Friday, September 25, 2015

means to an end 2


Let’s say you make $9,999.99 a year gross income.  Congratulations.  After a tax return giving you back your Federal tax, all you pay is about ten percent withholding consisting of your half of the Social Security ( the other half was paid by your employer and that is wages you never saw ) and a few trifles such as unemployment insurance and workman’s comp or whatever.  When you make $10,000.01 a year gross your taxes just doubled since the new tax is called a health care mandate non-participation fee.  Could you make it on $10k a year gross, $8k net, which just coincidentally is $666 a month ( proving that Obammy is in fact a minor demon sent from Lucifer, his eternal punishment being slammed in the ass every night by his “wife”, one former football player formally known as Michael and now know as a Chick With A Dick )?  So don’t think the government is all really that concerned with your financial plight.  Old bitches can just roommate up or move in with their kids.  In the 80’s, when Reagan ( who I normally love but even I have to admit he slammed me Michele Obammy style on this one ) jacked up Social Security withholding just in time as I was joining the workforce, the excuse was poor dear little old people were starving and eating canned cat food and oh how utterly dramatic was the gnashing of teeth with politicians the very picture of concern and benevolence.  And even with some COLA payments, the net gain by the politicians had to have been wonderful.


Well, guess what Granny Gertrude.  The government is now so broke that pretty soon they won’t be able to borrow all that much more, even at near zero percent interest.  Once they have to borrow more for the operating budget, when it approaches the point they are borrowing to pay the interest ( as tax receipts go down each year because good God in a vat of gravy we can’t expect corporations to pay any taxes, now can we? ) then you are in a race to see who dies first-you or Uncle Sam.  Not to mention if the Petro-Dollar takes a big squishy dump.  I would not be betting my last stool softener that Social Security can be saved again.  Or, look at Food Stamps.  That might be one of the last things to go, given the propensity of welfare recipients of a pigmented variety to burn and loot at the first sign of benefits interruption ( as much as I fear them, I do admire the balls they display going up against The Man mostly unarmed.  More balls than Casper the AR-15 toting suburbanite whining about how by golly he promises to rebel REALLLLY soon ).  But somehow they will screw you on that one too.  But the point is to look at how one goes about getting that benny.  You have almost any assets beyond a clunker car, you don’t qualify.  You are forced to own nothing and rent everything plus earn very little if you want to get any Food Stamps.  Do you think means testing for SS on the Food Stamp model is very far behind? 

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  1. Worst idea ever:

    Intelligence demonstrated in comment section.

    redzonehunter September 15, 2015, 5:17 pm
    idk aboutthis unless you already had a all season site and know eveyone.i bought 2.4 acrea secluded lot with fith wheel on it for $10k."

    Recruit as sensible minion with working BS detector.


    1. And in a scenario where camping made sense-hurricane Katrina, a local disaster to escape from rather than nationwide problems- wouldn't the place be sold out when you got there?

  2. I really don't think camping in a public commercial or government owned park is a viable answer except maybe for a localized event like an evacuation. The only collapse option for camping would be trusted private land or go for seclusion and hope for the best that you're not discovered.

    I wouldn't want to be the family in the campground that had food and gear when many sheep would show up with little.

    1. Any scenario where you are accessable to the sheeple is going to end badly

  3. This is a reason to, as funds allow, buy some remote land just off your lines of likely evacuation. Camping on your own land for some time is usually allowed in most places . And if you pre-positioned some well hidden and secured caches of camping or building supplies you could be well set when you get there.

    But make certain the locals aren't too overwhelmed with new people and trying to stop the tide like in this article :
    Camping on your own land now requires a permit.

    1. That area of Colorado is where the guy is who wrote the $5k homesteading with trailer book. I guess too many read and heeded it.