Monday, June 1, 2015

mining for pensions


After hearing everyone rave and rant and drool uncontrollably over the cable TV series “Breaking Bad”, I finally went ahead and ordered the first season on DVD, since the cost was hardly over the shipping fee and under what two discount movies from Wally would cost.  That is one pretty decent show.  Hey, even doomers need a break from reality once and again.  If the cost of used copies remains reasonable I’ll go ahead and get the whole series ( number two is on the way this last payday ).  But here is the thing.  As I’m enjoying the shows, trying to mask the dull roar of over-charged analytical activity under my hat rack, I’m unable to mask the horrid shouting drowning out the TV.  They were showing a quiet suburban neighborhood, all the geriatric homes surrounding the one occupied by the drug dealer, the typical joggers and early morning lawn watering, and all I’m thinking about is that this is friggin New Mexico in the middle of the desert and it looks like a scene transplanted out of New Jersey ( the one all the geriatrics escaped from after the greedy humps there started charging way too much in property taxes, probably to pay for the buffet lunches Chris Christy needs ).  And then it hits me.  This is simply resource mining for money, the locals trading in coal and water in exchange for Social Security checks.


The camel riders in the middle east look at their sea of oil and see money, not energy.  They don’t see a resource to be husbanded for their descendents, but a casino winning to be utilized for their own benefit ( any past generations who thought to invest the oil profits for sustainability were soon overcome with the overpopulation problem-after a certain point you comprehend that with an ocean of oxygen wasters filling the empty desert at some point there needs to be a die-off to meet the limited resources ).  The same is true in the American Southwest.  The area is vast, and nearly waterless.  This area traditionally belonged to a very small group of nomads who had to raid into lusher areas from time to time to rise above beggarly status.  Yet today it is being way overpopulated by the homeless from the south and by Yankee retirees from the north.  The retirees give a little bit of their pensions in taxes, but less than from whence they came, to bribe off the rabble from rioting ( but not enough to keep them from crime ), and in exchange water which took centuries to form is drained in decades to bribe the pensioners into staying.  It is simply amazing to me that in exchange for a few square yards of grass and a tree or three, most people not only gladly hand over most of their paycheck to the bankers for a mortgage payment, they also hand over the remaining portion to a medical hack to prescribe enough medication to keep them alive a lot longer ( albeit in much worse condition ) so that they can enjoy that lawn.  What a bunch of schmucks.  They are literally gambling with their lives that they will die before the carbon fuels are depleted, leaving them amidst a sea of thirsty cannibals in a foodless wasteland.

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  1. Spent some time in Phoenix in the late 80's. Seemed like they were doing all the same dumb stuff as California building suburbs with lawns in the desert and hoping they could pipe in water to sustain it all. The smart money made their real estate profits and moved on. The really dumb ones think if they have cacti instead of a lawn it will all be okay. There will be a dustbowl like migration some day.

  2. But Jim, they _will_ die with the end of oil.
    As Cheap Oil ends, and their fancy prescriptions will no longer be filled (at least not at any price they can afford) or the Summer heat in their cracker-box "houses" without AC will kill them ( Is that really better than freezing in NJ, or drowning on the coasts?).

    Probably before cannibalism, torture, et. al. become de-riguer.