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Thursday, September 29, 2016

new math attitude 3 of 3


What do Libertarians and Welfare Queens have in common?  Both are self-centered.  It is All About Them, Them Alone, And They Don’t Owe Nobody Nothing By Gum.  Libertarians constantly wave the flag of freedom.  They wrap their bodies in its cloth, beseeching the ghosts of Revolutions Past and Baby Jesus Himself, singing the hit song “No Feelings” by the Sex Pistols.  Meanwhile, those on welfare protect themselves from self-analysis with the God Of Gods, NEED, self righteous anger and/or revenge and by being the sole bearer of the Truth About The Conspiracy Of The Rich Illuminati Rulers ( why work to profit the oppressor?, indeed ).  Of the two, I’d have to admit to favoring the one on welfare.  They might cost the taxpayer a bit of coin ( or, not really.  When most of the budget used on rich person welfare-interest to the bankers, ag credits for ethanol, military spending, etc.- are taxes from the middle class, everything else in the budget must be borrowed.  Borrowing is at the point it is so large it can never be paid back.  In effect, what is the harm in the payments as it is only a ledger book entry tracking the path to bankruptcy? ).


But they at least aren’t trying to spread the word far and wide like the Libertarians are.  Don’t get me wrong.  Who wouldn’t like freedom?  I’m rather partial to it myself.  But Libertarians want to throw the baby out with the bath water.  They completely ignore the actual costs of social cohesion, preferring to believe the omniscient Free Market will solve all ills.  The problem is that “free market” is just code for “welfare to the rich”.  Our system is geared towards feathering the nests of the rich and for the last thirty years prior to the ‘08 Crash they spread the lies of free market and international trade to screw all the workers.  Libertarians mean well, and in theory their idea of paradise far surpasses the Populist Party or the Socialist/Commies or what have you, but in practice under our unchangeable by all but revolution ( voting doesn’t count, as even a country bumpkin like Mark Twain has noted ), all Libertarians do is spread the poison of enabling the rich from their propaganda.  And anarchists, such as myself, are even worse.  We don’t even want a shadow of government which might, conceivably, block the worst excesses of the rich ruling class.


Free Marketers even have a standard excuse for any issues its imperfect wishful thinking conjures.  It’s better than all the rest.  Which is of course that they ALL say, isn’t it?  No, the problem isn’t even what kind of government the nation state or agricultural empire uses for control.  The problem is centralization at all in any form.  That leads to loss of liberty.  Once the first grain crops lead to surplus, it was all over for individual freedom.  But that itself only solves HALF the problem.  With reward goes responsibility.  Our hunter/gatherer ancestors were not free to do as they wished.  They were far from proto-Libertarians.  They had very heavy obligations, namely as warriors to protect the tribe ( and yes, protection included proactive defense.  Or, offensive warfare ).  Their very lives were at the beck and call of the group.  But unlike soldiers who were cannon fodder, or Archer Pin Cushions  prior to gunpowder, a warrior does not die at the pleasure of the kings avarice as soldiers do.  He dies only when unavoidable and for his family and his families protectors.


Libertarians, as well as welfare recipients, don’t want any responsibility, no obligations.  They only want reward.   A warrior earns his freedom by pledging tribal fealty.  As long as he observes the simple and common sense cultural customs of his tribe ( which make sense as they are survival traits.  Laws, on the other hand, SHOULD canonize custom but usually just cement rule and riches for the elite ) AND pledges his life for their protection, he is free.  No one under more centralized governments ever came close to his level.  The overwhelming issue with today’s First World Countries citizens is their complete blindness to responsibility.  Nearly free oil destroyed all culture and custom and cemented the illusion of luxury at such an unlimited degree that nothing but petroleum was needed to protect the tribe ( you’ll perhaps note the unshakeable faith in oil and its placenta, Technology, in the defense of our country.  What fools are we ).  Or care for the tribe.  Government, being the guardian of oil, was tasked with the welfare of the tribe.  You’ll also note, I trust, how poorly that has worked out. 


But we destroyed masculinity, tribalism, decentralization and any and all non-petroleum solution to any problem.  Then, the oil started running out ( in Net Energy terms ).  As it ran out faster, the quicker we tried to apply more of the very same failed solutions to all our problems.  Example: metal is getting harder to mine with expensive energy, so use more energy as plastic as a substitute.  Another example: more people were using less energy, so allow more immigrants into the line to draw down the supply.  And, of course, the example we talk about as the main article theme, we cared far less about the group and only about ourselves.  Which just exacerbated all the problems beyond belief.  Keep this firmly in mind when starting your new, post-collapse tribe.  Any Oil Age resident most likely is just a nihilistic self-centered selfish jerk.  Even the “freedom lovers” such as Libertarians only think of themselves, not the group.  This way of thinking is rock solid now, and was born of decades of pie shrinking, leading to the survival trait of selfishness and legitimizing theft.


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  1. One of the best libertarian leaning authors wrote a book called - Star Ship Troopers. In it the 'right' to vote was only given to those who were the soldiers for the country. It didn't matter how wealthy your family was, you fought for your country or you got no say. That the term "free market" has been hijacked by the corporate and bank owners/masters is not the fault of the term or the libertarians - it is the fault of the goberment educational system and the corporations/banks. There is a whole spectrum of libertarianism but no where along that spectrum have I found anyone who thinks that corporations should be allowed to set legislation. The best philosophical foundation of libertarianism is found here-
    It is clearly discussing rational people working in an idealized world- something we don't and won't ever have, but it is possibly an ideal to strive towards.

    1. I don't see libertarianism as an ideal world. It is just as unrealistic as the rest. It forces another anti-human nature way of governance on people.

  2. Wow James. I got to admit that sometimes it seems that you are just trying to push your readers buttons to get under their skin, but as I read on, you provided valid explanations that I really can't take any exception to. But if not libertarianism, then what? I certainly can't get on board with either of the 2 main parties that we have today. It sounds as if you are suggesting that primitive tribalism is the only answer to true liberty, and I don't discount this, but I don't see that happening for many eons to come, for this could only exist in a very low population density environment. And while I am not denying a substantial die off in the relatively near future, I don't think it will be on a large enough scale to make enough of a difference. In either event, at our age, I don't see it happening in our lifetimes, but of course, I really have no idea?

    This came in the email this morning James, and I thought that you might be interested considering the price. I have no idea what the quality on this thing is, but I've never seen a 150lb crossbow for $50 before. $5 shipping with the code, so figure around $55 out the door.

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    1. I think we WILL see enough of a die-off to allow small tribes to resurface. Look at New Guine ( sp? The island above Oz ). Still small tribes, even on a small area. They might not be hunter/gatherers but they never centralized and retained that structure. When all the surplus energy and soil is gone ( as soon as the Oil Age crashes down ), we might use that as our new model. Thanks for the link-I'll check it out.

  3. BTW - libertarianism / Zero Aggression principle works best WITHIN a tribe or other community for their basis of code of laws (look at the 10 commandments of the bible - it is pretty clearly a 'ZAP' codification of the rules for within the Hebrew people, and didn't apply to outsiders.) And of course it (libertarianism and ZAP) is an Ideal that can't be fully realized by humans, but most humans claim to want to live under that sort of ideal (possibly even true).

    1. You can't have a functioning tribe without a deciding factor in the authorization for violence going to the group. To me, that violates lib/ZA.

  4. Non-aggression principal is a nice theory, as imaginary religions go, but it is never "universally" applied, especially to infidels/outsiders/outlaws. If you can get people inside your tribe to behave well-enough, that is something!

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