Monday, September 21, 2015

prepping without permission 2


As you might have remembered from my previous writing, I’m a big fan of divorce.  You would think as often as I’ve been screwed over by fems that I would stay a bachelor rather than continuing to Play House with each new relationship ( especially now that I’ve passed over to the Golden Age where most gals are falling apart at an exponential rate and all those good looks that allowed them to play males and screw them using the weapon of sex is now close to useless and I can start being picky and choosey ) but even if this new relationship doesn’t work out like I assume it will, there is just something that compels me to keep trying for long term relationships.  I enjoy sharing my life with someone, not just getting a Boodie Call on a regular basis.  Which usually means you have to accept all those entangling economic issues, which upon severe disagreement and relationship collapse, a divorce is necessary.  And with today’s Independent Women, divorce is of about zero problem for them, as long as it pays.  So why should guys be hanging on stubbornly to the old school “until death do us part”?  Divorce sucks, and I’d like to see a return to not nearly so easy separation laws, but for now you take every advantage you can get.   And sometimes leaving the bitch, and of course paying a separation tax, is far more economically feasible than staying in harms way with the wife.  If she refuses to prep, and you have zero economic say, and you are thus tied firmly to the train tracks with the collapse locomotive barreling down towards you, far better to sacrifice a limb than your life.  Pay the price to get out.


But a curious thing happened after I wrote the book on Survival Divorce.  I actually, for the first time in my life, met a decent kind women that is not out to use me.  Let me admit, the sensation is novel and bizarre.  So now I can get my head around having a far less confrontational problem solving solution about prepping issues.  Who knew there are gals out there who want to make relationships work ( note to you young bucks out there.  Let this be a lesson for you.  One my son learned at twenty and one that took me fifty years to learn.  If you are needy, you will be used by a woman.  If you have a genuine Don’t Give A Crap If It’s You Or Another Gal attitude, you will attract a far better mate ).  Now, we all talked about this before, myself and other minions.  Not a lot new here.  It just wasn’t a subject I was comfortable writing about, being used to far deadlier combat between the sexes with a more scorched earth solution.  And the only reason I’m really even covering this is that there seems to be a general sense of heightened fear out there right now.  I don’t know how many more years I’ll be writing about prepping, because soon enough none of us will have the economic means to do so.  If our economy unravels, who has a job?  Or who can ship goods hither and yon for you to purchase?  The time to prep is yesterday, and you must prep alone.  Those who deny reality now will deny until the very end.  Stop trying to convince them and just take care of this yourself.  Quickly. 

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  1. As I've stated before, I hit the lottery where it comes to a woman that loves the outdoors and is fully onboard with prepping. She holds a full time job too ! Be it just minimum wage tho.
    Just this morning we got up at 3:30 am , and headed out into the woods all dressed up in camo, armed with our bows to hunt for deer. My body started crumbling at about the half mile point into the jungle lol. So what does she do ?
    She hiked all the way back to the truck and retrieved my cane while I sat on my butt waiting for a stupid deer to wonder by....alas no deer ,but wifey showed up with my cane and we carried on. Mind you, this woman is 69 years old and has legs that most thirty something would envy !
    Never give up Jim, good -prepper women are out there...I know for a fact !
    Going back out again on Wed. to try again, I may be handicapped now but damn it I'm not dead yet !

    Rob and Kathy

    1. The girlfriend at 58 has a rack most 30-somethings would envy, so I'm happy :)

  2. I've been married to my husband for over 25 years. Some years are better than others but overall, I have a pretty good marriage. He lets me prep and helps around the homestead even though he is nowhere near as paranoid as I am about economic/social trends that I see happening.

    I have a friend who is always in conflict with the wife about prepping. Though, he has a tendency to put prepping as a priority over their current economic situation. For example, he'll buy another gun but not put money aside for the mortgage payment. He'll buy a new ATV on credit but not have enough money to put gas in his car.

    I think where most men go wrong is they forget to ask the wife what she thinks is important. Plus, they fail to take a long term view and want to blow the bank this week.

    My motto has always been "Something is better than nothing." So I might not have all the preps I want this week, but that case of tomato sauce I bought at the case lot sale puts me in better shape prep-wise than I was last week. After doing this for twenty years, I'm sitting pretty good.

    Even now, you probably have more time to prep than you think you do. Slow and steady wins the race. Take your time, remember to throw a bone to the wife every once in a while. Don't go overboard and you should be able to prep at a nice, sustainable pace.

    And if not, we'll put your foot down. You have just as much right to spend the disposable income in your family as your spouse.

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. Guns instead of the mortgage just sounds like the typical American suburbanite, prepper or not. I think most folks have retard level financial IQ.

  3. Glad you stumbled on a good one. Me believing in Jesus, I think it was divine intervention that put me on the current wife. She is on board with prepping both food and financial. Makes life so much better. I'm a firm believer in getting out of debt and owning your own place, makes it much harder for others to tell you what you can and can't do.
    Great hair!

    1. Owning your own place is easy. Owning your own McMansion is not. Hard to believe how sold on the "emulate the rich" lifestyle most folks are.

    2. I lived in Vegas. Every year there was another story about a developer being sued because a house or neighborhood of houses would crack from the Nellis Airforce close flybys.
      warped cheap 2x4s cardboard and cheap chicken mesh pretty much made up the walls with a lousy stucco over layer to make it look nice.
      I was surprised more criminals didn't take a sharp construction knife and cut their way into the houses through the walls.

    3. Criminals are just as in awe of the "houses" as we are? Thinks it as substantial rather than substandard? There would be nothing wrong with the construction methods IF they led to cheap and affordable housing rather than next to free 99% profits for the bankers. I don't know the true costs, but I'd wager $20k, if that much, parts and labor on a real rush job using newly arrived Mexicans. The first month of occupation is $1k for the bank and $400 for the county ( in NV, at least, with our insane property tax ). And that is your starter home. If it was priced competitively, the costs should be no more than a high end pick-up truck costs right now ( don't get me started on the Detroit Mafia ).

    4. No Mc Mansion here, 1200 Sq feet brick construction. Reasonable taxes because it sits on a small lot. We own the lot behind it, that keeps tax lower and still have room to grow if need be. (Storage )

  4. “The first month of occupation is $1k for the bank and $400 for the county ( in NV, at least, with our insane property tax ).”

    I was wondering about this James? As of right now, my newly acquired Elko land is only about $15.00 a year, which seems reasonable to me as someone coming from the PRK. But it sounds as if the moment you put any actual improvements the opposite is true. I really had never planned on doing anything beyond a small enough shed to fall under the non-permitted category, and an earth sheltered dwelling. Though I thought that maybe it might be worth it at some point to have a septic installed if it were to be of a reasonable cost, and if it will prevent harassment from the county. But now I have my doubts? I seriously doubt that I could afford to anyhow. The economy is a real bitch right now; even worse when you're a middle aged guy looking for work.

    1. I kept everything on axles, nothing visable ( why I kept B-POD stairs dirt ), still taxed as raw land. But that went up like 50% over the years. Any improvements they know about you pay the 3% prop. tax. Also, almost nobody poor has the septic. And no harrassement ( although obviously not guaranteed ). Best bet is to NEVER darken their door and they don't know you exist.

    2. Thanks for the tip, and yes, I agree. I plan to be as invisible as posssible. One of the reasons for earth sheltered is to keep the IR signature down from the eyes in the sky, and to avoid as much as possible, that all telling plume of smoke coming from that poor shack.

      I'd still like to have a shed within the non-permitted category, but I get the impression that you seem to think that this is a bad idea? I could always go with the shed on wheels or on skids option if this would be a better option?

      As far as taxes go, a 50% increase over such a short period of time is rather frightening. That is one thing that I will say that the politicos in Commiefornia got right; Prop 13. Only problem is that unless you buy something rediculously cheap (And there's not much of that here) or have owned it since Christ was a Corporal, it doesn't help most, aside from preventing your taxes from being jacked up to even more unreasonably levels down the road.

    3. I only have a general idea on the taxes. I couldn't say if a shed with foundation will be taxed a lot or a little. I like the RV's as camo and cheap sheds, but that was before I looked into Starplates and Papercrete.


    4. “but that was before I looked into Starplates and Papercrete.”

      I forgot about that option. Wasn't familiar with either, but the Starplates are almost the same as the fast builder frame kits, except that they're geodesic. I'd probably stick with the fast framer kits, since I prefer the more traditional look of a square or rectangular building. Might just put it on skids, and make it no wider than 8'. This way, if god forbid, I ever had to move it, technically I could jack it onto a low boy type trailer, and haul it off. If it's only a short distance, like to another locale on my own property, I can just drag it. The more I think about this, the more sense it makes for a piece of land that has not been surveyed, but yet whose boundaries seem to be well defined none the less.

      No such luck with the root cellar. I gotta get that one right, because there's no moving that sucker once it's in place.

    5. All the property here is on roads. Go to the road middle, measure 12.5 feet from the middle, that is your rough start. Measure each lot before you going by the online county maps ( some acres are 125 ft, some are 150ft, etc, not true uniform lots ). That is your rough lot corner. Give it ten foot either way leeway. Put root celler in the middle. You can't go wrong. Papercrete looks promising, but it is unforgiving if it gets wet. Let it breath, not enclosed in plaster, to avoid mold, and make sure it is sealed on the outside really well. Or, just go ferrocement. That is if you are REALLY poor. If I was building again I'd stay with my conventional shape stick lumber with fiberglass insulation and sheets of plastic with an inch of dirt over it.

    6. “All the property here is on roads.”

      Yes, I lucked out in this regard James, because my property is at the corner of two roads, so it's easily identifiable. I'm thankful that I got one of the parcels that wasn't surrounded by other parcels, since it would have been a little more difficult to identify it. The roads apparently are overgrown somewhat, so I don't know as of yet how the access will be getting in?

      I'm possibly going to go with the earthbags on the root cellar, and if not that option, then lumber. I'd also like to have at least one above ground fair weather use building that falls under the non-permitted category.

    7. I did get lucky with my first lot here. At the two roads corner, PLUS two out of four corners were staked still. The others, I have to do the guessing game.