Wednesday, March 2, 2016

oil economy lies 6


Lie #5.

Fracking Oil has made the US energy independent.

If anything proves that the majority of Americans refuse to think about the news they are fed by mainstream media, it is the hype behind the hydrogen, ethanol and fracking bubbles.  In fact, even if you didn’t even know anything about those bubbles, just the fact that we had them one after another should tell you how oblivious everyone is.  No one thought it strange that each new alternate energy news reporting claimed the same thing, fizzled, then was replaced by the next better thing and no mention was made of the old new thing?  How many times can a patsy be a dupe?  First was the hydrogen energy economy, based on not much more than Bush’s jawboning and a few buses in Germany ( or some damn place ).  Now, we’ve all heard of that book that has been around a decade or three, the one showing how to make your own hydrogen and store it in a regular steel tank and modify your BBQ grill for the gas.  I assume it works but am no Tool Man Taylor and don’t wish to experiment.  So all of you better read than the average Joe “I bought a thirty year mortgage house under the assumption I’ll both be able to drive to work AND that there will be a job for me, which means I need oil to never, ever, never run out, praise Jesus” Six-Pack can probably accept at least the possibility of a hydrogen fuel economy.


The problem was that nobody wanted to do the math.  If Bush The Elders motto seemed to be “I ain’t eating no stinking broccoli ( I’ll just puke it on to the Japanese Prime Ministers lap )”, then his sons motto seemed to be “ahhhh.  Duhhh.  Which way did he go, George?”.  Shrub didn’t bother with math, logic or even pretending to think all that much, and most voters had no problem emulating him.  He started jabbering about hydrogen, everyone nodded their heads sagely and then went back to the sports page.  I can only imagine this was a trial balloon for systematic bullcrap menu time, because nothing was built or funded or attempted.  So, no need to demonstrate the inability to scale up the technology to feed a motorist industrial society.  Ethanol, however, was just as much an irrational boondoggle and nobody much said Stop The Insanity or Food Is For The Children First ( not that voting counts, so every citizen raising their voice would still be ignored, but my concern is the blind acceptance from the masses.  Next thing you know, a shooting war between the feds and the gun owners and I can only imagine most folks tuning even that out ).


Ethanol works great in a warm and wet mostly rural country like Brazil where sugar cane can be grown without drawing resources away from people food.  In a much colder area such as the US, where the only way to get ethanol is through corn which takes food away from people, ethanol on a large scale is national suicide.  Even when half the corn and a third of ALL grain was being converted into 10% of our gasoline, nobody seems to think some retarded moron with brain damage is running our clown college of a country.  On a farm, with organic practices and careful soil husbandry, ethanol for tractors is a great resource.  In our current system, scaled up, ethanol is crazy.  After we went ethanol, and refused to see its weaknesses, we turned Mexico into a narco-state which destabilized our border and lost us a primary source of petroleum.  Like that won’t be a future problem?  All to benefit one or three large corporations and the banks funding them, for short term profit.  You can’t tell me anyone in charge knows about unintended consequences.


We also destabilized the middle east.  As the most arid and overpopulated, their domino fell first ( in the war to be the most boneheaded leader in the Last Oil War ).  Lack of cheap and abundant grains from the US meant a lot more hunger and hence popular revolts.  Without the grain going to ethanol, you wouldn’t have seen things upheaval there so quickly.  Now, this is with just 10% of our gasoline replaced by ethanol.  Any more and our own country probably would have joined the peoples revolution.  How close did we get to energy independence on that one?


I’ll continue with this section tomorrow.


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  1. “Ethanol works great in a warm and wet mostly rural country like Brazil where sugar cane can be grown without drawing resources away from people food.”

    I recall that I posted some info on this a while back now James (It might have been about a year or so back?) after being informed of the program by the liberal that I worked with. It was a blend, and it was hardly what I would call energy independence. In fact, if I recall, it was actually reduced to an even lower blend to account for the years in which crops were less than satisfactory?

    I'm going totally from memory at the moment, but I want to say that it was a blend of no more than around 25% that was reduced to around 20%? None the less, that hardly sounds like something that anyone would wish to depend on, and not seeing how you could effectively run a post petroleum society with this program? Sure, it was said to burn cleaner, but that's not much consolation when the population is increasing exponentially.

    1. Does it burn cleaner when you have to burn more because of lower BTU? High MPG diesel with pollutants is better than low MPG diesel with fewer.

    2. If you have an engine tuned for 95% ethanol, you can have 12:1 compression, advance the timing, and get lots of power while burning clean. Alcohol in a low-compression low-smog gas engine will run with low-power (like E85 models) and wreck the fuel system with more than 5% alcohol in a pre-1996 gasoline model. EFI+turbo should run best as dual-fuel engines, if the mfg's care.

      MPG will be all over the place depending on driver/type of driving.

      Does anyone care about smog when 10% of current vehicles are operational? Got fuel?

  2. Thanks for clearly ID'ing the lies our US culture likes telling itself.
    Please note, the ethanol boondoggle was only a piece of the increased instability in the middle east. Most of the nations that were most unstable were getting their wheat from Russia and the Ukraine, and the drought in those countries caused them to both cut off most of their grain exports. With our ethanol B.S. cutting into our grain exports (to places like Mexico and East Asia, etc.) the prices on the global market skyrocketed faster than those nations governments could scramble to cover, also faced with their own droughts, the already volatile situation in the middle east exploded. An incendiary and militant religion easily high-jacked by psychopaths/sociopaths for their 'movement' and you end up with the worst situation our global civilization has faced. Ever - the world wars would have changed who is in charge of our global civilization, ISIS would replace the whole thing with a more brutal tyranny on every level. And it is just the tip of the iceberg with declining fossil fuels, increasing climate variance and extreme weather events, things are poised to just become worse for much of the foreseeable future.
    Of course that's why I read your blog. No PC bull in your analysis of the situation, and advice within the financial reach of even the poorest of the working poor (with only sacrifice for them, and for people like me the sacrifice is even less).

    1. Islam has excuses (often used) for viscous unnecessary brutality at EVERY level of society, more so than most other religions, and exports it at the point of a sword more than most (current) religions, while holding no other redeeming quality. They expressly forbid -universally - birth control and REQUIRE adherents have as many babies as possible (not just request or encourage)feeding. Which is the root cause of most overpopulation, and overpopulation is fundamental to our issues with surviving as a species.

    2. How does their breeding practices differ from some of our fundamentalists ones? How does our disguising a war against Muslims as a fight against terrorism make it less violent? I'm not making excuses for a culture I fear, just trying to keep emotion in check for logical thinking.

  3. ( How many times can a patsy be a dupe?)

    It's been going on for at least 5,000-years, nothing short of a big rock coming down and killing all of us will stop it.

    Lets say the petrol dollar going away does destroy commerce, the politicians and large corporations will never take responsibility. as it has been through history it will always be someone else at fault.

    This works because the population at large has room-temp IQ and those in charge know it.

    I see Joe-six-pack (most people in this country fit into this category) as about as oblivious as can be. No hope for them to wake up or even see that debt is a really bad thing.

    It's going to completely blindside them and they are going to come unglued. I see future riots that are going to make the LA King riots look like nothing.

    As far as using ethanol, it's not too smart to turn your food into fuel when you are going to be looking at a shortage of fuel. Petrol dollar problems come and fuel is going to be expensive and or hard to find, tractors (needed for modern farming to be able to feed all of us) are going to be hard to fuel-up. I can not see any large-scale ethanol production. It's not a viable fuel, not that it ever was. It only works now because government is spaying for it's manufacturing. Take away the government paying for it's production and it will not be made as there is just not enough profit in it. It's also not got the energy output per given volume of fuel so it can't do the work of gasoline.

    Like everything else in life, when you allow government into it it gets all messed up.

    Chuck Findlay.

    1. The problem is not government per se. Only a govt. military can protect against other govt. militaries. The issue is the point in time the govt. goes from protector to exploiter for the elite. Ours went off the rail in 1861.

  4. "...showing how to make your own hydrogen and store it in a regular steel tank and modify your BBQ grill for the gas."

    For anyone thinking of trying this, please read up on a phenomenon called "Hydrogen embrittlement" (, especially as it pertains to steel pressure vessels.

    1. Going by memory, the book claims 100 year old storage tanks as proof of safety. Too many years ago reading, not sure of details.

  5. Ours went off the rail in 1861

    Yep, it's been out of control since. Don't like them, but you have to admit the globalist / socialist have done a good job of taking over and are long term thinkers. Evil as hell, but they sure got their agenda through.

    We all are suffering for it and our kids are going to suffer even more.

    One thing (and I think the only thing) I agree with the globalist on is that the planet has too many people on it. It works as long as the oil flows freely and inexpensively. Once oil gets too expensive or is just not there and we won't be able to produce enough food or move it around the planet.

    Real hardship, suffering and death is coming at some point. Don't know if I will live to see it, but I think my 25-year old son will.

    Chuck Findlay

  6. hi mr. fab hair.
    researching and writing this column has to be a source of depression all its own.
    hope you have enough pleasant hours in the week to serve as an antidote.
    i used to become physically ill, especially at election time, but i mostly quit reading newspapers and saved myself a lot of agony.
    thanks be to God for the internet. if i want to see it ,i am able to. if i don't feel well i skip it.
    there is nothing we can do about it anyway.
    i read some prepper blogs. they want to be independent, but they still run to walmart every week for the necessities [t.p., paper towels, aspirin, pet food, et cetera].
    you have made good planning and have given many of us a perspective we needed.
    your commenters also have good ideas and lots of experience. nothing like personal experience for accurate knowledge.
    many thanks.

    1. I have a sick compulsion to understand this kind of crap, so I'd be more depressed NOT researching. My disfunction is your gain. And, you are welcome.

    2. It is a really good test of your preps, to go without buying anything for double your usual time and see what you end up needing/wanting.
      If you go shopping daily, (like they do in much of Europe) try going two days - once a week? skip a week. Find out what you miss and figure out how to make it last so that you don't miss it - either have enough to last longer, or fiure how to do without and be content.

    3. That's how I went from living in town to living at the off-grid property. I learned real fast what to stock with a trip costing two gallons of gas. Now I'm back in town and still only shop once every other week, at the most.

  7. You have more hair than I.
    Ethanol was proposed after another greenie-weenie attempt to 'nudge' Americans (by making traditional choices more inconvenient or damaging than the preferred progressive option on offer.) In the mid 1990s, the nasty target was two-cycle engines. The EPA pulled out of their adze a statistic that "1/3 of fuels poured into two-cycle gas powered tools ends up spilled into the ground." No tests, no data just "cuz Mommy sed so." The push was on to 'nudge' Americans into electric pruners, leaf blowers, lawn movers, (and of course, fight obesity by moving to electric of foot-powered push mowers, get off your rider mowers you fat slobs.) And all that. The evil additive of that day was MTBE which sounds awfully close to "mean time between failures." MTBE was forced upon us in CA first (surprise) then was slated to become a nationwide compulsory additive to reduce smog. For the objective of destroying two-cycle engines, it had the advantage of drawing water into the fuel mix (any chance to corrode steel gas tanks on older gas-powered machines,) and impede the mixing of lubricant oil added to the two-cycle mix. All to kill off two cycle, blue-smoke gas-powered tools in suburbia and beyond. For clean air, y'know. It's no like you can force every chainsaw owner to add a catalytic converter to that hot-dog sized muffler.
    MTBE is highly soluble in water and even small amounts create a nasty taste, so the stuff started getting banned (CA first again) in the early 2000s, and replaced with ethanol as a oxygenating agen for car gasoline. That's all I know...

    1. Killing 2 cycle almost sounds like a forced conversion to boost sales. Almost as if claiming VHS tapes had asbestos so you had to get DVD's. I could be way off-it just sounds suspicious.