Wednesday, January 29, 2020

guest article-post 1 of 2 today

GUEST ARTICLE ( post 1 of 2 today )

I got your fracking Corona Virus right here Sum Ting Wong! 

By: Hail Darwin 

Many preppers have got their panties in a twist about the Chinese Corona Virus. Conspiracy theories abound that the virus is a bio engineered slate wiper that will clean sweep the good old USA. This is obvious bravo sierra as the clever Chinese do not want to kill off their best market for cheap ass electronic junk that lasts one month beyond the warranty. 

So, what to do about the rampaging Corona Virus? Glad you asked Bunky!

Limit public contact until more is known about the Chinese Virus.  You can tell the Chinese are lying because their lips move. They are like presidential candidates in that respect. Face is everything to these little yellow scumbags and they lie to save face. You will not get useful info from the Chinese. Wait until the American CDC has an opinion.

Go out right now and purchase 500 grams of vitamin C for every member of your group you want to live. Vitamin C powder works best and is way cheaper, however, you may need to settle for capsules or tablets if that is all you can get. A 500 milligram tablet is half of a gram, so you will need 1000 total. Vitamin C powder is sold in health food stores and is very cheap on Amazon, tablets and capsules are available everywhere. Just get 500 total grams of C per person before the store shelves are stripped bare. 

Go to the website vitamin c foundation dot org. They have a treatment plan for colds and flu using vitamin C. PRINT THIS OUT AND SAVE IT. The secret to making this work is to use massive doses of C and go all Hiroshima on the invading virus. Do not screw around, nuke the invader before it can kill you. The treatment plan calls for 8 grams of C every 20 minutes for 3 to 4 hours AT THE FIRST SIGN OF ILLNESS. After 4 hours, you can cut the dosage back as shown. 

Expect that you will get " the runs " from this much C.  Who cares? If you live, take a shower and put on fresh underwear. Not rocket science. Deal.

This treatment has worked before, it is not new. During the 1918 killer flu, a doctor noted that Amish and Mennonites had a very low death rate. At that time, country people drank Boneset tea for any flu or cold. Boneset tea is loaded with vitamin C. Boneset also tastes like ass and is hard to find. 

This method freaking works, I have killed every cold and flu for the last 20 years using this method. I realize that I am a sample size of one, however, I am the only one I care about. 

So what happens if the killer Chinese Virus turns out to be nothing? You now have 500 grams of vitamin C. Take 2 grams a day and you will be healthier.


  1. Baking powder(soda?) seemed to work also. I think the trick is to change your body's Ph level to something outside of the range the virus can deal with. Something to consider.

    1. I remember the difference as P is for Pancakes. P, Powder. Soda is for everything else.

  2. Thank you for the vitamin C information. For older people any flu can kill them or debilitate them for months.

    1. A stiff wind can kill old humpers. A harsh glance can kill geriatrics


    This page has 5 cold and flu treatments.

  4. Could you post the link to the "treatment plan" at I'm supposed to be doing something else and couldn't find it after 15 minutes of looking.
    Romans 14:11

  5. My treatment for the virus dujour started a half-decade ago.

    I built and maintain an impenetrable immune system through a healthy gut.
    Plenty of living fermented foods such as sauerkraut and pickles.
    Home-made from local sources you know is best.
    These are available commercially in the grocery cold-section.
    For living fermented foods, the label must NOT include vinegar.
    The room-temperature bottled sauerkraut and pickles out on the shelves with the boxes of processed grains are dead, and provide ZERO healthy benefit to your gut.

    Why build and maintain a healthy gut biome?
    Research indicates about NINETY PERCENT of our immune system is in our gut.
    Anti-biotics have a rare place in helping the body climb back to stability after a grievous illness or injury.
    A single dose of anti-biotic can destroy years of careful maintenance of a healthy gut biome.

    Feed your gut with probiotics.
    Feed your probiotics with prebiotics.

    With an incredibly diverse gut biome, we are (nearly) immune to destructive viral attacks because the virus has no place to live.
    I remember a vivid demonstration from med school.
    The teacher passed around a 5# bag of potatoes, the weight equivalent to the amount of healthy bacteria living in a symbiotic relationship in each person's gut.

    A half-century experience with hundreds of patients repeatedly illustrates the importance of a healthy gut.

    I disagree with the use of grains in a pre-disaster diet.
    'Yes', they have a place in an austere environment to prolong starvation.
    Unfortunately, pre-disaster, they displace healthier choices such as plenty of real foods in the form of vegetables, fruits, and animal protein.

    In my opinion:
    A healthy plate is two-thirds vegetables with a palm-size amount of animal protein.
    Refined concentrated acids such as soda pops and coffee are damaging, and open paths for virus and unhealthy bacteria to gain entry... and crowd-out healthy bacteria, resulting in a downward health spiral.
    For many with a compromised gut, this can be terminal.

    1. I agree meat and produce is the ideal diet-but if you aren't growing it yourself ( or neighbors ), you are buying crap. Fewer nutrients and lots of poison. I almost think grains are healthier just in that aspect. It is important to eat what you store. It does have a price. Not REALLY disagreeing as much as explaining my poor choices.

  6. Is the grocery store yakult or other probiotics sufficient to rebuild gut flora or provide a boost to the bad american foods and chlorinated water, or should I eat mother's dung like a baby elephant to get regular again.

    1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't home fermented whatever do the trick?

  7. My wife and I swear by this recipe

  8. Looks like this may be the referred-to treatment plan: