Thursday, December 8, 2016

consulation prize 2 of 2

note: our local sales at Smiths ( owned by Kroger-so see if yours has duplicate prices ) is 99 cent flour, sugar and peanut butter.  That is 7500 calories per dollar, 6800 and 2500, respectively. Almost three months of food for $20.  Granted, these are supplement foods, too deficient in nutrients to subsist wholly on.  Use to pad your calorie count from whole grains.
Okay, we now know that it is good and healthy to embrace death, in order to not postpone it in any kind of guaranteed fashion but rather to remove any fear you have of it.  I think those that fear death the most are those who had too easy of a life.  They are so divorced from reality that they think the wallowing in luxury is not only normal but should last forever.  If you live life in a more natural way, death is no big deal.  Not because life sucked and you are glad to leave it ( that kind of attitude is for losers like alcoholics-although it is excusable if the alcohol dulls the physical pain.  Physical pain avoidance is allowed, but not mental pain.  Sorry, I don’t make the rules  ) but because life is normally a difficult struggle and the “up” times few and far between ( which makes them nicer to enjoy, anyway ), and death is just another regular “down” time event.  I also have a sneaky suspicion that most Jesus Freaks don’t really want to meet their wonder-deity and are some of the biggest whiners about death-but just the Yuppie Scum ones.  Again, divorced from reality and that “luxury normalcy” trumps any religious conviction.  The religious poor seem to have no problems with death.


Now, since you are reading me and not almost any other survival site out there, I assume you are NOT one of those rich bitches and can easily see the benefits of giving Death a big raspberry.  Bring it on, bitch!  We’re all going to die anyway, so why worry?  And we know that prepping is IN CASE we survive, not to ENSURE that we do so.  So, what is this sick fascination with slaying enough of your enemies prior to your own death?  I’d wax eloquently about entering Valhalla if you earn a warriors death, but really, do any of us truly believe that?  It is more of a funny goof on old timey religions.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, most Papists are, anymore, kind of weak willed women without the moral fiber needed to smite Mohammedans and that is with a industrial war machine behind them, and to think of them as warriors is a bit of a stretch.  Compared to the modern pussies, any old time warrior culture is kick ass.  Perhaps that is why the old gods hold no appeal-we are so far out of touch with violence ( thanks, FemiNazi bitches! ) that Odin and the like are just Marvel comic book characters.  Very few can relate to being a warrior.  But that means that we allow ourselves to be guided, even in our imaginations, by modern buzz kill Politically Correct gods.  Even as we mock them, we are still influenced.


The first step to freeing yourself from the life threatening clamp on violent tendencies by our limp-wristed Mammon worshipers is to daydream about not just violence, but revenge.  If you were on a sports team, this would be called “visualizing increased performance” and be considered not only beneficial but normal.  You do it for the Apocalypse and suddenly you are a sick perverted scumbag?  I don’t think so.  The collapse will not be a nice place, and far less nice if you harbor any vestiges of PC Thought.  Remember the quote from Conan The Barbarian, about the good life including smiting your enemies and defiling his women?  1930’s fantasy wasn’t as far removed from reality as it is now, when you are only allowed violent simulation as a criminal ( Grand Theft Auto ) or as a member of the nation states military ( even as that military become far more pussy-fied ).  Hell, even in the ‘70’s we were still allowed misogynist dreams on Gor, and hero’s had body counts rather than vampire romances.


I freely acknowledge that there are traces of Revenge Fantasies Of Impotent White Males here.  The powerless are often only left with those.  But does that make then A Bad Thing?  Hell, to me, that is just motivation.  Yes, I’ve been crapped on most of my life, and mostly by women and girly-men, and I can’t imagine there aren’t a lot more of us out there.  Of COURSE I’d love to get some pay back.  Did I feel bad about using my power while a LEO, as part of that lashing back?  Not really.  I actually wouldn’t have minded more.  Being honest with myself, I think that is also part of the natural order of things.  So I don’t even really hold fantasies of revenge on any certain individuals.  They were just being who they are, dicks.  So should I feel bad when it is my turn?  I shouldn’t ( not saying I won’t ).  It will be me dying or them.  Starvation time, in an era without central authority keeping the peace, will NOT be a time to be a nice guy.  Period.  Tribal warfare for scarce resources, you are only a nice guy to your tribe.  All others must be killed, or you indirectly kill your own tribe members.


So, with this kill or be killed attitude, making it easier with your disdain towards your own death, and enjoying the slaying of non-tribal members, we come back around to your “consolation prize”.  Killing as many as possible before your own death isn’t a way of making yourself feel better as much as it is a survival trait where your ancient ancestors made their sacrifice worthwhile.  A warrior, although not at all a scarcity ( in a tribal society, almost every single make after puberty until old age was one ), was still not to be sacrificed without cause.  They were expected to die, but due to the long gestation and training period of their profession, their deaths had to have good effect.  “Taking as many with you as possible” is a side effect of that.  Make your death count.  Hopefully for the good of the tribe, but if not for the good of you.  If you are going to die anyway, far better in battle.  Dead is dead, granted, but nobody much cares if an artist dies of old age, compared to a warrior’s good death.  Leaving kids is a good legacy, but far better to leave kids who have less enemies to contend with. 


We can analyze revenge factors and all the rest, but in the end few things mark a man as being a warrior.  Just as being a breeder marks a woman.  That is human nature.  So, yes, we can actually be proud to take as many as possible with us when we go.  Embrace your inner Conan.


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  1. I like these two articles very much.

    One think I thought about while reading them was George Orwell describing his first experience as a homeless person (in & out in Paris and London) saying part of the experience was liberating because people kept warning you no going broke but now, there you were, and what could they do to you now ?

    So one aspect of SHTF will indeed be that some people will ot care at all and do what they feel for. Many will actually eliminate parasitic people in the process and will be thanked for that.

    That would be too little too late in the perspective of the dying civlisation but, hey it's basically done now, and just a part of the normal life post-civilisation : "if you say you're a special woman and you begin telling shit like that to other women then Dave and Gary will kill you on the spot like they did with Michelle and Hillary back then."

  2. I'd say that you have your work cut out for you James if the goal is to provide motivation enough to survive the collapse long enough to die in a bloody conflict.

    And I was about to mention that if it's about leaving a legacy for the children, then it's not all in vain. But today's feminist, LGBT embracing, multi-cult worshiping, puppy hugging, safe space seeking over innocuous words and offensive Halloween costumes, millennials, are more of a reason to leave this place in as bad of shape as possible before exiting. But then it dawned on me that none of these people exhibit any of the hardiness required to even possibly survive through a collapse, making this statement a moot point.

    In fact, I don't see any hope at all for the PC addled western societies. It will be the children of the few surviving patriarchal societies that will get through this mess and be the future rulers of the planet.

    1. Well, the goal is more to get us thinking more naturally about death, and to tamp down our fear.