Sunday, November 4, 2018

a FLIR scope away 1 of 3-article 1 of 2 today


( article 1 of 2 today )
I know I’ve covered this far more than a few times, but I also know that despite my header proclamation of frugal survivalism, I rarely cover the basics of low cost preparedness anymore, instead focusing on big picture discussions.  And while I’ve never pretended to be a beginners site, I don’t think it does a great deal of harm to revert to the fundamentals every now and again.  So, here today ( and several other days if I can manage to stretch out my blathering ) is once again the Whole Package survival preparation.
How cheaply can you move out to the boonies, stock up for the apocalypse, have shelter, own land, arrange for low cost but not primitive transportation and own a small functioning business?  I’ve covered before the cheapest way to do this, even writing a book on it, but that is dated and having gotten slightly up there in years since I penned it, I’d like to add in a small amount of comfort and mechanical aid for those aging readers who can no longer completely trade labor for money.  So, even if not the cheapest system, it is darn close.
My basic guideline is that everything all inclusive be under or at the cost of a FLIR scope.  Why?  Because while I can accept the limited utility of freeze dried food, even as I’ve always been opposed to them in general, and even as I can see the need to own an AR-15 even as I’ve disliked them for over thirty years, the one thing I cannot see AT ALL under any circumstances as being a necessity is a Gott Damn FLIR scope and decree anyone pimping them to be a Yuppie Scum sell-out douche canoe that only values advertisers money.
So FLIRS have lately been my whipping boy, my premier target as the globes leading expert as The Gadfly Of The Survivalist Movement.  What better way to underline their severe lack of worthiness than to showcase how you could be free and prepared far better than all those fat white boys living in the city stuffing expensive items into their Bug Out Hummer for UNDER the cost of this one putrid hunk ‘O crap? I do not hate and despise and wish untold suffering upon rich people because of envy.  I love my freedom needing a lot LESS money.
No, I hate people of money not because of what they possess.  All money everywhere throughout the history of every-when always reverts to the value of zero.  Worshiping Mammon only makes sense when money is worth more than two wet farts in a hurricane, and in a resource contraction money accelerates its speed plummeting towards no worth.  Why would I dedicate my limited time left on earth pursuing and lusting after a diminishing return item?  Surely, my good Sir, you speak out of your rectum!  No, I just hate rich bastards because they think they are better than me.
So, I mock you, your worthless life, your pathetic struggles and your quest for worthless toys.  There is nothing wrong with earning money and trading those Corporate Chits in for tangible assets.  You can do that right and minimize your self induced slavery, or you can do it wrong and make it a lifetime pursuit.  I like the minimizing route.  If you want to make money for lifetime hobby, fine.  Just don’t think that makes you better than me.  I’m not the one who will be homeless as the economy crashes. You will.  And your trophy bitch will leave you.
And mobs will dance in your entrails heaped under your slowly swinging corpse.  So go ahead, show off all your money.  That can only end well for you as the ghetto dwellers are whipped into a riot of hate and envy by the communist party political officers ( who themselves have plenty of wealth but hide it much better ).  But for those few who can see the wisdom of cashing in during the waning days of empire and getting out while the exits remain open, let us examine how cheap and easy it is to flee.
Urban hell holes BAD.  Rural hell holes GOOD.  Sorry, no rural utopias are left.  Poverty wallowing white boys sell crack everywhere there is no competition from ghetto Blacks, which means everywhere except cities.  I guess if I were Black with few options, hanging with my homies in urban decaying areas would be far preferable to being poor as dirt trying to farm the dirt.  Blacks flock to the cities.  Whites to the suburbs.  Poor whites can pick from vast areas of small towns and rural areas which neither of the other two groups want or need.  So, you got that going for you.
Today is a wonderful time to buy the poverty.  Overproduction meeting growing unemployment plus population clustering and the death of retail all present you with the last time ( and only time since the low cost ‘90’s ) to buy cheap and stock deep.  Don’t misconstrue, I’m not trying to blow smoke up your ass and lie, convincing you everything is affordable.  Compared to twenty years ago, it is three to four times more expensive to break free than it was, with lower quality of life now, but this is the last time you’ll see it as affordable.
Corporations are selling at or below cost, to bring in cash flow to service far too much debt.  Look at the fracking industry, losing money for ten years.  Look at Amazon ( love you! ).  They mostly lose money buying market share.  Netflix does the same, even as those selling them content start their own money losing streaming services ( how do you lose money Free Riding the Internet?  Takes a special kind of MBA graduate ).  Losing money isn’t a business model.  Buy while you can and expect it to end soon.  Very soon.
This is a race against time, people.  That is why I’m a religious fanatic about prepping frugally.  It makes it realistic again to prepare ( unlike Yuppie Scum Prepper writers who only allow rich people to survive.  Have I mentioned, “Hump You, Money Pimps” yet?  ). In a realistic time period.  The economy never changed the fundamentals that led to the 2008 crash.  It only kicked the can down the road with stimulus.  Any day could spell the end to that happy state of affairs. Get prepped yesterday.  Buy frugal, be prepped, relax and enjoy the fireworks. 
Having covered myself with glory and justification, we continue tomorrow.  Cheap land and cheap everything else to prep.
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  1. re:
    Link to not-free book

    CRACK something WITH COCAINE DREAMS offers an incomprehensible author page.

    Sub-literate drivel. The author "Jaqheul J.", in addition to a astonishing choice of pseudonym, shows remarkable talent for stupidity, and I wager will be the first to be et by her/ his / its contemporaries.

    Bison, thank you for this gift. Based on this single example of the opposition, I can safely nap through the remainder of this collapse.

    1. A remarkable talent for anything should be admired :)

  2. OK, what was that all about? Venting?
    I can relate.

    But not this:
    "Just don’t think that makes you better than me."

    Money has nothing to do with it.
    Character does.
    Some people are just giant dripping assholes and it has nothing to do with the money they have. You know this, so why do you keep going on about it?

    I do agree that chasing money for money's sake as you describe is probably a bad thing, but in my entire life I have never known anyone to do that. Maybe I need to get out more?

    I think that if your skillset was different your outlook on money would be different too.

    Yesterday I met with a college professor and his wife in a large metropolis and 1 hour later he handed me a check for $200 and thanked me for my time and set up an appt for next week to meet again. If this project comes to fruition I will have earned maybe $5k, for maybe 2 weeks worth of effort - all cash. $200 for 1 hour of my time, to discuss things I am an expert on. Should I have not "chased" that money? Why not, because you don't like me if I do? pffft I don't care. Just like I wouldn't care if YOU chased that $200.

    We all need money, there is no way around it in this day and age, and anyone that says they don't is a liar. It's not about the amount but rather the fact. You live on $200 a month and I live on $2000 a month and some how that makes you better than me?

    Getting back to the 1st paragraph. There is some utility in having a FLIR, and I can say this because I have one, though it is an inexpensive one (less than $200). It was a gift and there are lots of things I would choose to buy before I bought a FLIR. But to dismiss a FLIR outright is beneath you, or should be. I can say the same thing about an AR. I have owned probably a hundred guns over the past 40 years and none had been an AR til last year when I built one. I didn't need it. I have guns that will burn circles around that AR everyday of the week. I "wanted" it. During that 40 years I did without that AR I was never for 1 second envious of those that did have one and I could have purchased one at any time. Never once did I demonstrate envy or talk shit about an AR owner. I have down talked assholes many times. But never because of what they possessed. I just don't see the point. And, why would I want to get myself all worked up over stuff that other people have? I just don't get it.

    The best part about this blog?
    The knowledge I gain from subjects I know very little about. Thank you.

    The 2nd best part? Why, the hookers and blow references of course! And the casual way the information is conveyed with no over sophisticated and arrogant assed attitude. Thank you again.

    The worst part?
    The envy that comes out in almost every post.
    It's tiresome. And does more damage than good.
    I don't understand how you benefit from it.
    That's my only and last comment on the envy thing.

    1. No, you don't get out enough :) I don't speak from envy, but from experience of being screwed for money, and from our class system revolving around money. You, from what I recall, have also regularly been screwed. So, I'm just a lot more bitter and take it personally ( even though I know I constantly preach this is exactly how people act, I STILL take it personally. And I'll admit, a fault of mine ). I also want far less to do with money because of that. It just makes me different, not better. I know my frugalness is a constant source of friction with all I know. Whether it is helpful or hurtful here in the blog, I'm not sure. Hell, you should know by now my propensity towards ranting and how I can't control it. I do apologize for excesses, but take that knowing I'll in no way change it. You'll not find stoicism here, my friend!

    2. I know frugal, and your frugalness is never an issue. It is what seems to be your envy of others that I take issue with. We can call it money, or any word of choice, a method of exchange. There will always be some that are better than others. Look at asshole Bill Gates. I dislike him for several reasons but one of them is NOT his money. He lined the cards up right and won the lotto, good for him. He was lucky, I was not. I can't hate him for that. Nor will I waste time doing so. I'm busy trying to better myself and not just with money.

      My one exception in all of this is that rotten assed gov't that just steals whatever it wants and does so arrogantly. THAT is the entity that has caused me the most monetary grief over the years and no matter what way I play it there is no way out of it. On an anonymous tip via email from someone half a continent away, that I didn't even know, this rotten assed gov't found me guilty of a fabricated crime I did not commit and provided wheelbarrows of evidence to support my innocence, and forced me to pay $18,000. That was 15 years ago and that wound is still as raw as the day it happened. $18k is a LOT of money to me, but beyond that, the part that bothers me the most and I will NEVER get over it is, that I was found guilty for something I did not know. In the world of everything internet this information about me is instantly available to all.

      Everybody needs coin, no 2 ways about it, and in my opinion everybody gets to deal with that axiom however they chose and as long as they do not harm others I have no problems with it. Now see what you did? You made me comment when I said I wouldn't. DAM! Now I need some hookers and blow....

    3. One last thing. Taking the frugal road to prepping is the reason your blog stands out from the others. ie., that site we commented on earlier that another minion posted with all that 'spensive stuff. I haven't been to Rawls site for years as it mostly doesn't apply to me because of all the coin thrown around. I just can't afford it. I don't frequent places I can't afford. And never apologize.

    4. Oh, I HAVE to apologize. I know I can be a dick a lot of times. I really have an obligation to at least apologize while trying to reign in excess behavior. Not that I'll ever mellow out, or quit calling a spade a spade, just that I'm always trying to communicate clearer and more logically. So I guess I'm apologizing for not being as perfect as I think I am :) PS-I've heard that rubbing that blow on your dingus helmet will really help keep it functioning properly with the hookers. Employ more hookers, they are more honest.

    5. "...just that I'm always trying to communicate clearer and more logically."

      Since releasing yourself from that employment noose, you have done well. Funny thing about standing on your own 2 feet, it makes your backbone stiffer and your mind sharper, by necessity. In 10 years you'll be dangerous. wink

    6. I look back at the articles I wrote during lunch hour while stressed beyond measure, and I wonder how I kept any readers. Surely the bar cannot be set that low?

  3. "those fat white boys living in the city stuffing expensive items into their Bug Out Hummer"

    Way to spare my feelings. Fair enough I just reached record weight (in a bad way). But still, I thought we were friends!

    "bug out hummer" LMAO

    1. I stock wheat, and hence are absolved of most crimes. Except buying a FLIR. Don't do that.

    2. Are we not all hookers ? Our selling price being the only variable...

  4. Well, this seems like an appropriate time to update with my Minionority BOL Report.

    In brief, for many years I have been working and holidaying a couple-to-three months of the year in the US, spending the rest of my time in my home country. I am fairly well prepped both with stay-in-place and bugout options At Home, but was increasingly Nervous in the Service the last few years about a Plan B, should things really get sporty, when I was either in LA or Phoenix (usual start-places for both holiday and work).

    Long story short, and thanks to some very helpful advice from our gracious host (about avoiding places too far away and with lots of prisoners nearby ;-) ) I have ended up settling for some cheap land halfway between Show Low and St Johns, AZ. The price was right, i.e. very low. My main and almost only requirement was (apart from aforesaid mentioned low price) within walking distance of potable water. I have found a place for just on 2K, half a mile from potable water, within walking distance - if any shops persist - of a basic retail outlet, and one motorcycle tank’s ride from Phoenix with what I could carry on the bike.

    Alternatively, I have stashed 10,000 cal food-caches on the hwy from LA to Phoenix if I really had to walk it, & have mapped all of the water sources on the way from LA to Phoenix (there are actually not that many… I would probably end up scrounging water from any place that had it including toilet cisterns (no, not bowls, quiet in the cheap seats!)) and if I make two or start from Phoenix, I have 20 gallons water and 50,000 cal in storage near Phoenix airport, where the motorsickle sits. I also have maps, and a pedal tricycle for the EMP.

    Some decades ago Her Majesty trained me to walk long distances, & if things really went south, I'd certainly give it a try to reach the BOL from both LA and Phoenix - yea, verily, even if I had no wheels, just Shanks’s pony.

    I am under no illusions. I would not expect to live for decades like some geriatric Jeremiah Johnson. I would just be looking for the opportunity to choose my own exit, not be caught up in the hot EBT-generated messes that Phoenix and Los Angeles would inevitably become after SHTF.

    The cheap land is flat (well, a very slight slope) with light vegetation and easily diggable. If I can make it up the with a motorcycle load of gear I have a good start of food and shelter. (The tent will do until I can dig a burdei or similar).

    The next time I get there, probably early in the New Year, I will seek out secure storage in Show Low and discreetly store an assembly of getting-by prep and barter needs in their smallest $40-storage unit; the single biggest things in it will be a cart and water containers. I have a carefully-chosen list, almost all of which is stuff any Family Dollar or WalMart has (unless there's been panic-buying. So I want to buy before the panic).

    Once I've done that I'll be happier about my chances for the short term - always as I said assuming I can get up there from PHX or even LA. It's not that storage places will be immune from looting, but I think that would be later looting; why break open little storage lockers that may or may not have anything useful when there are houses left unlooted.

    Also - and I may be wrong - I'm unconvinced meth-heads and tweakers will cope at all out in the countryside once their supply dries up. I think they'll head out of the hills for bigger cities driven by the urge to resupply once they hit withdrawal.

    Feel free to critique Ze Plann!

    1. I like it, but then I'm easily amused:) Actually impressed with the work and level of planning.

    2. That’s a great plan 10:23. Far better than mine, and as such, I’m in no position to critique. But if I were to offer up some criticism, it would go as follows. The southwest is rapidly being ruined by Kalifornians. Most of these areas (New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, will likely be unrecognizable from their formerly free bastions within the decade). And as I recall, Show Low is Mormon central? Now I’ll admit that generally, Mormons are charitable people, even to those outside of their tribe. But post collapse, they’ll be pulling that red welcome mat out from under your feet, faster than Brigham Young can marry 55 sweet young wives, and spawn 55 children from them :D Now if you’re Mormon already, disregard the previous statement.

      To anyone reading this and is just starting out (At the risk of beating a dead horse, as I’m constantly saying this) go somewhere that Kalifornians would never even consider moving. And yes, this will be a cold, miserable, arctic conditions, kind of place, and for that reason you will be miserable as well. But less miserable than you would be by having a bunch of morons sharing the state with you.

    3. I understand you are speaking to everyone else but the author, a warning. I'm just going to add, with that in mind, he is tethered by his business travel location. It is a BTN. But, yeah, very sound advice. When I first visited Nevada, it really was a cowboy state with VERY strong Libertarian leanings. Now? WOW! What a difference. Still almost freer than most other places, but the Cali C**t's really screwed it over good ( even my parents, after twenty years, still have that "we did it better in California" mentality )

    4. Fully agree about the Kalifornication of other areas. And traveling in as well as researching the area, the Mormon influence is apparent. But seeing anti-Kalifornianization roadside signs in the area cheered me up :-) and the whole planning-thing for me is about not showing up unskilled and empty-handed looking for gibsmedats. Hence, preps and storage - and part of my preps are medical supplies for barter along with my medic knowledge (whatever will still apply if we lose the infrastructure with machines-that-go-beep. My list-to-buy (mostly food and tools) currently stands at $850 to go (the balance of the $2000 I first allocated 3 years ago). My most recent visit (see next) convinced me that to live outdoors I need better walking boots (motorcycle boots are not designed for warmth or walking) , warmer winter wear and moah blankets!!

      The area is not welcoming in autumn/winter for the Santamonicanos. The last time I rode through (month ago) it was already wet, bleak, and cold. Well wrapped up for near-winter riding I had no issues. But if I had to bug out there in winter I'd be digging a spiderhole real fast. St John had their first snow of the year a few days ago. Even tho' apparently snow does not tend to be heavy up there, anytime water freezes enough to fall outta that sky I wanna be snug, me...

    5. I love the high desert. Why I say that out load, I don't know :) The bleakness mirrors my soul?

    6. Kalishitstains moved in across the road earlier this year.
      It could be worse, but not much.
      The folks that lived there prior lived there for 30 years and couldn't stand the way this area is changing. It's colder'n hell and rainy here so where is there to go (affordable) to escape these communist assholes?

  5. You know I love you and you hair Jim, but you're painting with an awfully broad brush there my friend.

    I was born and raised in the Bay Area and I'm heading into my 50th winter still living within 25 miles of where I was born. I'll be the first to bash Cali and its insanity and I DO plan to skip out sooner rather than later, BUT not all Californians are dipshit morons, nor all we all rich, far from it. I love a lot of things about this place but after a lifetime I'm feeling chased out. Its not the natives that turned this place into a cesspool, it's the MIGRANTS of every shape, size and background. It has nothing to do with race or religion or any of that, there are just too damn many people here. For all the griping about Californians "invading" other locales, we here have been dealing with it for decades and overcrowding is what has turned everything on its head.

    My point being, I may have been born here, but that doesn't make me an asshole, a communist, or any other derogatory slur.

    I've been a loyal minion for a long time now and I'm not offended on a personal level, nor "triggered " :-) I just hate being lumped in with the rest of the trash just because of where I happened to have been born. People can suck no matter where they are from. Likewise, some folk are decent in spite of where they are from.

    1. I was born and raised in Cali, and I'm not a bunghole, commie or douchenozzle either. BUT. I didn't sell a house there and then bring the money into a poor state and then vote to be a more kind gentle new utopia, either. As usual, it is about the money. And far too often, the above is exactly what happens, enough that Broad Brushing is required and justified. I moved away and back from Cali for near ten years before I left for good. Why? Culture shock everywhere else. Face it, Cali Culture IS different. But, I'm glad you don't take it personal because it isn't meant to be. I hate senior citizens in general, one of THE first Whiners For Welfare ( oh, MOOOORE, we must have MORE, I'm eating cat food here ), but I love the NOL who goes on the dole early next year. And my parents, I kind of have pleasant feelings for them. And you know I'll be the first in line for free money if it lasts that long. Hell, I'd probably hate on you even if you didn't live in Cali. You own a car, right? I can always find a reason :)

    2. I wouldn’t take it at all personally jl. The anonymous dude bashing Kalifornia above is me. Guess where I’m from? Yep. There are people from Kalifornia, and then there are Kalifornians. You and I fall into the former category. So when you see someone bashing that state, do not take it personally in the least, because it’s probably me.

      Also, and I know that everyone is afraid of appearing “raciss” these days, but no matter how bad the left wants to tell “pretty lies”, demographic make up indeed makes a big difference. Multicultural societies are liberal as hell, have a high cost of living, poor individual rights and freedoms, and high crime rates; they simply do….

      Gavin Newsom just got elected as our new gov in Commiefornia. Guess what he ran on? Diversity (i.e. I promise to improve life for everyone but white, heterosexual, males). Being a rich white guy that preaches diversity, while living a good safe distance from the diversity that he preaches as good for the rest of us, should have been the tip off, but apparently not...

    3. Jim, I hear you. The culture shock is crazy. Got family in Washington, Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma, and they've all been bashing Cali for decades...but they always welcome vacations out here for some reason... And yes, I have a car so hate away! Though in my defense, its 21 years old, paid cash for it
      and can do most of the work on it myself. My wife however gets the "new" car - its a 2006 and been paid off for years. No yuppie scum here! And we'll NEVER be able to buy a house here so no worries about taking a fat wad of cash to another state and scewing up property values. As for Senior Citizens, I've been working in "Continuing Care Retirement Communities" for the last 12+ years...don't get me started on senior entitlement!!

      Anon, yes there are certainly issues in the "diverse" communities. I spent time in lovely places such as Oakland, East Palo Alto, Richmond, etc. and I wouldn't wish any of those places on anyone. Though ironically every time Ive been victimized by crime, its been in the "good" cities like San Jose, Campbell and Los Gatos. Go figure...
      And yes, Gruesome as Governor is terrifying, though it might be the final push for me to get off my ass and put this place in my rear view mirror!