Thursday, March 10, 2016

oil economy lies 11


Lie #9) The US, even in civil war and Depression, has always been law abiding and relatively peaceful with representative government.

You don’t hear a lot about the authorized civilian reprisals the North carried out against both Confederates and their own people in the border states.  Yet they happened and were not just a few isolated incidences.  The only time civilian casualties are even hinted about is Sherman’s March.  No one comes out and says, gee, if the Northern forces are practicing a wide scorched earth policy through a large part of this country, I wonder how the civilian farmer left beyond are going to eat without barns or fields or animals.  But what else do you think happened?  If the South had encircled Washington DC and not allowed any goods to enter the city, you think a few people would have starved to death?  But the Confederates, those under direct government control ( not the civilian guerrillas ), did not systematically wage war against civilians.  The North did.  Just as George Washington executed soldiers trying to leave AFTER their terms of enlistment were up, AND they were NOT getting paid, AND their families had no means of support.  These are the kinds of pricks our Federal master are.  The American atrocities in Vietnam were nothing new, they have been practiced since the birth of our country ( we

left Vietnam not because the people had been demanding it for ten years but because the poor and minorities were seriously revolting.  The poor were not given make work jobs in the 30’s to feed them because the government cared if they died or not but because there would have been revolution otherwise ). 


This country has only even seen fit to hear the needs of those in power.  The only difference compared to other countries was how we resolved the conflict with the poor.  We had enough of a surplus to buy them off.  We were never heavy handed with repressing dissent other than those times the powers that be nearly lost complete control ( the South seceding, the revolt against Vietnam.  Other instances such as the slaughtering of the veterans army during the Depression might seem like over reaction yet if viewed in light of the times when the government finally started serious welfare as a safety net as otherwise there would be armed revolt, you can see their concern of a possible tender ignition situation ).  Otherwise the default setting was to not just bare the fangs but to unveil a carrot to bribe complacency.  We delude ourselves by claiming we are the worlds freest country with the most representative government, but really all we had was the ability to buy consent.  Yes, every program to bribe the masses also benefited the powers that be ( Citibank earning on EBT transactions directly motivated more Food Stamp sign ups, not the fact folks were severely impacted economically by the powers that be trying to implode Wall Street for profit ). 


This country ceased to be a Republic no later than 1861 ( possibly prior to that because the Civil War didn’t just happen simultaneously.  Obviously there was plenty of lead up tension.  This is just an era I have never studied ).  After that it became an Empire colonizing first the rebelling provinces then moving into the last Indig lands ( while the Louisiana Purchase was a world class colossal political blunder not necessarily due to immediate need, I’d wager the Mexicans, British and Russian decisions to peacefully cede/sell territory was expedient in that the distances involved in contesting the issue were not economic or practical.  Yes, even for the Mexicans.  It might have been right next door but the terrain was too vast and resources were too thin ) then moving overseas to form colonies ( we even got involved in trying to semi-occupy China ).  And, yes, this is a gross simplification and not exactly a straight timeline ( Mexican territorial grabs happening prior to the War Between The States, for instance ) but a general guide.


The point is that we the people have been Imperial subjects for over 150 years, not citizens in a democracy, not citizens of a Republic.  Those voices screeching about a looming police state and eminent loss of freedom are either deluded, ignorant, or willfully misdirecting the masses for their forty pieces of silver.  And when we add petroleum, liquid gold, to the mix, we can easily see how unconcerned our government was about the citizens welfare.  Yes, the carrots and bribes continued, but so did the taxation, oppression, naked force and blatant disregard for lives.  Greed for profit always had the same effect, but the insane level of greed unmasked by the desire to control the worlds energy supply was exponentially worse.  With the loss of control of the oil, now unfolding, the bribes are starting to dry up and only naked aggression is left.  All Hail Caesar, or else.


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  1. Just another article showing how smart you are…from Bloomberg business;
    It was one of the most expensive booms in history.(the fracking boom) Devon, Chesapeake, SandRidge Energy, and Continental Resources were spending almost $2 drilling for every $1 they earned selling oil and gas. Moreover, the output from shale wells fell far faster than that of traditional wells, as much as 60 percent to 70 percent in the first year alone. To sustain the growth investors demanded, companies had to drill fast enough to offset those declines. That phenomenon is called the Red Queen, after the character in Through the Looking-Glass who tells Alice, “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”

    1. To keep myself humble, I say" it's not that I'm smart, it's that I'm well read". Sometimes, though, I don't believe myself.

  2. HI
    sorry about caps belligerent little finger.
    geo washington also deployed against the scots-irish [hillbillies] to stop them trading whiskey for necessities.
    it was one thing they were able to manufacture in the mountains where arable land was at a premium.
    these are the people who were thrown off their land by the british in the clearances in scotland.
    they hated the english and were glad to fight them in washington's army.
    almost as soon as the british were defeated washington came against the hillbillies to cut off their one steady source of income.
    that is the gratitude of georgie.
    yet we were taught the father of the country balderdash in elementary school in west virginia.
    it wasn't until i was in college that a prof taught about the world war vets murdered at their tent camps in washington.
    it was ever thus.
    ideals are great if we all shared them but pols are the same throughout history.
    of course, they are probably all in hell [i hope].
    i am a hillbilly and one of my west virginia forebears was surnamed 'burns'.

    1. I like my Hail Hair in all caps, it highlights what all should know. Thank you.