Sunday, November 18, 2018

guest article-article 2 of 2 today

Article 2 of 2 today
Apocalypse Feed Store

Be warned fellow minions. This guest post is just for you to kill some time reading and perhaps to help you feel smug about your lot.

So, the other week I visited my local feed store. The bad minion I am I hadn't been there for a while. What are you after? The shop assistant asked. "Wheat Berries" I reply in a friendly manner. Shop assistant doesn't hesitate "We don't sell those sorry". Hmm "err you used to". Shop assistant "I've been here for years & we've never sold them". Grrr "when I last bought them from you they were here" I touch the pick face.

So I left my name and number and they said the purchasing guy would call me during the week. When he did he also re-iterated that they didn't sell it and that the measurement for buying it is by the metric tonne. Yeah, nah I don't want that much.... or do I?......

Today (as of writing this) I went back there WITH wheat berries I had previously bought off them. Bada Bing Bada Boom I've got another 25kg bag at the counter. I purchased a bucket to store them in as well. Is it food grade? Well, it did store diabetic medication, but it won't effect your animals. Yeah but it's not for animals. What are you using the wheat for? Me "I don't know if I should say. Do you really want to know?" The guy smiled and said "I think I know" He guessed moonshine. Nope sorry I'm not sure I should tell you but ok. Two other workers leaned in to hear "I'm stockpiling for the apocalypse" Laughter. "No, I'm serious. This bag has enough calories for one person for 55 days" They look sideways at each other. "What is statistically the thing most likely to kill you?" They're a little nervous now. "Global catastrophe followed by war and it's associated evils. Starvation being one of them."

Hopefully I'm not banned from there


My Wheat Berry cheat sheet
450g Wheat Berries = 1500 calories
3.25 kg 1 week : 1 Person
6.5 kg  1 week : 2 People
Black Bucket (20ltr) = 15kg
15kg – 33 days (one person)

Wheat Berries 25kg bag = 55 days (one person)

Daimacous Earth (Food Grade)
1 cup per 20 ltr bucket
2.26kg : 1 years grain (one person)

/end of transmission


  1. My local feed store carries wheat. A while back I purchased a 50lb sack for around $12. As I read more about it, I came to discover that a lot of the feed wheat is exposed to pesticides, and in some cases apparently, irradiated, to kill off insect larvae. I could never find a definitive answer online as to the particular wheat that I got, so I’ve been reluctant to buy more. You can get clean wheat at Amazon, but of course it comes at a significantly higher cost. But since there’s a strong possibility that I’m only prepping for myself, it might be worth spending the extra money.

    1. I asked when I bought my wheat and they assured me it wasn't treated. But like you said, it's not that I don't trust the shop assistant but, well you know.

      Like Lord Bison said though - starvation will get you before the extras.

      I did the math for rice. It's a little dearer but it's not prohibitive. I'm thinking wheat berries sprouted with Rice

    2. Well, I can understand why you want to get used to rice, with your soon to be Sino Overlords :)

    3. I don't think I've asked, Dingo. Do you guys fear the Chinese? Plan for them in your preps? Or are your commodities overexploited and can't last much longer? Or are you just like Africa, not occupied as long as you allow the spice to flow? I'd be interested on a view from afar.

    4. Australians don't fear any other nation. From ignorance more than anything else.

      China certainly appears to pose a threat. However our politicians, academics and leftist agitators are cheaply bought.

    5. "our politicians, academics and leftist agitators are cheaply bought"
      Hmmm. Sounds like all those were American immigrants :)

  2. Just remember that ultimately, starvation kills you before any modern "extras" they add to grain will.

    1. I knew what your answer would be ahead of time, but it’s a sound response I suppose. But let’s go with an alternative scenario. I’m your age, so I have roughly some 20 odd years left (knock on wood).

      So A, I do not make it anywhere near long enough into the collapse to suffer the ill effects of the poisoned wheat (Admittedly, the most likely scenario).

      Or B, by some miracle, I somehow manage to last long enough, that my rectum ends up looking like ground zero at Bikini Atoll :D

      But for a serious question? Since wheat is (or was) a part of your regular diet, do you actually eat the feed store wheat in a rotation? Or do you buy the good stuff for daily consumption, and save the irradiated, Round Up stuff, for the PA? I’d think that if you were eating the feed store stuff now, that this would give you a good head start on a post apocalypse colon, that would make Richard Simmons’s look like the Virgin Mary’s :D

    2. Ha! I eat the feed store stuff now, and actually crave it. So much food is so processed, my body needs the fresh ground flour. Even sprayed and artificially fertilized, it is the "good food" compared to everything else. Not even potatoes are something my body reminds me if I miss. Just the wheat and produce.

  3. Except for organically grown almost all wheat, barley grown in N.A. is sprayed with glyphosate herbicide a couple of weeks prior to harvest in order to "dry off" the vegetative growth so as to lessen combine blockage and for less chaff.

    1. Yum! Dying slowly for cheap food, the 'Murican Way.

  4. By the way, the "gluten intolerance" all these people are suffering from is not "gluten intolerance" like they want you to believe but "Herbicide intolerance". You know which one. All of the grains are heavily contaminated with it and human gut flora eventually peter out, you lose your stomach villi and get gluten intolerance, leaky gut, Crones, cancer, etc. Its not the "hybridized wheat with 7x more gluten". Its that herbicide. That company doesn't make as much money off its terminator seeds and stealing land from farmers tainted with the GMO seed. They make it from their deadly poison product. That herbicide is WHY they want you to buy their seed. Its the only thing that can GROW in that pesticide cesspool field of sterile soil. We are the guinea pigs. Choose wisely, or stop eating the contamination. Why do you think the fertility rates are down-sliding precipitously across the planet? In lab rats, by the third generation of eating GMO food, the animals are sterile. Now in America 80 to 95 percent of food in supermarkets is GMO. Why was the labeling such an issue initially and is finally being allowed to happen? Because early on if we were told it was GMO we wouldn't buy it. The giant company wouldn't make as much money. And if labeling got passed, next we would want to have them stop growing it/banning it. That was their major fear. Other countries condemned it right at the start and they are still GMO free. Now because we Americans were forced to eat it without our knowledge they got us into the first generation of experimentation and a lot of older folks will say "It hasn't killed me and I like my twinkies". But in the younger generations, they are suffering dearly with that and many other contaminants, and they will never live as long as the older generation and their quality of life will be so much harsher because of their illness, or sick feelings, mental health included. And why are the fertility clinics proliferating? Because everyone is becoming sterile. Sterility eventually means the "C" word in your gonads. And yes,even white pesticide-laden rice is safer, not great but safer. They have about 100 other ways they are slowly killing us but that is a big one.

  5. I have no doubt you are correct. I choose to avoid the medical establishment ( knock on wood-no cars running me over ) and just want to die early unaware what tumors are growing in me. At least it won't be brain cancer from cell phones :)

  6. Believe it or not, it is wiser to not go into the chemo program. The deadly toxins they pump in your veins kills everything alive in your body, including all the good bacteria that comprise a larger percentage of our cells. We are more bacteria than human. Then if they also cut the cancer out before you get the chemo you basically have eradicated the "closed-loop pathway" that contains the cancer and tumors and rips it wide open so that it spews out to anything in its path. If you pay attention to when people die, its not when they are holding all those tumors inside, its when they do a biopsy and cut open the protective pathways. Then you have a short time left, regardless of the continued poison treatments. On a rare occasion or for some specific cancers people, despite, the barbaric application of "medicine" manage to survive the onslaught. But people who hadn't been cut open can live longer and with much less pain. Eastern medicine has taught this for forever. There are also alternative medical cures.

    1. So, really, we haven't progressed at all from "bleeding", it has just taken the form of other removal procedures.

    2. I can only speak from my own personal experience, but chemo killed the fuck out of my dad. At the time of his diagnosis, he was fine. But the moment the chemo started up, he was instantly weakened, and it only got worse from there. The stuff is a derivative of mustard gas, yes, friggin mustard gas! Of course, everyone wants to sugar coat the prognosis of certain cancers, such as lung cancer (what my dad had) or pancreatic cancer, and apparently even liver cancer. But if you get any of those, you’re gonna die, period, end of story. (Oh sure, there’s the rare one in a million dude that manages to catch it early enough, or lives for years with those types of cancer, but you won’t be one of them).

      And now you know why I fear irradiated wheat :D

    3. Do not fear wheat! You are sucking in Fuki radiation anyway. A nice juicy steak? Naturally irradiated.

  7. Four tools for feeding yourself:

    1) a cast net (for water foods). Easy to use and takes much less time than a pole and bait.

    2) A small shovel (folding if you like really small but they can fail so buy a good one !) for digging out roots. Know what grows in YOUR locale and how to prepare it. Way faster than gardening and you don't have to guard it. You can walk your grounds and catalog what is where.

    3) A pellet rifle (for small game and vermin killing). A spring power or gas ram action but those are spendy !

    4) A handled insect net. For gathering insects in vegetation, like sweeping up only for gathering insects. Remove heads, limbs and roasted in a pan over the fire.

    1. Of course, these are supplements, not substitutions.