Friday, June 26, 2015

true dat homie 2


About fifteen years ago, employees at WorldCom were convinced their jobs were secure and that their retirement-in the form of company stock- was assured.  What a bunch of grape Kool-Aid drinking stupid humps.  Or, so you say to yourself.  Yet, here you are, working at a job that pays under a living wage, yet is overpaid for the value you deliver to the company.  If your job could be outsourced, it already would have been.  Because here is what almost every job now consists of.  The machinery of production is bought up at an inflated price using debt.  To pay off that debt, services and products are devalued in quality, more jobs are eliminated and customers and suppliers are defrauded outright.  Then, after everyone receives pink slips and the buildings are abandoned, the few folks in control leave rich.  Even the public sector, where retirement promises are breeched or the latest budget constraints are used as excuses for contract fraud, the cycle is about the same although profits are not motivation but power and control and security are.  And the whole time, you lie to yourself about how long your job will last.  How important you are.  How noble and selfless and creative.  Wake up, dipstick.  No one cares about you except you, and employers are some of the worst of the worse about hating you and wanting to screw you.


You either buy a home overvalued by orders of magnitude or pay rent close to half of income or more, and lie to yourself how valuable it is.  It is close to work, in a good neighborhood, close to a decent school.  As a good percentage of homeowners found out in 2009, your home’s value is a fiction propped up by a financial derivative which are propped up by other derivatives duct taped together with government money bailouts financed by the public debt going up ten percent a year only made possible by the last of the oil being sold for US Treasuries.  And yet, there you still are, in a pathetically poor construct of a home only habitable by carbon fuel inputs, paying most of your paycheck ( earned at a job made possible by more carbon fuel inputs ) for the privilege,  completely unable to convince yourself it is artificial and can’t last long at all.  You lie to yourself about your homes economic viability, then lie to yourself about the feasibility of bugging out from it or sheltering in place.  The worst option is staying, but nobody can get themselves to leave, as bad as their love affair with their paychecks which do nothing but enable the whole unsupportable system to kick the can down the road a bit longer.  It is all acts of desperation, supported by self-deception ( and I include myself here ).  Perhaps only the inmates of the prisons, with their abducted brides, will inhabit our wastelands after the collapse.  They are self delusional about their morality and innocence, but at least they see clearly the methods of control and necessity of violence.


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  1. Great post oh thee with the glorious mane of a Greek God! Wow hows that for sucking up? I want two biscuits. I'm hoping this shit hole we call an economy gives us 3 years. I will be sitting pretty. If not we can all go down together. At least no bank will take my land. Taxes are cheap on my 22 acres and mobile home. A little over 300 a year. A small income will keep me alive but I have some put back.

    Got a heckuva text from my Ex-wife. She is talking about moving out of state and taking my 11 year old daughter. I don't think so. She has a good job here but I'm sure it involves some walking penis she wants to be with. I don't think I'd do well with out my seeing my daughter regularly. My boys are grown. Wish one would move the heck out.

    I'll start the haggling at her giving me custody and go from there.

    That's about all James.

    1. Best of luck. We might have our preps squared away, but our personal life...I'm still dealing with my ex poisoning my daughters ear, this time about how I can't pay for enough of her coming wedding, nor have the finances to be there for it. It wasn't enough they moved back east years ago, I still have to be the bad guy for being poor. I love my daughter, I hope she loves me, but after near two decades of propiganda against me by the ex, our relationship will never be whole. I'm rooting for you and a better outcome. PS, as always, great sucking up.

  2. This is a very negative piece I must say. I need to go to the refrigerator and grab a beer after reading that one.

    1. Adult beverages in moderation are helpful most times I post. There is a reason I don't try to blow sunshine up everyone's ass- you feel good on your way to an early grave.

  3. It is interesting to hear arguments of fast collapse versus slow, when we are certainly at the moment in a slow one.

    I think homesteading makes a fair amount of sense if your young enough, but most preppers are in their 50s. Also, the taxes can really hammer asset holders in a deflationary spiral.

    1. Homesteading without debt makes sense, even with its future liabilities, but who can do it without debt? Also, remember my collapse model ( right or wrong )-the waterfall collapse. Slow until over you go. Very poetic, that.