Friday, September 4, 2015



It seems obvious to me that almost all of the dissatisfaction on the part of folks complaining about government stems from the shrinking pie of free money.  It is a national sport to point to the other guys welfare as unjust and yours as deserved and hard won with sweat and tears, but in the end it doesn’t matter as the means to pay any amount dwindles.  How many decades have we heard “it’s for the children” as school taxes went up, spending per child went down as spending per bureaucrat increased?  You don’t think the whole education system isn’t a form of work-welfare for teachers and Unions and builders and others?  Perhaps an underpaid teacher deserves it while a fat deskbound paper pusher feeding off the same tax base doesn’t, but at the end of the day everybody is on welfare.  Middle class fat bastards darting around on HoverRounds at the golf course in Arizona, smug in their knowledge they “paid into the system”, don’t care that the Social Security started out with fifteen workers per retiree and is now down to three to one.  Their welfare ( if the system never invested proceeds to earn interest, why do they think any amount over what they contributed isn’t welfare? ) is just, and any Negro in the slums getting Food Stamps and Section 8 housing is a cheat and mooch and will be solely responsible for bankrupting the country ( never mind the Bucks For Babies program was intended as a way to further growth to benefit our rulers and the individuals involved just respond to free money just like those on Social Security do )( do keep in mind that whenever I write about welfare, I‘m sarcastic, not bitter.  I get paid indirectly by government grants for my job.  I know what side of the bread my butter is on.  The reason this doesn’t translate into love for Obammy is because it isn’t enough and because I know it can end at any time ).


Besides the usual band of idiots waving the flag in response to Team USA winning one over Abdul ( and winning one for another Constitutional ass wiping ), most imperial subjects are directly dissatisfied or pacified in accordance to the amount of money they receive as tribute.  We are all directly or indirectly paid according to America’s colonies sending in a surplus, with enough left over for the plebes.  In good times.  Come bad times, when the torrent slows to a gush and then a trickle, patriotism dies along with the cash flow.  We haven’t reached that point yet.  You can’t call a one year temporary ten percent cut any kind of painful.  Or a cut in the amount of an increase a real cut-back.  The hard cuts are just around the corner as real contraction starts ( we first went from cuts in the amount of growth, now we are in actual negative growth rates.  Anytime things get difficult.  A cut in the fictional house equity you thought you had isn’t difficult.  What until you lose the house ).  Americans are one government paycheck away from Fergison Riots, and I don’t mean those in ghettos.  I mean everyone.  Especially the rich or even well off.  They won’t drop their cubical job and revolt.  But they will be ready to sabotage the system on a whim from hatred their piece of the prize wasn’t delivered.  Much more dangerous than actual rioting.

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