Monday, June 8, 2015

retard laundry


When it comes to the fine arts of home economics, I am a bit of a moron.  I keep reinventing the wheel, poorly.  I mean, I still can’t cook for crap and I’ve had plenty of practice.  I can see why most guys stick with barbequing or are one dish wonders.  Perhaps it is the difference in how the genders have their brains wired.  I might not have an enemy trying to breach the hut walls, but I’m still focused on enemy threats ( all this mental masturbation for the Apocalypse is just a form of anticipating how the enemy-everyone not of the tribe-will attack ).  I have little mental energy to devote to domestic tasks.  They are important, as anyone who doesn’t have a competent Old Lady and must attempt to perform them knows.  But they are not guys bailiwick.  So, anyway, here I was trying to wash a wool garment and I realized I’ve been doing it all wrong and I was a moron.  And, yes, I understand this is an obvious mistake I shouldn’t have been making, but when you are re-inventing the wheel, NOTHING is obvious.  It also highlights how overly depended we have become on machines we don’t bother to understand ( do slave owners care how the “machines” are feeling, what makes them tick? ).  I had been wasting massive amounts of water and energy by doing this wrong, and in the future those two things will be in short supply.


I hand wash wool.  I used to send them to the cleaners but since I moved to Elko I have too many garments too long through the year to spend that kind of money.  I had an issue with the cats sleeping/playing/scratching the sweaters, but by climbing up to the open attic at work I found an out of the way spot to lay them out to dry ( also, at the time, it saved my limited water supply by cleaning them at work ).  So, I’d take a five gallon bucket with cold water and Woolite soap ( any soap for “cold water delicates, hand washed” will do ), soak them for a time, occasionally agitating them by hand, then drain the water.  I put the sweater back in the bucket and ran water over it, several times,  to get the soap out.  Finally, I’d hand wring it out.  Well, being a dumbass, I didn’t realize that if I took the soaked garment and immediately wrung it out ( with the mop bucket attachment ), THEN started running water through it to remove the soap, I’d have a lot less soap to remove.  Rather than re-rinsing it three or four times, I’d only have to do it once.  Obvious, right?  Yet for years I had been doing it the hard way.  Rinse, wring, rinse, wring, over and over.  No; wring, rinse, wring.  Simple.  So simple I couldn’t see it.  I bring this up, most of my readers being guys, and most readers never having hand washed/manually washed.  Don’t hate on me.

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  1. Don't feel too bad. at least you learned this before the lights went out. all part of getting ahead of the collapse. you are one step closer, and since you share with us unworthy minions, we are a step closer too...

    1. I can't even blame the radiation from cell phones, as I use one perhaps 12-20 hours a year.

  2. I will pass this on to ye ol laundry hag... She is due to be let out of the basement soon to attend to the lord of the manor and his needs..