Wednesday, December 14, 2016

snow day


Today was the second serious snowfall of the year, here locally.  I’m not sure what it is doing in other parts of the country, nor do I really care.  Locals in Hawaii are no doubt doing as they always have, failing to show the proper respect to their White imperial rulers and basking in 75 degree temps.  Floridians are wishing they were in Hawaii which has no sinkholes or pythons and is warmer than where they are.  Those in North Dakota are wondering why they ever displaced the Buffalo and decided to live in such a cankerous rejected godforsaken land which sees the worst temps outside of the Artic or Antarctic Circles.  But every state in the Union has one similarity and that is that every swing cheese dingus there does their level best to pretend that bad weather can’t get in the way of making them money ( or, on a lesser scale, getting in the way of spending money ).  We’ve all seen the TV news reports, either after action photos or live action video of cars piling up into each other, being buried and desperately shoveled into or slipping and sliding down the road. 


And this is always reported in an entertainment style.  As in, look what sport this all is.  Oh, they yammer on of course, false concern as they tell you to stay home if possible.  But does your employer care that the road is unsafe?  Hell, no.  Even if he is one of the few that still offers you health coverage at “only” 80% of your gross income, try getting in an auto accident and being laid up for three months, and see how long you keep your job ( they will of course always keep a position open for you, just like with maternity leave.  With bizarre hours, different bosses, extra heaping helpings of corporate demands to drive you insane, or other hidden inducements to quit ).  The only reason that there isn’t more workplace accidents is that far fewer of us operate dangerous equipment and have far fewer manufacturing jobs.  If they could, they WOULD try to kill you off on the job.  Off the job, they could give a crap about your impacted relationships, stress related health issues or the cost or danger of commuting.  We’ve regressed back to the Robber Barons. 


They might still have some Snow Days for schools, but both because teachers are one of the few Union positions left ( Beckers, Trumpers, Reaganites and the rest do their best to spit on teachers unions, but in all of our rush to get a “free enterprise system” we’ve enriched the 1% and screwed almost all workers.  Less free trade and less inequality would be an awesome thing, which is the reason any politician holding those views also seems to add on gun control almost as if to make sure nobody, especially not even workers, are for workers rights anymore ) and because crushed skulls and twisted limbs of small tykes is frowned upon, that is the exception.  As a result, every snow day or flood or whatever still sees every swinging cheese dingus desperately driving through very unsafe conditions ( our city, which loves to piss away money rebuilding roads or tennis courts when nothing is wrong with them, refuses overtime for plowing snow.  And they don’t start all that early either.  All the civilian vehicles are expected to create their own paths ).  Because Bitches Gots To Be Paid.


Why do I bring this up?  Not just because I hate everyone, although I do, but to make a point about bigger issues going unresolved.  If people won’t stay off the road when they should, taking their lives into their hands which doesn’t bother me because they are worthless dingus holes but what does annoy me is they are on the same road as I am and they are dangerous to ME ( as I am dangerous to them, although that isn’t as important-hey, I’m working for corporate pricks just like the rest of you ), then why for the love that is good and holy makes anyone think they will put the health of the planet before Getten Paid?  All these Gore Warming douche bags that kill trees for books or poke holes in the ozone to air travel, why do you bother preaching that we all need to “step up” and do “x, y and z” to save the planet?  Nobody is going to sacrifice Da Benjamin’s for some artsy fartsy intangible concept that doesn’t even have short term feedback, nor can even be proven except by Smart People Consensus.  Ah, newsflash, dudes, the consensus was that the earth was flat, the universe circled around it and that plate tectonics was a wild theory, at one time.  Asking the masses to suspend disbelief this time is basically just telling them that This Time Is Different, and that they are in fact smarter than you.  Which might or might not be the case, but you do nothing to make your case by insulting your audience ( I can get away with it because Sweet Baby Jesus loves me above all others and my hair outshines most ).


( note: I’m pretty convinced of Gore Warming myself, and very suspicious of corporate greed and funding skewing the “deniers”, but that doesn’t make any of the above untrue ).  What if mass action could change anything?  You are still looking at the Law Of Snow Days.  Which says that those that are not forced to drive in unsafe conditions by their employer will still do so anyway if money is involved.  If anything, anything at all, about the health of the ecosystem dares to stand in the way of making money, the Earth loses.  Other species loses.  Your own species outside your tribe loses.  Eventually your own tribe loses.  But none of that matters.  Just money.  Even your “Christians” are not very charitable about others if money is at stake.  Jesus kicking the money lenders asses only means you can’t charge TOO much interest, and that whole “dominion over the beasts” covers clear cutting and extinctions quite nicely, thank you.  Christ Crapping On A Cracker, Christian Militia Survivalists are some of the greedier ones, Yuppie Scum personified.  Only Mammon’s ( Mormon’s ) are worse, culturally.  All things in moderation means money, also.  Dinguses.


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  1. Bout 7:30 this morn I walked out to the Hughes satellite dish on the pedestal in the north yard and broomed the snow off'n it so we could get a decent signal. See, I had to email a series of big assed pdf's to a client in Falconer, NY for the preliminary design of a 4 story, 16,000 sf mixed use building that will be built right on Main St in the downtown area next year. Those 4 files put 4000 tax free dollars directly into my ass pocket and I never left the compound to attain or do any of it, as it should be.

    Simultaneously my wife sent out the index she just completed for a 924 page book to a publisher in NY that put a few thou in her ass pocket and she did not leave estancia either.

    Everyday we practice living as free as we can and the rest of this planet can go straight to hell in a nitro fueled rocket sled if that is what it chooses. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.

    FWIW, though there's snow on the ground we both have 4x4 vehicles that are paid for and we will go and do as we please.

    1. The rocket sled will be powered not by nitro but by bio-fuel.

  2. First off, I thought you might like to know that it's 85° here today he he.
    Secondly, as you well know I was in that accident and was promised my old job back...they lied...
    The old, what ya did for me yesterday don't mean didley squat today...
    What the hell, at least I'm mostly mobile now days and my better half is still gainfully employed.
    You are right about most supposed Christians being the least charitable folk. I'm afraid that this crop of swindlers that
    Duh Donald is packing into his cabinet is going to only help the 1% and do little to help global warming. In fact it looks as tho the Orange baboon is going to ramp up the carbon output. While giving the country away to his buddy Vladimir.
    No worries however. We can expect Chinese missiles overhead momentarily. Hopefully just to EMP us to the dark ages.
    The best scenario we could ask for in my opinion.
    Instant collapse and no one can go anywhere !

    Of course the stock market is doing a run up comparable to 1928 and just before Hoover was inaugurated, history certainly looks to be repeating here....
    Good old Trump right in place to take the fall for us. Course it ain't gonna hurt him nearly as much as John q. Public is going to burn.

    1. I don't know, none of the Trump nicknames seems to be sticking. I like yours, I just don't see it going viral. Orange Cheeta snack items come close, but don't have a 'ring" to it ( I think it was "Cheetos Trump" ). Tang Trump, perhaps? We need to keep an eye on this one.

    2. Unfortunately EMP will likely NOT effect nearly 80% of cars ability to run. Lack of gas might, as might lack of navigation or information about which way to travel. I otherwise agree with your hypothesis that An EMP type event would probably be in the top 5 ways to conduct a die off that would allow for better off survivors. ('clean' nukes or gamma ray lasers cleansing the cities would be two others, a bio plague that only kills off the stupid would be great too, though I cant imagine the behavioural key that would work for that disease).

    3. Even if all cars ran, in six months ( estimated ) all the ethanol tinged gas would be near worthless.

    4. Yes in 6 months or less there wouldnt be any vehicles running (except maybe government ones) And from day one of the EMP incident most people will still be sitting around and waiting for the power to come back on or other info to get passed around. I figure about a week before people figure out it is likely permanent or nearly so. But that time between week one and month six is when the bandits, gangs, refugees, etc, will be on the move with motorized vehicles and looking for better digs, food, loot, and rapine. 1 week to 6 months will be the most dangerous time post EMP.

    5. Good point. And six months might be the longest, as gas will all be used in the resource grab quickly.

  3. We all know cults like scientology are the work of spooks (the CIA, whatever), but so is Wahabism. If they can mass-convert people into a crazy cult there, why couldn't they do so here ?

    Observing the political trands in the USA from the media, I sense they're setting up an artificial civil war between "liberals" linked with satanism etc. (hence the Pizzagate) and "Jesus Wahabists" like Evangelists (25% of the US population). Of course this war will desecrate all appeals on reason, rights etc.

    For instance, it looks like Social Justice Warriors, Feminazis, Black Lives Matter etc. have been brought to existence only to destroy the concept of tolerance.

    Following that logic, in a few years' hence, if you have a tolerant mindset you'lle be considered at best a naive wimp like those French back in 2003, at worst an insane fanatic.

    The purpose of that war would hence not to have a side win it as much as destroying concepts that would allow people to defend themselves against the system (pretty much the point of that "1984" novel)

    We have to see the system as a scam (by now many people realise it but they still don't say it openly and to its logical conclusions).

    Critical thinking , necessary to discover and expose the scam, requires thinking differently (which is also a lot of what Jesus Christ was about in the first place, hence the crucifixion etc.) and thus open-mindedness and tolerance.

    Everything happening right now is about not only preserving the scam but actually making it stronger.

  4. The only way I see to combat global warming (Which I don't believe in for a variety of reasons, but I'll spare you the details for the sake of keeping this short) is for the entire world to revert to living like the Amish, unless of course you're one of these “technology will save us” types (It won't). Yeah, somehow I don't see liberals hopping on a sailing vessel for a treacherous 2 week plus journey to their favorite playground, Europe. Or biking a 100+ miles in the rain or freezing weather to attend the latest Trump protest rally. No commercial planes ever again, because remember, a 747 spews out the carbon equivalent of I forgot how many cars, but it's a fuck ton.

    Or, alternative #2. Level all the cities where all the polluting liberals live. I like the second alternative better I think :D

    1. I thought I heard the figure that ONE cross Atlantic plane flight used more energy than building the Great Pyramid.

    2. IF global warming is happening, AND it's human behavior making it happen, we are already saved by peak oil. The 2nd half of getting out oil from the ground is going to be so expensive that it can't be done (profitably, in the current economic regime). So, if we (the 3 generations before me) did make the world warmer, it's going to stop, but not how we would like it. Cooling is worse than warming for the USA, and really-bad for Canada.
      Got wool (everything)?

    3. The main issue being, will Peak Oil stop warming in time or have we already "baked into the cake" most of the bad juju? I tend to think the damage is already done. That is just me, I don't get too concerned about it all. The Titanic is going down and climate change is one more danger such as the propeller, hyperthermia, fights for the lifeboats or attacking rabid walrus.

  5. A couple of personal anecdotes

    From a previous employer

    A flood was coming to my city. It had already devastated towns in its path with loss of life. It was raining heavily. The stores were awash with panic buying (how do I know? I was one of them LOL). I rode my bike to work and figured worse comes to worse I just walk home.

    Everyone at my workplace were a ball of stress. Most had turned up but a sizeable amount didn't. The TV showed the impending flood approaching (due to hit in the middle of the night.... I worked morning shift). Mobile phones were patchy as the system was overloaded. Workers broke down and cried.

    I heard the evil HR lady saying she was fucking off home to make sure everything was OK. Then she took a call and berated the person for not coming in even though the roads were flooded & damaged.

    I wasn't stressed as I said, I could walk (swim) home, didn't own anything that couldn't be replaced and lived in a (rented) unit that was one story up.


    Same employer. Impending disaster bearing down on the town (Cyclone). This time I did have things I cared about (a house, a decent car & a dog) and I lived a good distance away. Rain belted down and the wind kept getting stronger. My supervisor refused to let me go home early and the roads were becoming increasingly dangerous due to the wind rain flooding and congestion. Late in the shift he expressed concern about the storm and I got real angry with him saying that there was plenty of warning about the impending disaster. Got asked to stay back and told them to go to hell.

    I swore to myself that next time I would just call in sick.

    Story 3

    I was working in emergency services at the time. They ran a "city gets hit by a dirty bomb" scenario. I said I'd take off my uniform and go home to look after my family. They didn't like that and I told them they need to consider that I was just saying what everyone was thinking

    Story 4

    At child care, one of the earlier impending disaster. I remarked to a parent bringing in their child that she must be really sure that the workers love her kid. Why? she asked. I said, err you do know about the storm and how many kids do you think each worker can spirit off to safety? I don't know the number but I don't know if it was "every single kid"

    IMHO there needs to be a law that says if a natural disaster occurs then ONLY essential workers should go to work. Essential as in Nurses, doctors, firies, ambos and cops.

    1. Well, since the corporations help make the law...

  6. Since cash is tight for just about everyone, watch out for all the people running around in the rain and snow with bald tires, slipping and sliding everywhere and not knowing how to countersteer. Scary!

    Jesus tossing the tables in the temple was for a variety of reasons. The temple was supposed to be for worshipping God, not for noisy commerce. The money changers were intentionally defrauding people by having false weights on the scales and telling people, "Your sacrifice isn't good enough, you have to buy an animal from us", at an inflated price of course. Hence, He called it a den of thieves. Commercial transactions (except for emergencies and such) were all strictly prohibited on the Sabbath. It was prohibited to charge interest to another Jew, foreigners were okay. Although the Scripture doesn't explicitly say this, I'm pretty sure part of that was because despite a few non-normative historical blips (like the discovery of oil) and other easy resource extraction bonanzas, growth doesn't happen. Any level of interest is difficult to pay back under normal economic conditions. The vast majority of these did not convert to Christianity, Jesus told them they were of their father the devil and had perverted His law.

    The topic of Christian charity would require an article-length response to treat properly.
    Peace out

    1. We've all seen how interest perverts the economy, so usury being prohibited makes sense ( also, it being tribal specific ). I don't think Christian charity would be too difficult of a concept. You give when you have extra. But of course there is that old "non-tribal" clause, and making sure greedy Papists don't take most of it off the top or sell indulgences which keep money from ever getting to the intended donors, and so on. But, yes, you could go on for quite some time. I think I liked it better when cultural rules were easy and black and white, without the clauses and addendums. If they ever where.

  7. I lucked out and have been employed by a kick-ass boss. Several years back, I needed heart surgery (aortic valve replacement) that required at least six weeks absence for procedure and recovery. Not only did he keep my job, he PAID me during the duration.

    Getting laid up like this was a surprise. I found it a triple whammy: 1) Not able to go into work - no income. Okay, that is why people have emergency funds, right ? 2) Unlike being fired - laid off, I couldn't go out and find another job. 3) Several weeks after procedure, I receive a fair amount of mail which state "Hi - we've never met. But you owe us a butt-load of money and we'd appreciate you sending $$$ as soon as possible.

    My boss paying for my leave of absence saved my ass. I would have been far more down the hole if he simply gave me time off without the compensation. I've paid him back by refusing to take vacation time, allowing the yearly time to time out.

    I'm sure he would have been okay with me taking the payed time off, but that isn't how I roll. I do what I can to pay my debts.

    1. Don't ever leave that job. Or allow him to leave. Lucky punk son-of-a-bean.