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Monday, August 8, 2016

post 2 of 2 today book review

post 2 of 2 today book review

Indivisible 2 by Troy Grice
( available next month: add to your Wish List now ).
Reprint of my Amazon review:

Another successful effort by Troy.  In fact, I’d say that each of his books improves exponentially.  More than just another Militia Porn novel, more than just a sequel.  Take everything you’ve enjoyed about this authors other books, combine them and Indivisible 2 is better.  Of course, as usual, it is too short.  You’ll want more, and sooner.  But art cannot be rushed-this is certainly not another hack churning out another paycheck.  Parts were post-collapse ( of course, a soft collapse in that it isn’t the end of the world but merely the end of an empire ), but mostly this is from the ground floor of a bloody and hard fought insurgency.  No jingoistic flag waving, no unrealistic heroic soap opera, just cold reality of necessity rather than patriotic fervor.  Yet this wasn’t just a grim tale.  You also get a taste of the halls of power and Machiavellian intrigues.  And enough hope for the commoners struggling alongside the combatants that you look forward to the next in the series.  It stands alone-I can barely remember the first book other than I loved it, and this one didn’t leave me confused.  Troy is one of my few Must Read fiction writers, and brings back hope to a genre so full of mediocrity.  I can only say good things about this one.  Highly recommended.

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