Sunday, March 17, 2019

cohesion good and bad 3

I theorize that the destruction of social cohesion always sows the seeds for its renewal.  Remember the mutation part of survival?  If it is true that evolution is more catastrophic upheavals favoring whatever mutant is suitable, than it is gradual adaptation ( I favor the catastrophe explanation, but I’m also a Social Darwinist so my bias is clear ), mutation isn’t directed at evolution but rather as a back-up to all the other back-ups so the species survives regardless of the type of catastrophe which occurs.  A freak that could consume dairy past youth could survive the mega-fauna die-off.
Lactose tolerance in adults was a mutation.  Until climate change went from favoring hunters to favoring herders.  Then those mutants were the new survivors.  I imagine grain eaters were mutants, until the hunter/gatherers gave way to the agriculturalists.  Today, certain unnamed gurus push for a return to the paleo diet, not taking into account that while grains might not favor their body, it does other peoples who carry that mutant gene ( besides which, with overpopulation a meat heavy diet and imported vegetables are an economic surplus luxury.  Good luck keeping that paradigm alive ).
Now, assuming the Latent Mutation Awaiting Catastrophe is correct, let’s explore the process of social cohesion destruction.  As energy supply goes from surplus into decline, either as a logistics issue or usually, from population exceeding energy, social cohesion in a centralized system ( due to complexity ) begins to break down.  On a micro level, the pie shrinks and some must do without or with less.  On a macro level, the infrastructure built to energy surplus begins to be starved of inputs.  Social cohesion begins to suffer as a new underclass and Overlord class is built. 
Usually, social structures breaking up are replaced by other structures.  If it is a centralized organization, big government, then smaller decentralized units are built and maintained.  Such as local criminal organizations.  Law and order, stability, are maintained at whatever level resources allow.  But culturally, there is less of a coherent replacement for what was disrupted or eliminated.  People might get more or less religious, family structures might fray.  It is a transition period from one organization to another.  You see those stealing the resources replace family with government, and those displaced economically re-embracing tribalism and rediscovering family ties.
What you are seeing is mutation for the social structure as yet undetermined insofar as the winner.  As social cohesion broke down, you saw the rise of every other possible social order.  Communes, or same sex marriage with child adoptions, or both ancient and new religions coming to the forefront.  Single parents, the return of polygamy.  Pillow biters, pedophiles, or gender confused.  Once social cohesion shattered, everybody everywhere was no longer constrained by social conformity, and tried anything and everything their little pea picking hearts desired.  The death of culture allowed the birth of thousands of alternatives.  The mutations.
Hardly any of these mutations were viable.  No one thinks a fag and a male identifying as female can actually conceive a child and pass on their mutated genes.  But that isn’t the point.  The point is, exactly, mutations to such a degree that every single contingency is covered, to cope with whatever catastrophe is coming.  Okay, look at the heightened sexual drive in disasters.  You know an asteroid is going to hit, you copulate like bunnies.  Then you die anyway.  The whole point of this evolutionary trait is to jumpstart the repopulation even before the collapse.  If EVERYBODY humps their brains out, the few survivors are breeding.
Remember how only the simplest plans survive the battle?  Biology is exactly like that.  It has a few simple plans that always work, at least for the species ( the individuals are humped.  We are not so different than ants, species survival wise ).  Mutations always work.  It doesn’t matter that 99% of those mutations are counterproductive and useless.  It matters that the 1% work.  Let’s bring this back down to a personal level.  I’m a mutation.  I hate cars.  Most of you might hate the COST of a car, but you still love the idea of cars. 
Cars got you laid, so of course you love them.  Not too long ago, having a car was part of the social fabric.  You were REQUIRED to own a car in that culture.  To do otherwise meant you were a freak of nature.  Good luck getting laid, then.  Which meant your mutant genes were not passed on.  In a stable social system, the deviants were punished because it would upset the stability which ensured survival.  But once there is no more social fabric, I would no longer be punished for straying from the norm.  There was no more norm.
Suddenly, I’m rewarded for my mutation.  I get laid as a female discovers the advantage in a failing economy of not being encumbered by debt or too high of living expenses.  What was forbidden behavior now becomes a positive trait.  As a stable culture, we rewarded what was economically desirable.  Nerds were marginalized as the economy needed muscle labor.  The lowly clerk with the least desirable wife was the nerd’s lot 150 years ago.  Not so long ago, the muscle bound were ridiculed for stupidity and we started breeding for intelligence.
And during each Turning ( we will go through another as Other Colors all have the brain jobs and we must return to a warrior culture ), who was it that thrived?  The mutations.  Bill Gates was hated, picked on, marginalized ( yes, he was sheltered by money-but his kind were in larger society the minorities ).  There weren’t many like him, so when the needed change happened, he was rewarded excessively.  Then, everyone started to try to breed for Brainiac’s, that being where the rewards were ( no wonder that Rain Man mother humper hates society enough to join the forces of evil against us ).
Right now, most preppers and survivalists are soft marshmallow men ( I don’t discount myself from that criticism, as we won’t know until a baptism by fire-right now the only thing going for me is more motivation from clarity of vision ), reflecting an old culture of mellow religion, civility born of excess peace, excess surplus capitalism rewarding passivity, and etcetera.  Even in the military, warriors were discouraged and corporate worker drones encouraged.  Within the prepper community, there will be a very few mutations of true badass warriors.  The Viking, murder and rapine orientated.
Criminals, unless able to operate socially ( verses the more common lone sociopath incapable of cooperation long term ), will probably NOT be in this group.  And only Vikings are mutated enough to be among the survivors.  They will be the ones ( while, granted, civilized toward family and tribe ) who embrace TRUE violence who will survive.  Those criminally violent will not.  Those too civilized will not.  Only the hybrid will.  So devoted to tribal fealty he thinks nothing of uber-violence to protect those in his tribe.  Being honest, few of us have this mutation. 
We are spoiled, ruined by our just passing cultural dictates.  Any culture that allowed money to ruin family does not have the programming needed to survive the death of that money.  But there are ALWAYS mutants.  And lately, mutants are everywhere.  Granted, the wrong kind of mutants, but the odds always pay in favor of the species.  There will be enough anti-social truly hateful of government ( and, to be honest, probably religious nutjobs to the point they wish and pray and strive to start pulling the trigger ) types who survive away from crowds, glorying in macho tests of deprivation, ready to repopulate the wasteland.
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  1. Hybrid. Correct analogy. In the long timelines of historical period recordings and evolutionary adaptations, changes, etc we, as an individual are flea specks in our life times and periods. With only a short time actually alive to take notice and experience cause and effects it does not make one whit what our feelings and opinions are about anything. There is absolute little to be done about those many forces at play around us. Therefore a better course would be to change or adapt as an individual towards a survival and existence focus. Not to attempt a stab at being some rear guard type holding back the dynamics from affecting our precious little 'historical' ways of things. Everything that is now with albeit few exceptions will not be, or exist, or be remembered in the nearly near future. The Minionites 'still' in the buggy whip business or DVD factory should really be watching out towards the horizon for the rushing oncoming change forces advancing at an ever quicklike pace. As stated before "They're coming and they aint stopping for shit!".

    1. I liked the Greer program of falling back in technology to a simpler level, but one has to wonder if even that is enough. What from the last 200 years is sustainable?

    2. Only post die off clean up, then an era example of @ 1870 to 1910, no later. This is an era of enough advancements to give comforts and stability but not too much to cause overbreeding and raping of resources. No real ideal all in one stage.

    3. Lack of ore and energy at easy levels of extraction mean we cannot duplicate an era above charcoal power.

  2. This jumped out at me:
    *** Peak Excess leading to Peak Civility.
    *** Peak Civility leading to a mutation / expression favoring the quickest to adapt... inevitably favoring the quickest to erase uncomfortable memories such as genocide and community-accepted rapes to build tribal continuity.

    The 'lizard brain' is blatantly warning of limitations in food and mobility. This is its job. Accordingly, it violently strikes in all directions attempting to flounder its head above water for a few more minutes.

    Ignore the lizard brain, and your lineage will perish. Buzzards and maggots have no capacity for sympathy.

    Your 'Vikings' sing of the victors overcoming obstacles on the path of the righteous. The vanquished are forgot as though they never existed. "Trample their weak, hurdle their dead."

    I see our choice:
    a) barbarian activities ('doing barbarian' differs from 'being barbarian'; Caucasian peoples are exceptionally good at this...),
    b) die.

    The proven short-sightedness of VibrantUrbans benefits rural folk since we have the distance from the trees to carefully observe the forest.

    Semper Gumby.

  3. Intrigued by the closing quote from Anonymous, I searched for its origin...

    And discovered this gem:
    We're coming, kicking down your door,
    We didn't build it, why should we care,
    You never played fair, why should we care.
    This how feel to be champion.
    We here to even the score.

    How many repetitions of this and similar material is required to override cultural morals? To replace long-term common-sense with immediate gratification? To override all sense of empathy?

    How many repetitions to see the 1% == you and me == as the enemy?

    I blame soy. Lactose intolerance. And anybody mocking the Paleo religion of our ancestors.

    * * * * *

    Speaking of lactose and lactation, who among us entered the latest 'caption contest' for the classic painting of Charity Feeding Her Imprisoned Father? Check it out at KimDuToit.

    1. HA! Been reading Kim for about 15 years but I didn't comment on that one, though I thought about it.

      Side saddling Anon above: I'm a "Never Votist" believe the votists are at the root of the problems as they are the ones that empower the politicians. Been saying it everywhere for a long time, there is nothing I can do about any of the horrendous problems on this planet that I believe have been initiated primarily by the USG so I only keep up with politics lightly. I have my own issues to deal with and I believe if everyone concentrated on their own affairs rather than sticking their fat snoots in everyone else's business the whole world would be better off. There may be some hippyism in there but it is what I believe.

      I'm at the age now where long range patrols are not doable and raping and pillaging are not interesting or beneficial, so I'll stay right here at home doing what I always do until they get close enough I can see them in the 50X scope on my Rem 700.

    2. "They're coming and they aint stopping for shit!" is a rip off line from the movie PLATOON. It is kinda about the oh shit realization of an impending overrun of positions by NVA and Vietcong. The few survivors were dumb lucky or did whatever to survive an inevitable (history proved so) larger outcome despite what the empire and big green machine desired. Thus, individually, Minionites ideally should become hybrid like and evolve some proper thinking, skills or techniques to just friggin survive the merry go round ride of the current period events and circumstances. Anthony Quinn in the 1966 movie "Lost Command", had another good zinger line= "There is only one rule, DONT'T DIE!". Just like talking points or meme phrases tossed about by anyone wanting to appear wise, use such more salty versions for mental programming
      purposes towards one's own survivability. At this point anything will help.

    3. Popular entertainment wisdom is good enough, in that it is a fable distilling wisdom down to easily remembered bits. I'd wager it is actually the best way to retain and use. Hollywood is no different than Mother Goose or Aesop's.

    4. Voting-Hopium for the masses. You don't realize how toxic it is until you get a OD.