Friday, December 16, 2016

finances for collapse book 5



BTN’s are, of course, Better Than Nothings.  This was not original to myself, first being used to describe less than ideal wives.  We’d all love Cindy Crawford as a wife, obsequious, randy, hobbies including cooking and shooting.  In reality land, we all settle for one a little less…everything.  But most wives are better than not having a wife ( I know a lot of you disagree, and I can see why with the pick of the litter out there being carbon copies of Hilary Clinton with a muffin top, but here we speak of pre-FemiNazi’s when women were more interested in whelping a brood than wearing a man’s testicles in the boardroom ).  Hence the saying.  I’ve used BTN’s to describe survival stockpiles.  As in, far better to have a months worth of food in wheat berries than a single meal of an MRE ( both being the same price.  Yes, the wheat is not as tasty, nor as animal flesh-ey.  But a months worth of Better Than Nothing because you can’t afford thirty MRE’s ).  Okay, I use it to describe some of my wives, also, but you read me for my delightfully insightful and witty bloviations on prepping, not relationships ( although you have few choices when I spring the latter on you ).


BTN’s are important for you financially because the less your supplies cost the less you need to find in your budget and the less you need to work.  Or, are allowed to work, anyway.  Obammy the retarded Muslim fag thought his legacy was getting everyone health care ( because, you know, in the mushy grey goo that passes for Compassionate Liberals brains these days, thinking that allowing pre-existing conditions to be considered mandatory to insure would never raise anyone’s costs.  Okay, I know, Obammy only cared that he was told to be the fall guy for this turd of an insurance industry bail out [ being an insurance guy is tough nowadays.  Your profit goes down when Gore Warming hits areas where the majority of the population lives.  And they expect you to actually pay out on policies after disasters!  You got in this game to make money, not give it away, for goodness sakes ] but even if you don’t buy that you can’t excuse this exercise in illogic ).  Instead, he will be remembered for both killing people indirectly, but more importantly cutting everyone’s hours ( it is also tough to be a big business owner nowadays.  Your employees, rather than be appreciative of the fact they have a job at all, insist on actually getting half a living wage!  HALF!!!  Then they get health insurance?  What are we running, a profit center to keep me caught up with the 1%, or a charity?!?! ).


At a time when everyone’s hours are being cut, prior to the job being outsourced to a foreign county ( and please feel free to purchase those overseas products with your unemployment check ), you are busy listening to a bunch of punk ass bitches preach to you that you need MORE money for preps?  What did I miss here?  Was it the sound of a contracting global  economy?  The sound of air being sucked from oil wells?  We aren’t buying a boat to impress our friends, we are prepping for the apocalypse.  Which means we are in a collapse, awaiting the final crash.  Now is the time to think about finding more $10,000 bills that fell between the couch cushions?  No, it is the time to face unpleasant realities.  Like, toys are not as important as tools.  You can still have your toys.  Lord knows I can spend as much money on unnecessary crap as the next guy.  But FIRST you need the basic, no frill, affordable items nobody bothers advertising on their web site. 


Bulk calories in whole grains.  Buying more bolt action ammunition rather than semi auto magazines, cool optics and assorted accessories.  A piece of junk land with a shack rather than twenty acres in the boonies.  A mountain bike rather than a four wheel drive.  A manual $50 grain grinder rather than a $300 electric one.  None of these are sexy, but they are affordable.  And, surprise, they help keep you alive.  Which should be the whole point of this hobby.  NOT preserving your middle class industrial nation imperial Oil Age lifestyle.  First off, that lifestyle is NOT sustainable.  I don’t care who you are, expecting to be able to achieve infinite growth on a finite planet is retarded.  Secondly, I love you with all my heart, Honest Injun, but you are NOT a special snowflake.  You are just one of the herd.  Even if Americans kick ass and the rest of the world sucks, you are still only one in three hundred and thirty three million.  I think you are special, but the rest of those dinguses out there do not.  You do not deserve more than you can afford, seems to be their uppity attitude!  The nerve!


And thirdly, seriously?!?  You are going to try to time the collapse?  Dumb ass.  Expect it tomorrow, so prep yesterday.  That means, wait for it!  Better Than Nothing.  If oil magically turns out to actually be abiotic, and the replenishment rate is better than all indicators hint at, well, THEN you can go toy shopping to your hearts content.  Buy fifteen AR-15’s, one of each varying lengths and barrel twists.  Take out a thirty year mortgage on a retreat property.  Go cat crapping wild!  Want to bet a jelly filled donut you’ll never get the chance?  Part of the philosophy of finances you need to embrace is to minimize and to eliminate.  JUST minimizing your expenses just means you need a lower middle class income rather than an upper middle class one.  It is necessary, but not enough.  Far better to ELIMINATE costs.  We cover that in the next chapter, but for prepping it works just as well.  Once you eliminate the perceived need for a farm and a plastic arsenal and bug out cars and night vision and everything else, it is dirt damn cheap to prep.  Once you eliminate the perceived need for a lot of everyday living arrangements, you need a lot less money to live.  That frees up more money for preps, which aren’t even all that expensive.  This stuff is NOT rocket science.


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  1. And you can upgrade peicemeal after you have the BTN basics.
    Get yourself your calories in grain, then get a grinder, then get the beans, then get the MREs of Freeze dried.
    Get yourself a simple rugged bike, then get yourself an add on electric or gas motor for easier commuting, then get yourself your next 4x4 that will drive itself.
    Get yourself a simple cheap bolt action rifle for hunting/self defense, then get yourself a pistol for self defense only, Then get ammo for both, then get yourself gun XYZ and all the pretties.
    Etc., etc, for each Yuppie scum survivalist prepp there is at least one if not 3-4 steps down that is cheaper that you class as BTN (i.e. dark sunglasses during the day and letting your eyes adjust at night can nearly eliminate the need for expensive and unreliable night vision systems much of the time, is better than nothing, and is something almost anyone can afford.)
    And, after you upgrade your BTN to the next level you can keep the BTN as the backup. My 4x4 can carry my bike, and if the 4x4 becomes unusable, all I have to do is pull down the bike and go. If my freeze dried gormet meals seem to be getting used up too fast I can always just extend them by using more grain and use the gormet meal as mere flavorings until I can adapt to grain only for 90% of my calories. Etc.
    The BTN first makes sense. If you already have the FYS (fancy yuppie scum) preps for any catagory, getting the BTN as backup and extenders still makes sense.

    1. "Get yourself a simple cheap bolt action rifle for hunting/self defense, then get yourself a pistol for self defense only, Then get ammo for both, "

      I'm no gun nor prepper expert. However buy your ammo at the same time as the firearm. Or at least buy enough ammo to get by on. I'm just saying buying a rifle and pistol. Then buying ammo later doesn't make sense to me. Buy one gun and the ammo for it.

      Not having a dig at you. just a minor refinement.

      I do like your suggestion about buying a back up for the FYS preps. I have some of those. But yeah, calories first

  2. All of the arguments for "common calibers" apply to a bolt-action rifle as much as to a semi-auto. 6.5mm Grendel may be "perfect" but it's a boutique item, not stocked at the rural rod & gun shack, nor by Uncle Sam in the depots. There are only 2 kinds of rifle ammo that Uncle stocks very deep: M-4/SAW ammo (fits most AR's when de-linked) and 7.62NATO (approximately .308Win) that fits the .30 MG's and a few M-14's. If you get a bolt action rifle in .308Win, surplus brass and FMJ ammo may be yours as well as lots of variety for reloading components. A bolt-action .223 offers nearly the same cost and variety advantages. The same issues of function and weight that concern semi-auto shooters remain with boltie shooters. Are we going to kill big animals, and at what range? Not Alaska "big", but 48 State "big", can be taken with either, at the appropriate range. Just like you can get a deer with a .22lr, you can stand back a ways and use a .223, and you can stand back even farther with .308Win. A weapon and 100 rounds of .308Win is heavier than a weapon and 100 rounds of .223, regardless of auto/semi-auto/bolt/break-down action. The choice gets stickier if you can't see much more than 30M in your local wild area. Why do I need heavier weapon/ammo and bigger boom? The opposite issue applies to folks where you can see the curvature of the earth: Is a .300WM with 10x glass enough gun? Can I afford enough ammo?

    Buckets of BTN food keep you from needing to git kilt searching for food with the refugees. Have extra decks of cards. Stay in the below-grade part of the bunker. Keep warm & keep busy.


    1. And don't buy those dollar store decks of cards. False economics-they fall apart ten times faster than the cards that cost three times as much. I play cards every night and have for years. Just don't buy them at Wally-no cheaper there than elsewhere. Which applies to almost everything now.

  3. The more I think about it, the more it starts to make sense to go with the rifle/pistol, same ammo combo. This enables you to squeeze out far more loads with a can of powder. If it were me, I'd go with the .44 mag rifle/pistol. You would have the versatility of shooting the .44 specials, or downloading the magnum cases, or going with full power magnum loads that would take anything in North America.

    The only problem that I see with this combo is that you are limited to about 200 yards. So if you need to take out starving golden horde liberals at ranges beyond this, this option won't really work that well for you.

    1. Isn't another problem Time Is Short? It might be better to concentrate on maxing ammo for whatever you have now, even if less efficient.

    2. I suppose James. I was thinking more in terms of someone starting off new. But if you already have an existing arsenal, then, as the dirty, diseased hippies are prone to saying, “love the one you're with” :D

    3. I kind of feel sorry for anyone just starting off, time and financially speaking. But, yes, learn from our mistakes.