Wednesday, June 10, 2015

none not less


A few weeks back, I got all excited about the new Mad Max movie coming out.  Now, two out of the last three Mad Max movies were emphatically NOT good post-apocalypse films, so I had very few expectations this new one was going to be anything other than a big desert car chase and very little else.  A minion commented on how this thing was just a FemLib propaganda piece and he refused to see it.  A sentiment I don’t necessarily disagree with, but I did think if nothing else, this had to be a great action flick.  Well, the time came, a week after opening day so I could avoid dangerous crowds ( either stampedes as in The Who concert or exit impediments as in the Batman movie massacre ), and I got to hemming and hawing.  I was no longer attending by myself, and it was a 3D movie rather than a conventional one.  The tickets were fifty percent more, twice, and the snacks doubled.  I couldn’t see spending $30 just on an action flick.  So, I’m procrastinating until it is $1.60 at RedBox, and popcorn is forty cents each microwaved bag.  $2.50 is more my speed ( I spent about $16 the last time I went, but I was also working full time ).  Since the movie studios typically take 90% of the ticket price, I just denied those feminist freaks $13 ( $16 tickets, $14.40 to the studio, minus the RedBox profit of say a buck ). 


Now, the above is just the sort of thing I excel at.  Spending the bare minimum at everything, even first class entertainment.  But $600 a month wages ( writing income goes to buying books, so it is an investment from the profits, not a spendable income ), minus rent and food ( I’m spending a lot more on food now, and I don’t care.  My new old lady can cook like the French gal she is [ Maine French, not France French ] ) leaves very little to spend money on.  It is time to go from spending as little as possible to spending none at all.  This is not an easy transition.  This last weekend I visited my parental units down south, and my son on the way overseas.  Every trip down there I try to get double duty out of my car rental and I stop at the Dollar Tree.  I can’t help myself in there, buying $100 or so of post-Apocalypse supplies.  A half dozen pairs of reading glasses, knife sharpeners, dozens of different items you want back-ups of.  This time, I only really needed fingernail clippers and laundry soap.  I knew I would spend that $100, but I only really needed those two items for daily use and stockpile drawdown ( the clippers were running out, as a pair is no longer the five to ten year quality product it once was but more a yearly easily breakable item ). 


And I was real proud of myself.  I decided not to go at all.  I decided none was the best option.  Because no matter how frugal you are, it is still consumption.  Focusing on trade after the collapse to continue to consume is as bad as these idiots wedded to their carbon fuels and electric toys for after the collapse ( I’m not saying you are an idiot by having e-files, just that it better be a supplement to paper and nothing you depend on ).  I need to start trying to divorce myself away from consumption whenever possible.  That first step was pathetic, and I expect no kudos for it.  This is just for the record, stating my new journey in this new direction.  One can’t eliminate trade or consumption, the point is to go from all frugality in many areas to less categories needing any consumption at all.  Remember when I first started studying anthropology?  I sucked at it.  Now, I have a very wide understanding.  Baby steps to start a new field of study.

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  1. The one part that was realistic about the orginal trilogy James, was the lack of firearms and ammunition. I hear tell that the new one has more gunfights than all of the 50's westerns combined; this after several years into a collapse. The last of the original trilogy, beyond thunderdome, sucked the green phallis of the Equus africanus asinus (green donkey dicks, for the zoologically challenged :D).

    I'm that minion of which you speak. I've been told that in the new one, Max is relegated to a background character, while the fem unit is the actual star. Charlize Theron herself admitted in an interview that the movie was intentionally made with this agenda in mind.

    Couldn't pay me to see it.

    1. Now, see, people. That is what I'm talking about. A comment with college level references. Latin and what not.

  2. Jim, I went to see the new Mad Max movie after reading a review on line. Luckily we have a multiplex with matinee and senior citizen discounts. So for $7.50 the wife and I went although I knew it would be a waste of $3.75 for the missus (she insisted on going with me).
    It was awsome with the surround sound. It was a two hours of mindless explosions and chases but I got it out of my system. Doubt I'll order it on Netfilx.

  3. Will your new old lady tolerate you not consuming soap?

  4. I hate Dollar tree !!!! If I go to Walmart or dollar general I get what I NEED and leave . Dollar tree I get 4 of these 2 of those 1 just because I am there. Then 6 items for just in case and cheep batteries so the kids wont use my good ones. Ten minutes and 30$ poorer I leave . A BIG KUDO to you for skipping a visit !!!!!

  5. I haven't seen the new Mad Maxx movie yet either but since you now have internet access there are some websites that have movies albeit perhaps pirated. Was at work and on of the guys was watching Mad Maxx on Not condoning the activity, just saying that I might have some links you can check. I could email them to you.

    Real food? Can you survive without your daily flat bread?

    I'm with you on saving money. Some how my pay doesn't go up but I am paying things down and off. I buy very little except gas, groceries, and yes cigs and booze but very light usage at less than a $100/month for both vices. I will have my debts/obligations (child support on 1 of 2, vehicle) paid off in less than 1 and 1/2 years and the rest in less than 3 years. Will still have a small land note but its not to a will eliminate almost half my bills. My pension or my job could cover expenses as long as one holds out and that is including my youngest with 7 to 10 years support to go. If they both hold out I hope to get my small house built then but I could stay where I'm at.

    I'm not going overboard on barter and prep goods right now. Trying to reduce expenses and debt. At a minimum we will soon see inflation get crazy (for starters) and room in the budget is a good thing. Also building up cash reserves and selling a couple boomsticks.

    People can do this. Just stop spending. cancel all the crap. Cable, memberships, keep the old car longer, whatever but start now. I've been brown bagging lunch for 3 years (shoot me now). Yes i bought a new truck but the note is the same, save $100 a month on gas and should last longer than my other on would. I could go on and on but folks here know the game but its time to start living it. Its coming.

    James, thanks for the motivation even if it wasn't planned.

    BTW, nice hair.

    1. I've always admired your ability to prep but also to move towards a better life now. Whereas I'm mostly about just focusing on after the collapse to my detriment now. Of course, our incomes differ. Still, a mutual hair admiration society.

    2. PS-still eating nuke bread five days a week, toasted with butter whole wheat bread from the factory on the weekends.

    3. Good to know you're still getting your fiber to stay regular.

      I work a shit load of hours and have several income streams. Its hot work but my side mowing jobs net me $25-$40 an hour with a push mower. i don't have much free time but like my buddy always says "Make hay while the sun shines". I don't expect to get paid to mow post collapse.

      Actually my house is part of my collapse plan. I'm pretty far out with perfect neighbors. I'm building very small and efficient with plans for off grid. Won't be dealing with the bank either. If I can't build, I'm still in a newer single wide That is pretty efficient. Have a woodstove ready to put in if needed.