless you have plenty of neighbors, then it is okay to rough it, somewhat.


But you can STILL live a solitary life way off grid with no neighbors.  And still have a relationship.  You just don’t get to live with each other, unless you live in town.  That itself is a bit of a tightrope.  You have your place and she has hers, and it doesn’t work if you are subservient to her to stay there.  Nor is it a great idea to get in too deep helping out financially, least you get “stuck”.  I’d just stay living single in each of your own places.  If she insists on you moving in, be very clear on the terms.  A little financially compensation is obviously a good idea, as you are using gas and electricity, but why help her pay her rent if she was doing so on her own prior?  Be clear and concise on the terms, and never endanger your infrastructure commuting back to your doom-stead.   But let’s say you aren’t interesting in Playing House.  Better Friends With Benefits or steady girlfriends, but NOT living together.  How long ago was it even frowned on if you were living in sin?  1965?  Why must you consider marriage or even cohabitating?  Me, personally, I prefer living with mine.  I hate socializing but prefer living with a wife.  I’m just sure most guys would be perfectly content just having a few date nights a week where they go over to her place.  This is called getting the milk without buying the cow.  Your gal is happy, getting to be a “independent woman”, and even though she is getting laid enough she doesn’t have to cede any control, and you are happy to be getting laid and not having to support a gal to do so.  It is a win-win!  Now, there are a couple of ways you can screw this up, so, again, pay attention.


First, you have to work.  I don’t care if it is self-employment where you earn less than what you get in Food Stamps.  You must be employed.  Gals don’t respect you otherwise.  If you are unemployed and no jobs are available, go work at ANY kind of charity.  The money isn’t as important as you laboring.  You can’t be a slacker or a couch potato.  Even if you hardly earn any money, you must actually work at something.  Not only does this prove yourself to a gal, it helps you meet them.  And it helps with your self respect and you won’t fall back into old habits of being needy.  If you are merely the creative type, a starving artist as it were, you can’t JUST be creating.  Others must desire your creations, even if it doesn’t pay you much.  You must show a metric of that desirability.  Don’t JUST offer a blog, have subscribers to that blog.  Even if they don’t pay much, it proves your creative output has value.  Gals must prove to themselves they want you, AND prove your value to their hen flock.


And, actually, there is no second thing.  That is really it.  You must earn respect, and that doesn’t mean money.  Or a motor vehicle or a McMansion.  It means proving yourself as a worker and a contributor to your tribe.  She might not follow you out to live with you in your buried hovel, but she will be happy to use you for your body.  Guys, they just want to get laid.  Gals do too, but they only want to get laid IF it increases their social standing and they feel you have earned it.  And of course I’m speaking from a modern perspective of birth control and non-procreational sex.   It is actually harder to keep your electric bicycle or moped running to get you out to your place than it is to find a gal while you live out there, if you adhere to the above.  If I can do it, anyone can.  And yes, I understand this doesn’t help those already married.  But we’ve already covered that plenty.  And gals, I trust I haven’t offended any of you?  Hell, you should be thanking me, getting guys orientated to please you rather than fight you.  And to all minions, a good night.

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  1. I have been on MGTOW forums for about six years now, you just formulated the MGTOW philosophy very precisely.

    There is definitely a link between MGTOW and survivalism (not necessarily the other way around, there are plenty of happily married survivalists, it seems).

    It's about the veil of normalcy being ripped away. Generally as you realize our relationships and family roles are bullshit, you usually quickly realize that how our society and infrastructure are bullshit as well.

    Now a very important thing to keep in mind is that we are not going back in time. Ever. We're never going to have cottage farms and horse carts and tea time (well perhaps one or two of these but by sheer coincidence).

    Just as long as you're going to live with the multiple Fukushimas we're going to inherit as soon as the few guys in charge will decide "we're fucked-why bother ?", we're going to be stuck with a lot of women with attitude, sex embargos etc. Pretty much like in India, if you ask me.

    I hearthily recommend to read the first four chapters of "The Garbage Generation" by Daniel Amneus ( ) to have a good idea where we're heading to.
    Namely, a lot of surviving matriarchal tribes (r-Strategy, breeding and dying like rabbits) competing for the few technical-minded males out there (K-Strategy, actually caring for their offspring and teaching them something useful).

    Those MGTOWs thinking we can go back to "male-dominated" society are IMHO mistaken in the sense that peasants used to live in women-dominated cultures (the Chruch liked these very much), and it was the technological-savvy parts of society that were patriarchal, namely craftsmen and merchants.

    So after you survived the die-off, it will again about fitting in the right society. Like in the past and in the present, you will not be able to change thousands of people, but you can set up your island of reason and technology for the generations to come.

    Actually, inteliigent women belong to these technological islands much like intelligent men, but their are few of either anyway. No surprises here, you have to act in accordance with reality, and reality tells us that most people (men and women alike) are Effing stupid. Feminism is just the female version of exhibiting male muscle to establish dominance, it is just as retarded and you can't build any society based on this.

  2. (Inside joke)
    If righteous women want to be easily differentiated from the hairy Feminazi creatures, I'd recommend the Bic approach ;) ;)

  3. I think I read your recommended "garbage" article before, but can't remember any of it. I'll try again. Having said that, not knowing your perspective, I would argue that IF we drop to the bottom of the tech barrel, all decentralized, no trade, all muscle power with far fewer beasts of burden due to infertile soil or lack of nitrates to afford surplus animal feed, male dominance will probably show up then. Whoever can do the work to feed, they are in charge. Both men and women can rice farm, so more equal. Heavy plowing soil, men dominate.

    1. Yes, especially since the tech guys will be the ones forging that plowshare. In such a world there might be one woman or the other in those kind of trades, but they'd be the exception.

      Me, I still believe knowledge is cumulative, and that there will still be at least some solar calculators around. We will not go back in time, the collapsing Western Roman Empire did not revert back to the better days of the Republic, but towards the Middle Ages instead.

      With crazy bitch queens such as Fredegund :

    2. It doesn't matter if the tech knowledge is there, without the infrastructure to run it it is useless. The Roman led Brits churned out great ceramic kitchenware. Without the trade to move it, the factories were abandoned and pottery reverted to cottage industry barbaric levels. Just one example. How about Roman irrigation? Without the surplus energy to maintain the aquaducts, they "silted up" ( mineral deposit build up in the flue ).

    3. Certain things that WILL stay on -
      basic hygiene and germ theory.
      iron and steel (re)working lot of other metallurgy will be known as well if rare because of costs involved in getting the heat for smelting.
      internal combustion engines (rare ones but the kings will be pulled by them with alcohol or veggie oil fuel).
      wide spread literacy (at a 2nd to 3rd grade level for the most part)
      Assembly line production / replaceable parts(the theory needs no fossil fuel to apply - it is just slower without the fossil fuels) It will only be used for a few _very common_ things (spears for the troops perhaps? Arrows/bolts? Eating cups? etc).
      Political claims (probably false) of respecting people's rights.

      Things from the past that WONT be common -
      Beasts of burden (we don't have the population of large horses and oxen that would be needed, it will take too long to get the numbers up, replacements will be in use pretty quickly).
      Claims of divine rights of inherited high position (maybe debatable but it requires a universal church backing such claims).
      Individual craftsmen spending large quantities of time and quality on small scale wares for anyone other than the richest/most powerful.

    4. Assembly line production I can see. Interchangeable parts, no. Do we have the knowledge or tools to make the tools to standardize anymore?

  4. What intelligent women want far more than, bazillions of dollars, 10 inches of continuous dik, a dood with killer looks Long term, permanent security.

    If you convince a woman or women you are capable of providing that they will follow you to the ends of the earth.

    Now, having said all of that. Women are always on the lookout for better security. Give her a reason to go elsewhere and she'll leave your ass in the middle of the night and find that security she requires. Yes, they are dumb. What she believes is better security may not be. But for you it is too late, she has moved on. Guard your possessions, or lose em.

    1. Ah, but gals with security will then cuckold their safe and secure guy because they also desire the first items on the list. We can't win. Why try? Of course, guys can be pretty stupid about wanting a newer or younger model.

    2. OK, guess I need to provide more detail.
      Alluding back to your early comment above, you can't let em think they own you. Right from the beginning, and ever more, they always have to be under the impression YOU are letting them into YOUR life and your security. When you met her you already had that security, and if you were lucky in life, the coin and the dik too.

      She had none of it. So you let her into the inner sanctum and as long as she is loyal she has free reign.


      She has to understand right up front that if she ever gives you reason to doubt her loyalty she'll be right out on that curb where her skanky ass belongs.

      This is where living together for a spell comes into play, rather than jumping straight into marriage. Test the waters, as it were. Let the ho know what the boundaries are.

      This stage is very difficult or impossible for pussified doods. Many entry level couples today don't even acknowledge they poop in the same house, so scared of offending each other. These pre-losers put the ho up on that pedestal and practically beg her to doormat their ass. Be fair, be honest, be kind, be thoughtful, be a boy scout, but also be firm and direct.

      Wimminz don't think or speak like we do, so anytime you tell her something you have to be vigilant that she heard what you said, rather than what she thinks you said. Communication is the key to all successful human integration. Without that key we are just animals. Maybe thats why there are so many divorces, too many animals anxiously getting married and then regretting it. I had 7 semi-serious relationships and many others that were not serious before I got married at age 29 and 33 years later we're still communicating and she still knows that if she plays, she pays.

      If I knew then what I knew now I never would have gotten married but would have created a corporation with each of us as 50% owners and all details spelled out in legal jargon. Just a fantasy idea I roll around in idle moments.

    3. Of course, as pre-nups prove, the thickest contract with everything spelled out is still in doubt. The winner is whoever pays more for a lawyer. My dads second wife slept with hers and got a condo, a car, all debt paid off. Kind of like his first wife, but he just wanted free of her.