Thursday, September 10, 2015

ebola scare


If I recall correctly from the Ebola scare last year ( it was last year, wasn’t it?  Good Christ on a pogo stick, life starts flying by more every year you get older ), I wasn’t all that concerned.  To my way of thinking, the disease was tropical and hence barely a concern for us, especially come winter.  Of course, since then I’ve read up on alternate theories of the medieval Black Plague where some claim it wasn’t rat’s fleas spreading bubonic plague but instead an Ebola-like disease spreading from Africa.  Not that I’m saying this is true, but it is possible, and the book postulating that was published a decade prior to the current scare.  So perhaps Ebola could be a major concern.  I’m not dismissing that.  A low probability but still possible.  But, just for the sake of discussion, what if the Ebola scare was a false flag attack?  I know that concept might be held slightly in ridicule today, what with the obvious faked firing-a-gun-with-blanks shtick being exposed on the Internet and all, but try to think that through past the first chess move.


The flurry of exposed false flag events?  The “Obammy wants all our guns and THIS IS IT!!!!” warnings are the screeches of spoiled children desperately afraid their shiny black toys will be taken away.  If the Obammy admin wanted guns banned, they already would have been.  It isn’t the puppet “elected”, it is all about the real powers behind the throne.  The powers that be don’t care about your guns, they control your shelter and food and jobs.  You’ll be allowed to keep your boy toys.  No, the false flag events being exposed has nothing to do with gun control, nor anything to do with the mythical powers of sleuthing bloggers think they possess.  It is deliberate, in order to discredit the whole concept of false flag events.  How is that for a scary thought?  I’d say the Big Kahuna of false flag events is coming, just given the fake level of exposure to the concept.  “They are so incompetent, and so sure, they don’t care if the events fail”.  Why would that make sense?  No, something gigantic is afoot. 


And Ebola?  That really wasn’t an expensive operation or all that difficult.  An airline ticket from the epicenter of a current outbreak, then making sure the local authorities knew about their boy, then perhaps a meddling here and there to assure everyone looked totally incompetent.  When the disease didn’t spread, despite what looked like their best efforts, thanks to a diligent media as ferocious as a Ladybug on Quaaludes we got the message load and clear that the worst possible disease on the planet posed no threat at all, even with the local idiots in charge.  You could hence infer both that the Feds would once again save the day and that contagious disease fears were vastly over-hyped.  If Ebola was indeed a false flag of a far more devious kind, I’d be slightly worried if I were you.

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