Thursday, June 18, 2015

storm rifle 4


The main problem with survivalists dreams of Armageddon is that they think they are riflemen, but insist on arming with assault carbines, and then think that the ammunition supply will follow that of WWI when soldiers carried a bolt action rifle load.  An assault weapon is for an assault, it is not a stationary weapon.  It can be, but that is not what it is designed for.  Emplaced machineguns are better for defense.  An assault carbine loses capacity to lose weight.  It lost weight to be mobile, but that mobility is relative.  Survivalist who want to assault are not going to survive long.  A better strategy than defending a fixed point is to fall back to caches and only fighting if cornered ( offense is certainly a great defense, but choosing neither is safer ).  For that, a lighter ammunition load is better than two or three hundred rounds of assault weapon ammunition- a small load is mobility.  Mobility is surviving.  A mobile machinegun is offense, not defense, and it is only lighter than a full size belt fed machinegun.  It is not mobile in the sense you need to avoid and retreat from armed soldiers.  So, I hope I’m being clear here.  Survivalists should avoid fights, and a fixed location is not avoidance. 


Trying to defend a fixed location with a weapon designed for offense purposes gives you little advantage, certainly not enough to compensate for staying in place.  If you are truly mobile, you don’t need a mobile machinegun.  If you are in a fixed position, as in a farming area, only an industrial capacity and an offensive acting military will defend you.  Survivalists are all about the offensive action but will not admit their lack of industry is a hindrance.  That is wishful thinking combined with lack of logic.  Arming yourself with high capacity carbines used for mass fire means you must have the ammunition for it ( it also means you are planning on the wrong tactics, and that you are trying to use an inadequately supplied machine to compensate for choosing the wrong tactics ).


A short word on choosing your assault carbine ( because I know you will ignore everything written before this ).  The AK was built with heavy parts, to act as an absorber.  The M16 was built to save weight, period.  It was not designed to absorb massed fire as the AK was.  If you want a slow firing accurate rifle, the AR is great.  If you want volume of fire, quickly, stick with the AK.  One is a machinegun substitute, the other a repeating marksmen’s rifle.  Remember that the AK was designed to be an everyman’s machinegun.  The M16 was designed as a hobbyists toy, and then sold as a machinegun even though it wasn’t, by lying and cheating.  It functions despite itself, in a role that was pure hype, ironically.  Choose your weapon for what it was designed for.


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  1. Why do people need weapons??

    Can't we just get along?

    Rodney King Jr.

    1. Didn't it work out pretty well for John Lennon, living in places weapons weren't allowed?

  2. And the sks is...? (Because someone is bound to bring it up.) By the way Im with you when it comes to the majority of survivalists'd ideas of armageddon. I dont get it to be honest. If you are a survivalist, plan to survive; if you are a gun collector, collect guns.


    1. The SKS is basically an AK, but a fixed ten round mag fed with stripper clips. I prefer them myself, but good luck finding them affordable.

    2. SKS is a more accurate, sturdier, earlier Avtomat-Self-loader that was a huge advance over the similar-sized M-44 bolt action. Smaller-lighter ammo (54R is a serious round!) in 7.62x39 meant a lighter-shorter action. AK was a slight improvement, mostly in making the weapon cheaper & faster to manufacture. YEAH, Cheaper-faster (smg!) AND better. See "AK made from shovel", really.

      I like the SKS because it is (in some versions) equipped with a long barrel (more velocity= more bullet goodness), an underfold bayonet, rifle grenade sights and compatible flash suppressor (but.. getting even practice grenades is a PITA, and you need special G-launching cartridges: You will only fire a live grenade with ball ammo one time), and for 21st century shooters: TechSights peeps.

      With training, strippers are faster and better than mag changes, waaaay better than the crappy SKS detachable magazine adapters. 3 strippers clips are lighter than one enclosed magazine, for the milligram counters among us.

      Who makes a super-good all-USA SKS?