Friday, June 5, 2015

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If you love playing with raw materials to construct finished products, on a chemical level, you have got yourself one of the most demanded professions of a post-petroleum, post-centralized, post-industrial society.  Even college level classes on chemistry have been diluted down below the level of amateur expert of a century ago, so that today very few are true practitioners.  If you can separate compounds from industrial materials, AND identify source materials from raw ores and such, you can rebuild to a level well above most others merely salvaging.  Just on the level of military tactics, few will be able to produce smokeless gunpowder, let alone ammunition primers.  And anything else scaled up above that is even better.  Two “must have” ”invaluable”  books are “Caveman Chemistry” by Kevin Dunn and “The Knowledge” by Lewis Dartnell.



A mercenary on the level of cannon fodder or a grunt isn’t necessarily going to get much business.  In a world of scarcity, any Starvin Marvin will willingly volunteer.  In a world where slavery and serfdom are reintroduced, soldiers are a lot cheaper than today.  What will be lacking and hence in demand will be those who can innovate in that world of scarcity and come up with superior tactics and strategies.  New strategy and tactics using perhaps a combination of old and new weapons.  Find a way to battlefield domination both immune from the remnants of the modern world but being able to field lower tech superior weapons. 



A gunsmith is essentially a car mechanic.  Isolate a problem, order a replacement part and install it properly.  So, what do you do when there are no more replacement parts?  That is the future role of gunsmiths, as well as designing new weapons that use a lower tech manufacturing base.  Today, in almost any job, too often the means of fixing a problem is just a Pull And Replace.  Yes, you have to know how to do so, but since actual repair rather than replace is taught, your job is less valuable and you are easily replaced.  In the future, repair and fabrication must return to prominence. 



Libraries today are mostly lowest common denominator entertainment delivery systems repositories.  Barely does the old function as a collection of books of knowledge become used.  In the future, knowledge is the only function of a library.  I would focus on either digital or paper, not both.  With paper books, you must acquire only the best from each field.  With digital, you can focus of quantity rather than quality, and have the means to store and print the future chosen best material.  Have multiples of energy production, computer storage and printers.  Unless you have a LOT of time AND money, this endeavor can take over your life.  By choosing one or the other preservation method, you can devote just one or the other to it.  And have a means of personally value adding to your collection.  Otherwise, the collection is taken by force or fraud.

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  1. this is great

    now i can survive forever

    im immortal


  2. Talking about chemistry, do you remember the episode of the original Star Trek series where Kirk defeats a Gorn by constructing by building a cannon out of materials available on the planet? Mythbusters did an episode that showed that it was not possible with the ingredients shown. However, a couple of guys who were experts in the subject matter knew that the problem was they needed a wetting agent to bind the powder together, preferably nitrogenous to make it more explosive. The secret ingredient? Human urine. With that, and wrapping the barrel with cordage, they were able to make a very effective cannon.

    On the subject of making parts, I know of no better reference than the David Gingery series on making a metal shop from scrap.

    1. While I was never a rabid pro-star wars/anti-star trek type, I liked both even if I preferred Wars, I also never watched any Trek series completely. Missed the one you refer to, I think.