Wednesday, March 30, 2016

money ain't but a thing 3 of 3


Let me give you an analogy to help illustrate why having too much money to prep with is dangerous ( I’ll take credit for the comparison, the original idea which I don’t mind stealing was all on a loyal minion ).  Every once in a blue moon when the planets align and all the gods convene in committee and decide to honor my Baby Jesus’ most favored status ( I’m talking like all at once I get my twice yearly Google Ad payment at the same time minions pile on Christmas donation love whilst I get one of those rare third paychecks in a month AND someone’s uncle dies and they can’t think of any better use of the windfall than to just send it to me for craps and giggles ), I have even too much for me as far as book money budget goes.  Rather than re-read descriptions and comments on every potential book, plus disciplining myself to wait just a bit longer of lusted after books until they fall in price, I just throw caution to the wind and splurge and buy way too many books that turn out to pretty much suck and be a waste of money.


Sound familiar?  How many prep items did you buy on a whim or more likely in another panic that stare back at you from their shelf space and mock you?  Literally call out to you in a derisive voice, questioning your parentage and intelligence?  Don’t get me wrong, any prep item that can be used is better than an idle company chit note.  No, it is the problem of what isn’t on the shelf instead.  I don’t know if your nipples harden and your sphincter tingle when you caress your AR-15, but the emotion I would feel is disgust in myself that I could have had a V-8 instead.  That, PLUS three Lee-Enfield rifles and three thousand rounds of ammunition and some bayonets ( obviously I’m talking about pre-2006 availability/prices ).  A case of MRE’s, two weeks of Spartan rations, is now up to $85.  In wheat, that is almost a years worth of food ( assuming free storage containers ).


Notice I’m talking about poor peoples shopping remorse.  Rich preppers can piss away as much money as they’d like.  More power to them, at least some of their ill gotten gains are making it back to middle class business owners ( and don’t throw class warfare into my face-the simple fact is that the majority of rich humps are gaming the coercive monopolies system and getting a slice of a stolen pie.  Made your money in real estate?  Think that makes you a free market capitalist?  The bankers and governments artificially inflate real estate prices to benefit themselves, and all you are is a parasite living off the skimmed cream.  Hang your head in shame, bitch! ).  If you ONLY have $85 for prepper food, rather than it being #1 of 25 purchases, you choose wisely and buy the wheat.  If someone hands you a $100 bill and doses it in gasoline and holds an unstruck match ( how most people act when they get extra money ), you’ll run to the nearest gun store and buy that case of MRE’s with nary a problem.


As a recently commenting minion and myself can both brag on, we make very little money and have great lives.  Humpers making six times our income, if in debt, might drive a shiny car and sip a pretty frothy Starbucks caffeinated drink every morning, but have absolutely zero quality of life.  It is bad enough they have to run faster on their gerbil wheel every year just to stay in place, but that is always compounded by extreme stress at the very real possibility that their job security is tenuous at best and more likely closer to “every payday is a potential pink slip day”.  Me?  I work 25 hours a week ( I’d like it to be 20, so I could earn under the Obammy HealthCare Penalty Minimum, but I can’t finagle that less of hours ).  I have stress three months a year during the Demon Christmas Season but the rest of the time I’m semi-retired, almost every day I put more hours into reading or writing than I do earning a paycheck.  I have ZERO debt, not even a cell phone contract.  Would I give it up for running a company, having a trophy wife with all necessary expenses that entails and having a lavish prep budget?  Your ass I would.  I don’t worship money. 


Divorce yourself from the deity Mammon and you’ll be amazed at the freedom.  She is an evil entity.  Or not.  Whatever.  I’m going to my recliner to read for three or four hours.  Enjoy the rest of your eleven hour work day.


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  1. I am retired now but the last year I worked I cut myself down to 32 hrs and used what overtime I had to work along with some vacation time to work 3 day weeks. It was wonderful! I also had the freedom to tell the country no. They wanted me to fly to Oregon to help out a vendor and I just refused. It blew their mind. I actually, during their pressure application, asked to be fired. Great I could then draw unemployment for a time and increase my SS payment. We had a conference call instead and their problem was solved when I pointed out the stupid things they were doing. I was tempted to stay another year with the same constraints but decided I would just be a sucker to do that.

    1. Well, since you made many enemies by, 1)having freedom, 2) taking instead of giving, giving, giving, and 3)suggested a paradigm outside of the corporate bubble, it would have been suicide to stay.

  2. (How many prep items did you buy on a whim or more likely in another panic that stare back at you from their shelf space and mock you?)

    Not a single one as for the last 4-years I work from a list that gets updated every few days. I still use (and love) a Palm and it keeps me on track with preps. I keep to the list on the Palm as in the past I did do binge buying, not any more as I make sure every dollar I make goes to a better life. (Not counting Chinese Buffets, they be my weak spot) And a Palm has No monthly bill, no apps to buy (lots of free Palm programs on the net) It’s made to keep records and does so better then anything made. And you can find one on E-Bay for $15.00. People ask me about something (that I made a record of on it) we did 5-years ago and I can bring the info up in a few seconds.

    I agree James that it’s very nice to be debt free and not working all those hours, life is so much more enjoyable when you are not on the wheel running your rear end off going nowhere.

    My problem is my busy season is coming, Home Improvement / Handyman work is very busy every spring. I do work more hours but I just buy more silver.

    One of the reasons I went the self employed route instead of working for a company is so I could set my own hours. It blows peoples mind when you don’t go after every dollar you can.

    Years ago I worked at a machine shop and they started a policy that said you had to work overtime. I said no and they said I would work overtime or else go look for a new job. I started packing up my tool box and the manager said “What are you doing” I said I’m doing “the Or Else” and kept packing and pushed the tool box outside to my truck. He could not believe I was willing to quit over this issue.

    I was told I must give 2-weeks notice to quit. I asked if I would have been given 2-weeks notice if they fired me for not working overtime. He said of course not.

    I started a new job a few weeks later and made it very clear that I didn’t do weekends. If you need someone to work weekends, hire someone else. I was divorced and got my son on the weekends and no job was going to interfere with that time.

    I have since moved to self employment and love it. I take days off to go shoot, go camping, spend time tinkering in the garage. With a cell phone (pre-paid, no-contract phone) I can take and book jobs wherever I’m at. I often book a job while I’m camping for the next week. What I do is leave the phone in my van and answer calls that afternoon so I don’t have it bothering me when I’m out enjoying life. That is another thing that bugs people, I don’t always have my phone on me 24/7. People today expect you to answer your phone anytime they call.

    I use my phone like people use to do it. In the past people (self employed workman like me) use to get home in the evening and listen to the answering machine and return calls. I do this and it really bugs some people, But they get use to it or call someone else. I have a good list of customers so enough of them are use to it.

    Self employment is freedom, when someone calls for work I tell them what days I can do the work. The only time I work nights or weekends is if there is a plumbing pipe break, but these are rare.

    Chuck Findlay

    1. The complicated stuff I can't do, the Old Lady has a handyman guy. He puts you on his waiting list. No problem, he does good work and she trusts him. That's the way to do it, and I think we instinctively know that is a good thing. The guy hustling wants money-so when does he screw you for more?

    2. (The guy hustling wants money-so when does he screw you for more?)

      Sometimes yes, but now always. I work with another contractor and he hustles like crazy, but he is as honest as anyone I ever met.

      The hard part is knowing the difference.

      But be careful putting all motivated people in the bad category.

      The media has been doing that to all of us preppers for years and it's not true with us any more then it is with people that are motivated to make money.

      It's so bad in the media over the years that survivalist were painted as crazy so a new name was invented (Prepper) to distance yourself from the media painting of a survivalist as crazy.

      Chuck Findlay

    3. I think Chuck is my new hero (not sure about his hair yet), I wish I could do the self employment thing. My trade is strangled by the big dealers and vendors, I'd never be able to compete as they control the flow of spare parts. Ive been looking at offering my current slave owners a deal, I semi-retire and they call me for part time work or per call work. I repair some machines that are old but not replaceable in the near future and they are mostly in the .gov/healthcare sector and there are very few people that even know what they look like much less how to fix them. Some also require piss tests and in depth background checks that a lot of the younger crowd avoid for whatever reasons. .gov already has pictures of my innards so that horse is out of the barn for me, may as well use that angle if I can.
      Thanks for the articles and the chance for reader responses here James, as usual your hair is blindingly beautiful!
      I may have to order some office equipment for my wife soon, I'll try to remember your Amazon portal....

    4. Please do order through Amazon. PLEASE! Big hugs and little kisses. Books ain't cheap anymore and my Wish List is over 200 titles and growing.

    5. Chuck, your post is inspirational. I do handyman work on the side. I also work full time. My FT just went to 12 hour shifts so I work 7 days out of 14 so it is hard to give up. I have pending jobs. A bathroom remodel, a sheetrock job, a couple privacy fences, ect. I get calls all the time without advertising. Word of mouth goes far.

      I plan to work for the man a few more years, then part-time for myself.

  3. Impulse prep buying?
    Guilty as charged, Your Honor!

    Keep up the good work.

    1. But, again, better than cash money which holds value who knows how much longer.

  4. You know money is really nothing but a way to use your labor or smarts to do other things at a later time. Money allows you to turn work into goods or services you want or need.

    The problem today is most people focus way too much on wants at the expense of needs.

    For an awaking of what wealth really is (and it isn't a lot of paper money) read the free downloadable book "The Alpha Strategy" by John Pugsley.

    Chuck Findlay