Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I otta smack him 1


Sweet Lord Baby Jesus On A Pogo Stick!  If you meander on over to:


This is a great example of how people that are convinced they are really smart and think they know all the answers can be flaming morons if they are given half the chance.  Okay, that might be a bit harsh.  How about, “how out of touch in their ivory tower they are”?  In short, if you are concerned about operational security you are a lone wolf survivalist who is out to no good, planning on massacring all the innocent to take their supplies.  The problem with this article is that there is so much good advice in it, one might mistake the bad points as feasible options or sound advice.  Since there is safety in numbers, you should gather your group at the veterans hall or church or wherever, baby stepping them with non-threatening disaster preparedness.  Then, because your reasonable rational persuasion is as effective as the authors, one is lead to believe, everyone will have a years supply of food and a garden and a surplus and then when an ER surgeon wanders down the village road everyone’s extra food supply will go a long way to wooing him into the warm bosom embrace of your group and everyone will life long and prosper, can I get an amen?  WOW!  I’ve seen less fanciful optimism in some of the worst post-apocalypse straight to kindle fiction books, better plans in some zombie genre books.  Someone seems to have forgotten that humans have a nature they are unable to contain.


Denying human nature is such a pervasive nation/global sport that I’m amazed we are all still alive.  Everyone seems to have a vested interest in living in their fantasyland bubble, preppers and prepper writers first and foremost.  Civilization is inherently far more brutally violent than hunter-gatherers ever were, but since less than one percent of our population serves in the military at any one time ( unlike the old school Industrial Age military with higher numbers.  And, no, this is not because of our wonderful high tech, exemplified by Windows computers, but because resource depletion leaves no alternative ), it is an easy and almost forgivable error to forget how important violence is to conducting our human affairs.  Unless you think you are smarter than everyone else, then you should know better and we shouldn’t be having this conversation.  But think about it for a few minutes.  Empires, founded with the advent of agriculture, must grow to survive.  Growth in time means collapse, a violent enough event ( but brutally whitewashed by prepper “experts” who think it is some kind of event only marginally more violent than visiting the Hood on Saturday night, but never fear since they will then be carrying their Super Duper Plastic Carbine Semi-Auto Wonder Death Ray gun ) in itself but for its existence violence is a daily affair hidden from the taxpayers and serfs in all but entertainment versions.

More next article.

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