Monday, December 12, 2016

guest article, article 1 of 2 today

GUEST ARTICLE-article 1 of 2 today
Background: a loyal minion suggested the movie "Amerigeddon" , wondering what I thought.  This is readily available on You Tube.  I wrote back that not only do I hate the One World Order conspiracy BS, this movie was horridly made.  Here was his reply.  I asked if I could post this as a guest article because I thought it was funny as hell ( and written better than the movie ).
Oh, come on, dude! - you're missing a classic here!!!
OK, just kidding. I actually watched the whole thing and threw up in my mouth several times. I figured you might want to watch it in case a loyal minion asked you about it or you needed material for a column...or, at least, as a warning to minions who might otherwise spend their limited money on it.
Bottom line for me - while I sincerely appreciated the intent of the guy who made the flick (to encourage people to prepare for an EMP event via the medium of entertainment - his own words in the Ark Midnight interview) it was Yuppie Survivalism ("If you don’t have a well-stocked fortress You Are Toast!") on steroids.

Here's what you missed after you stopped watching at the 15 minute mark (or, as Paul Harvey would say, "And now...the REST of the story"):

The buddies of the soldier leading his platoon are all gunned down in their tent by ChiCom soldiers with AK-47s when the evil general finds out that won’t go along with the NWO plans. He doesn't realize that one of the guys has used his iPhone to secretly record the NWO plans revealed to the troops. Fortunately, the guy has the presence of mind to hide the iPhone in his (EMP-proof) metal footlocker and tell the hero about it in case anything happens to him.
The young soldier hero (son of the main guy who was presenting his case to the Senate at the beginning, sitting alongside his liberal senator friend - we all have senators as personal friends, right?) is not hit by any of the hundreds of rounds fired into a platoon-sized tent, retrieves the iPhone, sneaks out the back, expertly takes out the evil murderous ChiComs with a pistol, steals the vintage (EMP-proof) Harley owned by the commander (who conveniently has it stored in a shipping container that he presumably takes with him on deployments) and travels cross-country to get back to his family's mega-fortress on a hill in Texas (where the dad has fired up the generator so that life could go on with lights and radio and a nice big family dinner like nothing happened).
On the way the son gets gas for the bike at a station (after expertly kicking the asses of some guys there who are robbing the owner and without explanation of how the gas gets pumped without electric power - hmmm...) and also stops at the backwoods cabin of a poor, white trash survivalist and crippled veteran whose future seems in doubt after our hero leaves. (Poor white trash irregular - if only he had a super-duper fortress like the kid. Oh, well...).

Meanwhile, back at his family's multimillion-dollar mega fortress on a hilltop, the group that pulls together is doing what's needed to live off-grid - arming up with lots of semi-auto and full-auto carbines, making improvised explosives, constructing bunkers and foxholes with large earthmoving equipment (diesel-powered, I assume), tilling the land with tractors, etc. During all this they find time to take the dad's personal helicopter (!) into the city to rescue the (formerly-libtard-but-now-fully-awakened-to-reality) daughter from the evil predators that arise at her college when the power goes out. (A barrage of full auto fire from the super-vixen girl who rode with the pilot dad drives off the other helpless college students that try to come along, leaving them at the mercy of the still-alive villains. Too bad, so sad, bye bye.) They take off in the two-seater helicopter with the daughter riding as a passenger and the super-vixen girl (standing on the helicopter strut, one arm holding onto the cockpit edge, the other holding her M-16, ready for action) for the entire return flight. (For me, that one visual was worth the price of admission.)

Soon after they return their preparations are put to the test when the evil commander and his soldiers arrive to kick the ass of the hero soldier who escaped on his motorcycle. (No one ambushes or snipes him along his long journey, of course.). A battle ensues but they are finally defeated by the small arms fire and improvised explosives of the defenders. The evil leader escapes via helicopter but Dad (although shot in arm, but apparently not badly enough to keep him from expertly piloting his own helicopter) and hero son take off after him and bring him to a fiery end by dropping a Molotov Cocktail on his helicopter from above after several minutes of helicopter dogfighting scenes.

The movie ends with the formerly liberal senator friend of dad taking the iPhone with the recording (hope they made backups!) via dad's helicopter to  - you guessed it! - the Texas state senate so that the politicians can get the wake-up call they need to get the government in motion to set the whole situation right again.

See what you missed? I may have a few details incorrect but, hey, remember that I was throwing up in mouth a lot, OK?



  1. Thanks for the review. It had to be done !

    1. Yeh, I couldn't believe how Short Bus the movie was.