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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

movie the day


Yes, another friggin movie review.  So what?  How many post-apocalypse movies do you think are out there?  This doesn’t happen very often.  The last one on the basement fallout shelter, and now “The Day”.  Like all good post-apocalypse movies ( the last successful one, The Postman, was near twenty years ago ), this one disguises itself as horror so that it isn’t rejected out of hand by the studios or customers.  Unlike the 70’s, when collapse movies went hand in hand with an actual economic collapse, today it seems that only happy, happy joy, joy movies are made.  Nothing to see here, folks, move along.  No collapse on the House Negroes watch.  The level of denial is astounding.  Let me just start out by saying that this one is WAY better than the last.  The last one left lingering philosophical questions, which was great, but the movie itself was on the lame-ass side.  Terrible script.  It passed, but barely.  This one, made in 2011 and staring unknowns to me, doesn’t reach for the stars trying to question everything, but the story was much better and this is the movie that The Road should have been ( although, how much can you do from a book that is 99% naval gazing and 1% post-apocalypse? ).  You want seriously dark and insanely brooding?  The Day is it.  Forget The Road and its gay male genitalia flashes and its god awfully irritating worry about the future shtick.


In The Day, the characters do keep a hold of hope.  Barely.  That is all the bands leaders thing.  Once he is gone ( spoiler alert-almost everyone dies ) the hope isn’t all that and the bag of chips it used to be.  Now, the one thing I found that was confusing and ill defined was how long ago the collapse had occurred.  I swear I heard both two and ten years.  Perhaps the ten years was when things started going down hill and the two years ago was when the actual die-off started.  Whatever.  You want a movie that isn’t actually a caricature?  One whose characters feel real and not forced?  This is the one.  The female lead that forges through the pain and becomes stronger makes Linda Hamilton look like a cardboard cut-out, and I don’t say that lightly with The Terminator ( #1 ) being one of the best post-apocalypse movies ever and with Linda being my number one female warrior lusts ever ( even better than the Latino machinegunner in Aliens- for one, she didn’t show boob ).  And, should all of the above prove nary enough for you, this is also a great portrayal of the possible ways you can bring a knife to a gunfight and still win.  Plus, cool bayonet use at the end as the ammunition is all gone!  I got my DVD copy for about $5 after shipping at Amazon and if you can afford a copy I would highly recommend this movie.  I’d put it in the top half dozen post-apoc movies.


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  1. Cool beans - I don't remember this one. Did you ever see that Australian version of 'Red Dawn'? I never did - wonder if it is worth looking for, or just another yawn.

    Just saw 'The Rover' on Direct TV pay per view Friday night - damn, I hated it! Pretty disappointed, it made absolutely no sense to me.

    Thanks again for the review.

    1. I just heard of this one myself. Good to hear on The Rover-no need to get excited or hunt it down. Thanks for taking the financial hit for me. I'll look into the Oz Red Dawn.

    2. Okay, here it is:
      The DVD is too expensive for me to gamble on. I'll earmark it and buy it when it comes down in price and review it.

    3. Don't know if I'll ever see it? But Rachel Hurd, gives me wood :D

    4. Yeah, based on a series of books aimed at Teenagers. Only the first book out of maybe 7 was made into a movie. Would make a brilliant series if each book was spun out into a few eps. Not the most brilliant movie, but, entertaining. Lots of 'splosions and eye candy. I took The Day to be almost a sequel or in parallel to The Road.
      The Rover? Haven't seen it yet, but am keen to. Bit of Aussie Pride kicking in, lol.
      -Drew from Oz.

    5. I read Tomorrow. Decent book. The movie isn't renting here, so I'll wait for it for sale.

  2. I saw tomorrow on netflix. I wouldn't spend money on it but it will kill a couple hours.

    1. OK, good to know- I'll take it off my wish list. Hell, Red Dawn 2 was decent enough, but only worth the $1 at Red Box.

  3. Give me a break! All the movies now are for teenagers, vampire bites you and you never age, hear females like that shi!. Demons, werewolves, the anti-Christ.
    And now the Hunger Games is going to be a weekly series.
    Buy a TV guide every now and then!
    Its all about evil and death and this 2nd generation of welfare slut baby makers
    and their EBT card holding, section 8 housing parent (S) don't care as long as they get the latest smart?LOL phones. We are indeed a dying civilization. And these children are going to be our next greatest hope?
    Hope they go back to the Happy, Happy, Silly movies you must have seen many years ago at the Happy Camp video store.


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