Thursday, December 15, 2016

super duper paranoia-article 2 of 2 today

article 2 of 2 today

The inspiration for this article comes from the short story “Only the strong survive” by F.G. Wyllis ( I don’t know if you can find it online, my copy was in Volume 9 of There Will Be War ).  I don’t want to spoil the thing for you ( I generally dislike short fiction as it tends to be mostly gimmicky, but this time it works quite well ), except to say that I don’t think you could ever conceive of a paranoia this pervasive.  It could be that extreme paranoia is natural in the animal kingdom, but with hairless apes I believe our cognitive abilities mostly supersede that more primitive survival skill.  We’ve swapped perceptive paranoia with group skills ( yes, there are plenty of social group animals, and they all retain finely attuned defensive skills.  Animals probably keep an immediate surrounding area paranoia whereas we are much better at group dynamic paranoia.  The chimps might mimic some of this but I can’t believe it comes anywhere close-but that is also probably a human conceit ).


The Russians, probably more than anyone, have incorporated extreme paranoia into their culture.  It wasn’t just a result of the Soviet régime with its brutal Thought Police, but long prior to that it was a result of battling steppe nomads for many generations.  I don’t think too many ancient primitives with centuries long blood feuds even come close to the Russian pathos.  Of course, I could be way off also.  Nonetheless, extreme paranoia is a very exhausting way to live ones life.  It takes a lot of effort and really disturbs ones sleep on a regular basis.  No wonder most of us choose the other extreme, ignorant bliss.  Of course we all know that those blissfully unaware of the possible dangers about are pathetic losers ( “no offense!” Dumb And Dumber reference ), yet not too many of us seem to be paranoid enough.  Is there a middle ground?  Myself, I practice a “rolling paranoia”.  I get worried about one particular issue, take reasonable steps against it, and then move on.  If I kept worrying about everything I would have gone nuts long ago.  Yet I don’t know if that is a good example of middle ground.  I don’t always sleep great and my heartburn and indigestion seems to be more psychosomatic than geriatric. 


I could always blame work, management every year being awarded Biggest Moronic Douche Of The Century, so well do they top themselves being dinguses incapable of two dimensional  thought.   Yet I still like most parts of the job such as working outside, with a limited interaction with people and getting paid, albeit ever so poorly, to exercise.  I think any interaction with other people is stressful, so any job bears the same issues.  Dealing with extreme stupidity ( and I don’t even think I’m all that smart, just well read, so that tells you how stupid everyone else is ) can’t be easy for anyone.  Another good reason to be living far away from ghettos, as stupid and uneducated is even worse.  Anyway, while at times I feel I’m too paranoid as my health suffers ( not in a major way, just in a noticeable one ), at other times I review my preps and feel I’m not being paranoid enough.  Why am I living in town?  No, I don’t feel having zero relationships is worth the increased security living in the boonies brings you.  Yes, having a place to retreat to, plus an almost complete duplicate back-up here in town, is a nice security blanket.  But am I doing enough?


I don’t believe a civilization collapse takes centuries.  Nor do I think they usually happen overnight ( the two most popular choices ).  I don’t think I’m doing enough to prep, yet I refuse to have no life now so I can over prep ( my book on the Six Month Prep is an example of throwing yourself into prepping wholeheartedly, sacrificing everything toward the goal.  But of course, that is a limited time period and with a light always at the end of the tunnel you can easily pull it off.  That is goal orientated, for those with no preps now and things looking hopeless.  For those of us already prepped, going All In just for an increased level of paranoia seems excessive ).  Jeez, I feel like one of my ex-wives, never satisfied and never having a clue as to what I really want.


I suppose I could explain away my feelings of inadequacy by assuming I’m as prepared as I’ll ever be, and I’m now just feeling rudderless because my near thirty year journey is done.  Does worrying about not being paranoid enough just mean you are a Drama Queen when everything around you is tranquil?  Don’t you hate those kind of people?  Here I am, with bare bones savings for two years of unemployment, a paid off shelter with low property taxes, far more than enough food and arsenal ( well, “enough” if you aren’t Super Paranoid ), in great physical shape for my age, the first real grown up relationship of my life, over five hundred reference books squirreled away yet to be read, and I’m thrashing about still worrying?  What the hell?  Perhaps I’m one of those folks that just can’t not be high strung.  And is Super Paranoid even a “thing”?  When does prudence turn into phobia?  Perhaps it is just best to fall back to our regular mantra of “all things in moderation”.


Kind of a short one today.  I’m not too worried as I’ve gone way over enough times last week.  But don’t worry, I NEVER make a habit of shorter articles.  You are welcome.

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  1. That's quite alright fair haired one. Need not be epic on a daily basis....
    After all, my comments tend to be short too.

    Having been shat upon multiple times in life tends to make one more paranoid. Welcome to my world. Just wish we could have gotten together in meat space, while we both were here in Floriduh.
    There I was, setting all comfey down on the southern end of Lake Okeechobee in my well provisioned sailboat. When Y2K occurred.
    Nothing happened, so it was off to Marco island then the keys. Later to disappear into the Bahamas. By the time we returned stateside, you were likely long gone...
    Hell, back then our only contact with the outside world was via Ham radio or VHF. No internet on the high seas...
    Didn't get that capability until 2005.

    Tis good to be paranoid. To be meek and optimistic is to short life in this world.

    1. I moved out of Florida in 2003, and my e-mail newsletter didn't really have a web presence. I used classified ads in SOF and Backwoodsman to get a reader base.

    "A 'peaceful resolution' to the problems of Resource Depletion and Population Overshoot simply does not EXIST.

    Your best options at the moment are just to Duck & Cover, and try to get out of the way of the mayhem to come if you can. "

    The above comment got me thinking, in detail about what is going to really happen. One can NOT avoid the rest of humanity forever all the time- at least not without consequences like walking into town to buy your staples only to be arrested and put into forced labor for violating a law you didnt even know existed..
    This also means there will be violent crime and revolutions and wars. There will be restructuring of societies, economies, and cultures.
    This will be agonizingly painful for the survivors. Mentally and emotionally if not physically (though most likely physically as well).
    All societies have most of the socio-economic levels listed below, and the military levels as well. It isnt uncommon to have the levels correspond directly, that is to say a serf will be at best a soldier for their lords, and prisoners used as human shields- the lowest of the low will get the worst death and post death treatment. Since the times will become violent people WILL be forced to engage on a 'military' hierarchial scale as well as civilian.
    As you are forced to switch between the military scale and the cilvilian scale one can go up one or down one to three levels.
    So, to survive one must move to at least the peasant level on the civilian side and the soldier level on the military side.

    bank owner / nobility
    big corporate owner
    connected merchant / guild master / small corporate owner
    freeman / small trader / private profesional
    peasant / corporate employee
    serf / minimum wage employee
    slave /
    BBQ /Stew meat /Pig feed

    King / Highest General
    high officer
    sargent and above
    elite soldier (regular specialist military beyond infantry)
    soldier (national guard)
    cannon fodder
    human shields / untrained labor levies
    BBQ /Stew meat /Pig feed

    Of course being at or near the very top of any hierarchy means you have a target on you from both internal infighting and outside threats- so climbing high so that you dont fall low is as much a problem as the reverse. Some sort of moderate mid level is what you should strive for along with a hidden retreat place you can leave to that will remove you from the hierachy and group (when the group is falling apart, yet to form, or being destroyed).

    1. Wow. That was good. That article did get your juices bubbling.

  3. Ha. My surname originally meant "Freeman" as in, not a lord but not a servant. That's my aim in life as well. I DON'T like telling people what to do, happy to be politily told / asked what to do, unhappy being a slave.

    1. Then when you are forced to join your local "elf defense militia" you need enough skills and/or health to be a soldier or better. And have enough community / economic involvement to be seen as at least a minor contributor to the area (be the landscape guy, or the handyman, or better).

    2. I will be an Elf Wizard in the "elf defense militia".

    3. Now that damn ditty is going on in my head ( there used to be a free game available around '99 or '00 which was "elf bowling", and the little guys kept crying out "elf, elf bowling" and Santa asked "whose your daddy?".