Friday, September 20, 2019

money to bankers 2

I did a quick bit of research after yesterday's article, and a wild ass guess from someone that looked at actual numbers postulated that there could have been as much as 23 million AR's added to the militia just in the last five years alone. This makes sense, as the prices came way the heck down. I can confidently guess there are a total of half the number of AR's ( combined with M-16's ) around as AK's. Which doesn't seem impressive until you understand we have more of those in this one country than all of Afrika ( most likely ) has of AK's.
You know, Africa? Where there is more people and a lot more wars? Anyway, we covered that more than enough yesterday. I just wanted to add that. Before I was distracted by that bit of shiny glitter from a unicorn's ass, I was trying to get to the point that it is so easy to prep, except that nobody wants to give up luxury in exchange for security. Look, while it is still possible to make oodles and gobs of money, that dynamic is in serious trouble. It will stay that way because while fracking was a stay of execution, it isn't a pardon.
Our system is screwed. One imagines you should understand that as a survivalist. Money was based on a black liquid that we pumped out manically. For over a century. At some point, that stuff starts running out. Just do me one favor. Look back at the 80's. After the economy recovered. Remember the credit binge we undertook? Remember all the retail sector jobs giving us some hope again even if it wasn't a factory job? Remember the celebration we threw, after the really crappy 70's? Now, compare that to the last ten years.
Both decades were a recovery from an economic implosion, both fueled by a new oil discovery. The 80's was fueled by Alaskan oil, the twenty teens by fracking. Notice any difference? Notice how we didn't have a real recovery this time? Why do you think that is? HELLLLLOOOOOOO!!!!! Because fake fracking fuel, while far better than the alternative of nothing, is pure D crap in the great economic scheme of things. It isn't energy growth, but rather contraction. It is just LESS contraction. Oh, be still my beating heart!
Fracking oil is much crappier than Arctic oil we had to transport through a minor miracle of engineering. The economy, like the fuel that runs it, is a giant hunk of crap. I'm not claiming we didn't need it. I'm not saying it didn't save our ass. I'm saying it isn't enough, and the USS Titanic is still going to sink, even if it is a decade after it hit the iceberg instead of immediately. Forget living by the old paradigm of working your whole life squirreling away money, and being rewarded for it. Over. Fini.
If money is now backed by fracking oil instead of Saudi sweet crude, I hate to be the one breaking it to you, but your money is crap. Stop looking at it to save you. I know, I know, it is one thing to order a big batch of ammunition, cheaper than near fifteen years ago, and then convince yourself money isn't a solution. In that case, it very much is. I'm speaking of the long term. You might as well start learning how to discard money as a crutch. After a lifetime otherwise, it is going to take some practice.
Odds are probably good that you are NOT going to be making any extra money. Yes, it is possible. Of course it is. What it isn't is sustainable. Because the economy is sucking ass and every year there is more of that backside to devour. Steady trend is LESS wealth to go around. Certainly not more. Your best bet is to start learning how to give the bankers less money. THAT is how you can afford to prepare. By being frugal in those preps and by financing that small amount by withdrawing financing to the bankers.
Of course, bankers are not stupid. When your job is to screw people, and you've done it for centuries, you get rather good at it or you get another kind of job. The banks extract wealth from you by your own greed and fear. You fear giving up your luxury or you fear a circumstance interfering with that luxury. So the banks can safely extract your wallet contents by delivering on grid living luxury or overcharging for medical insurance as you fear losing that grid home in the event of an illness. The medical cost increases are not the profit center. They are the stick to sell you the insurance.
Insurance is NOT insurance. Insurance is money by force of law to the banking industry with a close to zero chance of return. It cracks me up when people bitch about car insurance never paying out in claims. I mean, friggin DUH! If their product was so great, they didn't need to bribe law makers into making it compulsory. It is pure and simply extortion. To expect a return on that is to not really understand what a shake down is. It ain't a damn service, fool ( the same could be applied to Social Security, but I have no inclination to poke that bear. At least today ).
The medical industry is a racket, a con game, a shakedown perfectly legal. They give you quantity service, not quality, and then charge you whatever the hell they want for it. More often than not, they try to kill you, and refuse any blame. This is what everyone works for. “If I'm sick, I cannot work! The Trophy Wife leaves me, the snot nose money grubber curtain climbers leave me. I live in a cardboard box in a van down by the river. I MUST have medical insurance!”. And yes, at one time that was a great deal, and at one time our medical industry was the envy of the world. At one time, our military, our economy, our university system, our manufactured products were all the envy of the world. No more, and not even close.
Wake up and smell the Diversity Hire providing substandard service on your dying ass. Medical care is a joke and medical insurance is a scam. If it was so great, why was it made mandatory? You cannot actually even utilize the insurance, for the insanely high deductible. On the off chance the insurance pays, you can bet it is pennies on the dollar of the published bill. What are you actually getting for that bankers bill? Crap, with a bit of fecal matter as a bonus, is what you are getting.
It has been a long held myth that cars represent freedom. To paraphrase the failed airline concept, you are now free to move about the country. So what? To what purpose? To spend more money, of course. Wow! That's the kind of freedom I can get behind! Really, what does a car do? It gets you work, right? Yes, a better paying job so that you can afford the car. I've never had a job I needed a car for ( the one exception was for a job that paid extra-which just makes my point ) and I've never gone without a job because I didn't have a car.
Not having a car allowed me to go self employed. Now THAT is freedom. I can't travel. Boo hoo. I'm where I want to be and I've seen way more of the world than I cared to. I don't have rent because I bought my own land and I was able to do that because I chose junk land. The bankers never had me under their thumb, after that. What did I accomplish paying rent? I supported the bankers, and in return was graciously allowed to keep working. What a bargain!
NOT sending my money to the bankers, I was able to need a lot less money AND I was able to kick prepping in the balls. None of it is Yuppie Scum prepping, but I have a LOT of those frugal preps. Oh, cry me a river, look how I live in a crappy little shack ( if I wasn't shacking up with the old lady in town, that is. Oh, look, living off grid and I still have a great relationship. I guess I didn't need a McMansion for that! Well, there is the hair and size eleven boots...) and look how I don't have a car. Look how I don't have medical insurance!
Do I sound like I'm suffering to you? I work a job I now love, for the first time in my life. I have preps falling out of my wazoo. I have a great relationship. I don't have much money, and I don't care. And it is all because I have no Bankers Bills. Could I suddenly drop from a heart attack, or cancer? Sure. Who cares? Quality of life, not quantity. I'm ( semi ) retiring now because traditional retirement will follow the value of money. To “not a chance in Hell”.
It isn't for everyone. I'm lazy, so I looked for the easiest way to do all this, and it was just giving up luxuries ( that everyone thinks are necessities ). And yes, I cheated. The Baby Mamma gave me no choice but to practice for this lifestyle. I was by necessity living in an RV on grid, so it was almost no hardship going off grid in the same trailer. Thank goodness for solar panels. I was already biking everywhere, as my take home pay was barely enough to keep a Somali in hallucinogenic plants.
So the question from new readers, how do I quickly prep as the economy is imploding, is to friggin nut up, cowboy up, drop the luxuries, and make a lot less money go a lot further. Do you know why little brown Fuzzy foreigners can be happy in their mud huts and riding donkey's, working harder than the mule all day? Because they are working for themselves and the tribe. Not the asswhore bankers that deliver superficial luxuries that are really financial bonds. You ARE smarter than little fuzzy Turd Worlders, aren't you?
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  1. Linked your site over at American Digest yesterday in respinse to a John Stossel video he posted. I forgot to warn the viewers that you were a bare fisted brawlers. lol

    The problem with the car thing you keep harping on is that you made your life fit around not having one, then down talking everyone else who's situation is different from yours.

    Guess what? $20-30k a year was never satisfactory to me, nor was working for the man. Having a paid for vehicle allowed me the "option" to travel as I see fit AND run my own business making damn good coin on my own terms. I never groveled and I never sucked dik. But I did work my ass off, 100 hrs a week sometimes, doing something I enjoyed. It mostly didn't seem like work cause I liked it.

    Insulting people about their vehicles seems trivial and unwarranted. You don't think vehicles are necessary, we get that. We got it the first time you mentioned it. You chose a life style to where you could avoid having a vehicle. If everybody did everything right down to the littlest detail like you do you would suddenly have lots of blog competition and be broke.

    "Teach, don't preach."
    -my profound thought for the day lol

    1. Well, here's the thing. You aren't sucked into car ownership for life once you've bought one. Every time you move, you can choose to give up cars. And all I'm trying to get across is that one day very soon, you will be forced to give them up whether you want to or not. So you should get ahead of that curve. And it is easy. Not saying you can't own one now. But if forced to give it up, can you? When the whole financial system goes tits up, that includes gasoline deliveries. If I'm being insulting it is over my sadness that people who should know better, don't. Plus, I'm just an A-hole anyway. Some people use Jesus Love to motivate others. I'm not that enlightened. I just use sarcasm. I take your points. I just don't think you are getting mine. I'm not rejecting all other lifestyles, I'm just saying they are unsustainable. And the paradigm is changing as we debate. If you must garden NOW, to practice for farming, then it follows you must practice other skills such as doing without luxuries. You can't just flip a switch and switch over, right? Anyway, I really don't mean to be insulting or insinuating anything. My sense of urgency just makes the sarcasm sound rather mean and hateful. For which I apologize. I really do just want to help, in my rough way.

    2. "Q-TIP"
      An acronym for 'Quit Taking It Personal'.

      My variant:
      Your opinion of me is none of my business.

      1979-89, I owned a diner in Chico, California.
      I worked sixteen-hour days.
      Brain-laundered 'M-F 9-5' people constantly asked "When are you going on vacation!"
      I enjoyed the gig, so 'work' was my vacation.
      And, every minute, I earned the respect of my cow-orkers and customers.

      As an extra added benefit, my take-home pay exceeded the m-f 9-5 crowd by a hundred times.
      Frugal can be more than living on less cash.
      Frugal can be eliminating the need for weekends by loving the gig, mentally turning it into a 24/7 play-time.


      I believe the preferred weapon in hispanico Americo [I so hope I spelled that right] and Afrika is the machete.

      A machete attack requires stealth... or mobs of tranked lunatics.
      Deal with the first through invisibility and distance.
      Deal with the second through distance and invisibility.
      There might be a pattern here...

    3. Son, the name "Asshole" wasn't invented until I was born. I know me, that's why I HAVE to stay away from people. See, a few months ago I was told my high blood pressure is going to kill my ass, and I was asked what is the number one thing that causes me to be angry. I said, "People." I was told to mitigate whatever can cause my blood pressure to rise. I have no choice now, I HAVE to stay away from them.

      As far as the bigger picture goes, I have never understood how the gov't can be so far in debt and still function. We seem to be in fantasy land. There is no way this reality we are in can exist, but it does. Therefore, since physics and math are already being denied, half of me sort believes it will always survive. The other half of me knows it's got to crash at some point.

      So I keep doing what I do, but better and harder, and longer. The goal is to gain as much money as possible anyway that I can without harming others. In my perspective money is the tool that allows the acquisition of all other tools. By spending a whole lot of time doing something I enjoy I have managed to create enough income over the decades to provide my version of a fortress, a place I seldom leave because frankly, every where else blows. And people.

      Can I live with a vehicle? I suppose I can if I have no choice in the matter, and so will a lot of other people. Doubtful the loss of a vehicle will kill anybody. I understand that possessing a vehicle irresponsibly can cause great grief so I'm not an advocate of that. But using a vehicle to better one's self? How can anyone argue against that? I've said my piece. No apology necessary, ever.

    4. Okay, whoo! I don't REALLY think I'm an A-hole. I was just trying to apologize for any unbecoming behavior by taking all due responsibility. I don't apologize for my views, but I must for not expressing them correctly. Just because we are all adults doesn't mean I don't have to act civil. The writing style might be rough but I don't expressly target anyone. I'm the most guilty of acting like an idiot a lot of times, so I can tell thinking and acting are two separate issues. I see your point on the gov hanging in their way past the pull date. How is this even possible? I just need to keep the faith I'll be right to be paranoid, in the end
      LM-yeah, it took me some time to realize not working the worst jobs isn't the same as working at what I loved. In my defense, Devil Dog Baby Mamma was a force of evil I dared not tangle with-job security was much better than missing any payments. It was worth my pathetic freedom to keep working for The Man. I crawl in shame :(

    5. Ignore Mr. "100 hour week" and wait him out; his high blood pressure will take care of him.

      I once worked for a veterinarian who I guess was one of these Ayn Rand "Hard Work Will Make You Free" types. At least that's what he preached to us workers. He'd go on about how little sleep he got by on in college yadda yadda. He'd tell me I must be "socking away" half of the pay he gave me - which you guessed it, was hardly enough to keep a Somali in hallucinogenic plants ... Owning a car was about as possible for me in those days as owning a Saturn V rocket.

      This guy was a real hard-charger, had played football in college, had run at least one marathon and ran after work many nights, and frankly I was a little afraid of the guy - we all were.

      Fast forward some years and I went back to that area to visit, and dropped in on the good doctor. The animal hospital still looked the same, smelled the same, was still a money-machine churning dollars out of people's little kitty-wittys and doggy-woggies (which would in a rational world been the daily special at one of the many non-0ccidental restaurants down the street) and there was dear old Dr. A.

      He'd shrunk. He was now, to my perception at least, shorter than me, kind of wizened, and wearing gloves and telling me with some embarrassment that he had to wear them now due to becoming allergic to latex (which is in, like, just about everything medical). I really felt like standing there with my hands on my hips and giving him my best Eddie Haskell snotty voice saying "Well, how'd all that hard work, work out for you?"

      Not all that much later, he died. I doubt he was missed.

      Old fuzzy-foreigner saying: If work was so great, the rich would have found a way to keep it for themselves.

    6. Never heard that saying about work and the rich. Classic! Hard work is great. Working towards a goal that is in sight. For its own sake? Yeah, Ayn Rand levels of Good Idea.

  2. Wow! Just what I was thinking about yesterday. Car insurance is forced in CA, but I'm really forced to pay for the guys who don't have it. The ins co doesn't want to lose money on uninsured drivers so I subsidize them. Just like the hospital ER rooms. So hell yeah. We're being bilked and screwed without being kissed. Same with health insurance. Cui bono?

    I Googled "ex-military man arrested for living off grid" yesterday and found a guy in Huntsville Alabama and some others who are being prosecuted for not living on the grid. Wow. You can't be self sufficient without the govt arresting you? Fuck that.

    So, junk land, yes. But I need water and food, not just food. And I'm thinking of those mini storage homes if not a modular home.

    Stream of consciousness I Googled Bigfoot yesterday to read up on that film taken in '67 I see a lot of woods and streams.....Only problem is I've been a city boy for too long. Oh, and the three offspring are used to the ex's luxury living with spouse #3. Who would want to live in dad's po digs when SHTF? I don't even know if I could get them out in a rescue mission. How much does it cost to learn how to fly a small plane?

    The IRA's? WTF? What in hell does one do with those? many questions.

    And what if somehow TEOTWAWKI doesn't happen? Then I'm getting old in poverty instead of luxury....more questions.

    How does living off grid in a city keep you from the gun collectors? Where were Randy Weaver's compatriots when the feds came? Why was he not defended en masse by the preppers up there? I did write that I was going to "stream" here. Renumeration coming soon so please be patient. Thanks.

    1. Rescue mission for family. Hard truth-ain't happening. Time to move, would they want to go to your poverty palace? No. But if they have no choice...Cashing out an IRA is a tough one. Same as a saving account, just with a withdrawal penalty. Has to be a personal choice. Me? If the system doesn't crack, Social Security is a raise. Don't need more savings than that. But most folks need far more savings than me. The question you ask yourself is, what is more painful? Losing money or not having the Tough Times assets. Junk land might be a step down now, but a step up when you are unemployed and homeless. Weaver did have some local support-the crowds put a lot of pressure on the cops. But why would they have gone to war? He wasn't family to them. None of you are going to storm Gitmo getting my ass out after I'm deemed an enemy of the state. Gun grabbers-you must bury, and decentralize the caches. What other choice? Both our states are Red Flagged. Not sure what I'll do if targeted. Is that the tripwire for resistance?

    2. re:
      learn to fly cost?

      Hang around any airfield on Saturdays.
      Ask pilots to be a passenger on any local round-trip aka 'sight-seeing tour'.
      Say "I am interested in learning about flying..."
      You will learn weather, controls, attitude, fueling, and more.
      Take your time, earning entry requires a minimum of a dozen hour-long flights to re-wire your brain from linear moving along two dimensions to the freedom of three dimensions aka 'axis'.
      Be real, get real.
      Then, buy lunch for everybody.
      Hey, you were going to eat anyway!

      See... free.
      All you need is courage.
      It's like driving a 100mph sports-car along a straight road.
      Most times, you barely notice the earth slipping away.

      An extra added bonus is the perspective of property rights.
      Somebody claims to own every square inch... as far as the eye can see.

      As you gain skills and comfort, you will shift your concentration from the interior and gauges to the wonderful world outside.
      We are tiny; not much we do makes much difference.
      Enjoy the ride.
      It's addictive.

      Prior to going aloft, empty your bowels and bladder.
      You'll thank me later.

      The panicked 'weather change' Gore doodle-heads aren't pilots, or they would know that's all pucky.
      See for yourself.

    3. Many smart people would never jump out of a perfectly good airplane. I'm perfectly content not challenging the laws of gravity ( I never minded flying, until the only way to keep profits coming in became deferred maintenance [ not even touching the Diversity hire issue ]-not saying private pilots are as bad, just that it seems practical to say goodbye to that Oil Age industry entirely to stay safer )

  3. I agree on the comment re "family." They just have to listen to me when I tell them to get on a plane, assuming I can gauge it correctly.

    As far as cashing out, gather intelligence before acting....I don't know, but I think like you do, in some small ways, about being ahead of events, curves, and panics.

    What happens when they ask for my guns when I live in Alaska, say? "CA shows you bought guns and did a background check. So, where are they?"

    "I have them in another state....they were stolen," etc.

    "No guns for us? You are under arrest."

    Trying to out trick tyranny doesn't work well. If something would get the action started now, that is the only way that we have a chance. Otherwise, I see slow bleeding death of freedom. I have other questions that you might not want asked in the comments. Like I wrote, renumeration for your time will happen soon.

    You make a good point that we won't help each other, like in Ruby Ridge, and I do sense that the smart prepared ones have no sympathy or concern for me when crunch time comes. I don't blame 'em. It is what it is. We took freedom and prosperity for granted and I didn't really understand political theory in college because I couldn't imagine that thing known as the state of nature. You learn through books, and experience is a more severe form of education.

    1. Perhaps that is why I enjoy books. Even the worst reality there is better than in meat world :)

    2. re:
      locating you

      Today's Rawles,ville has a link to a story about a 'private' (right...) company built for vehicle repossessions.
      They claim they tracked a 'volunteer' for several years over several states using passive license-plate readers.

      However, they let slip about repossessors (and government agents?) cruising parking-lots with vehicle-mounted cameras, documenting every license-plate into the company main-frame to be sold to subscribers.

      Henceforthwith, I'm getting a bicycle with a vanity-plate dangling from my seat.
      It may say 'Bison'.

      Are we all 'Bison', like the closing scene from that movieprogramming 'Sparti-cuss'?

      Heavy, man...

    3. Don't worry, bicycle licence plates and rider chip implants are just a few years away ( if we make it past this economic implosion ).

  4. Yes Jim, correct on getting one financially low to the ground, to pre empt the shock. I actually am enjoying the backside ride down from those 30 an hour 60k a year spazmastic working careers to a broke weiner disability stipend existence living below fed poverty line. The adaptation is not difficult really, and the benefit of less pressure is golden. My other focus of course is more downward training for zero income, collapse, seige, hermitage existence scenarios. This survivalism stuff has to be taken to the "NTH" degree to be effectively beneficial.

    Keep at it Jim.

    1. Hard to realize how peaceful life is when one lets go. They sure know how to condition the proles.

  5. I always laugh at the guys that claim that they work "a 100 hours a week". Sure thing. You betcha.

    Let's do the math, Johnny: if you worked a double shift of 16 hours a day, 5 days a week, you would still be short 20 hours. This doesn't include your commute or lunch time. Then you have to put in a mere 10 hours on both Saturday and Sunday. Got it! Totally believable.

    The hundred hour a week club. It's only real in their minds.

    1. Don't be too quick, now. A lot of work can be mental. You can be showering or commuting and still be working on problems in your head. Or, even on the phone in your car supervising or trouble shooting. I considered my last job a 60 hour week, even with the hour and a half bicycle commute, because the job didn't pay enough for me to afford a car. Before clocking in and at lunch I was doing this blog. An hour reading a night, for research. Just five days a week, that is 65 hours. Add in ten on the weekend for more reading. 75 hours for a job and a half.

    2. The child hasn't the first clue, that's why he STILL punches that time card and his boss keeps a boot in his ass.

      You're right Jim, the mental part is almost all the time. You, for example, may be in wally world and come up with an idea for an article. I get paid for the metal work I do, even when I am *sleeping or showering*. Unlike the big mouth, I don't have time for a time clock, I'm too busy getting stuff done.

      **Many times I have woken to a solution to a problem on a building design I am working on, I have also come up with clever techniques while showering. Essentially, I am working 24/7. And enjoy it.

    3. Right, when it goes from work to A Calling, it doesn't even matter if it is 24/7.

  6. Shopper's field report. Lowe's home store (Las Vegas, clownworld ground zero) has Christmas merchandise out full court press. (Jesus weeps) there appears a lot of items pushed out everywhere like christmas sales build up, displays etc, way early though. Strategy or desperation moves to put salve on the coming recession wounds early.

    Wally had 12oz. Honey marked down clearance @.50 cents(!) Of note it was Kosher section, low demand clearing it out due to demographic replacement. They had many areas with markdowns, it is ending of third quarter so helping the financial books with promos, schtiks, etc. It is Potemkin, all kinda maybe looks normal but too many things indicate otherwise.

    Stay alert out there folks.

    1. Normally I would validate your worries, but I do have to note that in 2002, long before any crisis, Dollar General had X-Mas shipped to the store the last day of July and the next week we were putting it up. Sometimes, it is just outright stupidity.

    2. If you are paying less than $10 for 16oz of honey it is most likely sugar no matter what the label says. Same with maple syrup. Same with olive oil (it's not cut with sugar but something else). I have cut most of that stuff out as it just not worth it to me on my journey through frugality. Having money isn't everything, but managing it is.

    3. I heard that some honey is "real", as in from the bees ass, but they are farmed in China by being fed sugar.

    4. I kept bees,for,about 9 years. Feeding sugar syrup made from cane sugar is not uncommon during times nectar and pollen crops not in bloom. Or when starting out new hives or propping up a weak hive.

      I believe many commercial operations feed corn syrup, seems like I would see ads for bulk sales of corn syrup in bee magazines.
      Feeding of a fake pollen substitute also goes on.

      I took a hiatus from bee keeping because of varora mites and the imported African hive beetle.
      Still have a honey extractor, hive bodies, etc. Will do again someday.
      S in Fla.

    5. Ah. Okay, so the Ornamentals are no more guilty, just more efficient.

  7. Interesting comments regarding work being made here. Some thoughts:

    1. It has been said that the dying man will not say, 'Gee, I wished I had spent more time at the office.'

    2. Some people are not self starters and rugged individualists, and they need structure, i.e., an 8 hour job. How many of the current American soy boy Antifa fascio-commies are really willing to punch a time clock? In fact, Marx thought that the quality of life is harmed by capitalism. He just didn't understand reality or economics, but had Engels and others to keep him afloat.

    3. My brother didn't like working an honest day, so he pretended to be a lawyer and sued people for knocking off his brand. Yeah, I remember when he threw in the towel working for the white man every day. But I am cool with that too as long as he took care of his own debts.

    4. Some smart folks bust their tails and retire by age 30 or 40. Work and save, then invest in property. You know the story.

    5. The good thing about this blog and the books provided is that most people won't have the financial resources to write checks to fund their exit strategy. If you can learn to do it as a poor man, you are just as smart as the guy writing the checks.

    I have enjoyed a non-material existence and I should have gone into the re-cycling business since I don't like throwing stuff out. CONSERVING saves money. The guy who knows he won't make much money likes to keep what little is left over, so I could never understand why my ex-wife would toss out stuff that just a few years earlier she thought was so important to have. I even went through the trash when she sold my house and moved in with the doctor. The homeless were really pissed at me for doing that.

    1. Exactly! I don't think the readers want to hear a similar story so I'll buy you breakfast or lunch and tell you about it. A relative and all my listeners said the same thing about karma, and one said that I might not see the "knockout" when it happens, but it will happen. And yes, she also found Jesus, but would never ever accept the Catholic version which was much more economically severe than the Gospel of Health & Wealth found in evangelical Christianity.....

      Reading BBB No. 2. Fascinating and educational, but "coup de ta" should be coup d' etat. I could edit for you, but never provide the content that you do. Keep going. Will PP you on Oct. 1.

    2. Funny how #2 doesn't work after she traded up. MGTOW friends of mine all laughed when we said she said the same thing: "You don't meet my needs anymore." This isn't just a connection to some obscure transmission of the female consciousness, it's learned via the Feminist community when they talk to each other.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. "It is amazing what some people think their minimum level of luxury should be..."

      I have always done my own laundry. Last week I forgot to carry it from the laundry room to the bedroom closet, so my wife took it in and put it away. While hanging up my daily wear t-shirts she told me she was tempted to throw them away because they were mostly holes. They also had paint, stain, glue, and who knows what all over them. They are the shirts I wear around here when I am getting stuff done and when they fall off me then I'll throw them out. I don't leave the compound while wearing them, I have almost new Carhartt's for that, so why is she concerned what condition they're in? I think she was just kidding, but who knows how wimminz think?

      Last week I cooked a 7lb chicken in the InstantPot for the first time. Stripped the good stuff off of it, then threw the carcass and the other waste parts in the slow cooker, put enough water in to cover it by 1 inch, then ran it on high for 14 hours. It was completely dissolved, even the bones. Strained it through a collander, then a fine sieve, then poured it into 2 1qt mason jars and put it in the fridge. Last night I made some chicken soup with that broth and it was like jello - even after sitting on the counter for half an hour, I had to spoon it out of the jar. And flavorful? Man, I'm having more of it for supper tonight. Blows away the store bought stuff. The best part is, it is free! Except for the water and elect to run the cooker, and my time.

    5. Hmmm-I wasn't aware a slow cooker could do that! Might be something to try one day.

    6. GS-please dial back the hate when responding to other comments. Deleted to avoid a hen fight.

    7. Thomas-yeah, it is a pretty high bar meeting any of their needs. Too bad they rush to trap you, THEN make that decision.

    8. Thomas-edit for me? Are you friggin insane? You don't have enough hours in the day! :)

    9. Wonderful, a one sided hen fight.
      He starts it and my hands get tied.

    10. Come on-you've been here long enough to know how these things escalate. Responding in kind, that is one thing. I felt you jumped a couple of levels. I could be wrong-I didn't reread the whole thing. If I was the one overreacting then I apologize. Sometimes I do get in a bit of a hurry on the admin side of things. I'll go back now.

    11. 2:48 Here
      Jim,u did the right thing.
      Spirit shooter has a lot of valuable input but sometimes is a little to old-school for the newbies😊

    12. All new suckers, I mean, visitors, must realize that we are nothing but fountains of love and sprinkles of unicorn dust at this holistic family friendly site.

  8. I'm kinda old to go off the grid. I have to admit I really like my air conditioning (I do live in SC, and it's d--n humid).
    Right now, I'm retired, my husband just retired (but is nosing about looking for work - he just doesn't know what to do with himself if he isn't working). Thanks to a bad experience with debt in our early 40s, we made it a priority to pay off cars and homes (we're about 1/2 what we were when we moved into our home, and the value has risen another 75-80 thousand since then). So, we're good without dipping into IRAs or savings.
    But, no, I don't think my joints are sturdy enough to 'rough it', and my husband has a bad back. We'll likely trade this home for a basic one near the kids, and a country cottage near a source of water/well. Nice to have choices.

    1. That is why I'm in town-the NOL is starting to really have issues with arthritis and won't move out to my place. Since its cold here more than not, I can't say I blame her. Solar gain and wool is warm enough for me, but not her. But she is also in a good place financially, so we'd only have to move when the La Raza fires break out.