Monday, August 1, 2016

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I like the Doomstead Diner Dude ( 3D ).  We share the same In The Ballpark collapse concerns, he was smart enough to leave New York City so I don’t hold it against him being a Yankee, his articles are always interesting ( I don’t follow the video’s as that just ain’t my bag, baby-I can give them five minutes of my time but an hour and a half sees my concentration waiver unlike print ), he has a wicked sense of humor, he is given a lifetime pass on any minor transgressions since he posted an article of mine once ( once again serving humanity by showing Super Frugal lessons, but alas being rounded ignored as all the commenters tried desperately to gay it up by introducing the maximum amount of complexity to something so butt simple an unschooled weakened Somalian could have grasped it ), he has an article nearly every day-enough so it doesn’t chap my ass to keep fighting download issues only to discover the Sum Bitch has posted like once a month, and lastly and most importantly he does reprints of all those Slow Poster Sites I can’t stand to add to my “favorites” and check every day for the above stated reason.  In short, truthfully, his is about the ONLY worthy Collapse Article Compiler on the Web.


His last Monday of the month article ( well, it could have been the second to last Sunday-sorry, I have my old Writing Computer whose keyboard and Microsoft word processor is superior-I’ve written in the neighborhood of three million words on it, if not more and I shan’t give up on it until it dies-and then I have my Internet And PDF Compiler Computer and so it isn’t anywhere easy to check on the Web while writing ) covered the silliness of many people crying out in terrible anguish that the human race was guaranteed to die within less than one generation from Gore Warming, refusing all hope and insisting that all was lost ( I’ve covered this topic before but in passing.  3D gave it quite a bite of attention to detail ).  I mean, I’m one gloomy Gus myself, seeing the worst coming, manfully disregarding any soft and squishy compromises, and I would NEVER come close to even comprehending what goes on in these idiots minds.  I’ve never understood Affluent Society Suicides.  I can understand if things were truly bleak, like you knew for a fact you were going to starve or get a terrible disease or be a sex slave as you were starving with diseases.  If you were truly helpless and powerless and there was no way out at all.  But for all other situations, the lowest level I would stoop to would be Suicide By Cop.  Nothing against them, of course.  But let’s say I was given an incurable disease by the government in one of their mandatory vaccines ( it wouldn’t matter if a private company delivered it or manufactured it, the government was complicit ).  Would I not have the right to vengeance?  Why should I just kill myself when I can take one of the bastards with me ( like one of the pukes who profited from the situation.  The cop I’d just threaten enough without harming him so he’d shoot me.  There are a lot of monkey molesters out there in law enforcement, but I’d like to honor our peaceful coexistence as long as possible just on principles-and yes, I know it is one sided )?


But to want to kill yourself before the collapse and die-off because you know we are all going to die?  That is just gay, dude.  Almost all of us are going to die, granted.  A 99.9% die-off leaves, what?  Seven million of us? Did I do the math right?  And that is globally.  The reason I give that amount of collapse isn’t because of all the nasty effects of Gore Warming, although worst case scenario is some pretty scary crap, but because of all the cascading failures we are going to see just from overpopulation meeting resource collapse.  Even moderate weather change added to that makes things worse.  The human population needs to be reduced to a level of mere hunter/gatherers/herders ( and isolated substance farmers ) to allow the farmland we’ve denuded to regenerate.  Right now petroleum inputs are the only thing feeding almost all of us ( except a very minor percentage of LOCAL organic farmers ) globally.  All those Third World peasants planting with minimal modern inputs?  In hock to our bankers and not even in control of their own land.  Globally.  There are almost no places that could transition to non-oil farming and still continue to feed everyone holding out their hand.  Once oil inputs are down graded, and BTU Delivered is down at least ten percent globally ( not to mention all the other issues such as Fake Oil producers at the mercy of soon to be failing banks for financing ), widespread hunger and starvation replaces today’s malnutrition. 


But that is as dour as things get.  We won’t see a 100% die-off.  That is nearly impossible.  Here is one example.  The “wet bulb temperature” is often given by Gore Warmers as an extreme cause of worry.  Once temperatures rise high enough in high humidity areas, your body is unable to cool itself through sweating.  Goodbye, Irene.  But there are humans who live in these conditions-the Pigmy dudes in Congo Africa and areas.  The people on top of the Andes live in that lessened oxygen environment better than us Normals.  Pale skin thrives in the northern lands in a sun challenged environment.  And those are biological adaptations, not covered under Tool Use ( such as how Eskimo’s live up in that nasty cold slop ).  Unless Earth turns into Mars or Venus, humans are going to adapt and survive.  Evolution is when the species pool has many different minor variations.  A huge disaster happens ( Ice Age, asteroid, super volcano ) and that lucky lottery winner with the newly needed attribute survives and breeds.  That covers climate change, within most parameters.  But first you need to survive while all those other bastards are trying to outlive you.  I’d be far more worried about that short term issue than the longer one ( not for nothing is short term thinking a survival trait ).  And that is a mere Tool Kit requirement.  And as most times, the tool is just cultural.  Both the easiest and hardest to change.  More tomorrow.


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  1. Our normal routine, before my accident interrupted routines, was to set up a nice tent camp out in the woods during hunting season. Which lasts about four months . Usually only going to town maybe once a week. To resupply water fresh food etc. ,Also to bring game back to the freezer.
    You spend a September month in a tent camp, y'all get acclimated to living without AC ! Just stay out the sun, son. Catch some breezing under the trees you be fine.
    Shelter and some woods wisdom makes central Florida bearable even in the hottest months. In fact resupply isn't necessary, just makes camp life more civilized ?
    Point is, with a little bit of equipment, some preps and field time training. A person can survive almost anywhere in the US. Not advisable to skip the training time though.

    1. Florida living was far easier than I had anticipated, but Florida country living ain't for me. The Gators, okay, easily avoided. But those big ass snakes? And disease carrying skeeters? Screw that! But the temps were never an issue.

  2. I completely agree with you an 3D about the low chances of a single generation extinction of the Human Species - it would have to be something humans would voluntarily do to themselves. WW3 MIGHT be able to do it as a sort of Samson in the Temple / M.A.D. sort of thing ("we are losing? no hope of us surviving? Then release the Kill Everyone else project" says the general of Buttistan or where ever.) But that is highly unlikely - after all if you know some one in the quickly mart has his hands on the dead man switch for a nuke, you are as polite as possible and will do almost anything to keep that nuke from being used.
    The human race will have a massive pruning (though I doubt it will even reach 95%) And a lot of tech will be shelved for generations or even permanently (why exactly do we need stereo surround sound theaters - in our CARS?!?)

    1. It won't take much to low tech us-the infrastructure is fragile and centralized. i.e. one source for flash drives, one area per multiple urban hives providing the feed stocks, etc.

    2. Until the end of this century I would put my money on SOME of what we consider tech continuing. Because the actual tech artifacts is widespread even if manufacture isn't - sure their might not be one computer per person in the future - and no new ones at all - but there will probably be a few old ones limping on, probably in the offices of the supply officers and head accountants for multiple generations - (laptops that were not connected to the grid if there has been some sort of EMP, and now powered by solar or car alternator).
      Some small scale electric will remain - car alternators can work that way - batteries might be salt/iron or nickel/iron heavy things that can barely keep a couple old led's going.
      Anti-biotic's wont exist, but opiates and THC for surgeries will still exist and holistic alternatives to other pharmaceuticals (and even a little bit of near anti-biotics like honey and silver).
      Even in the face of a WW3 it wont be an immediate Mad Max (note they had cars and guns- silly since cars require oil products) or immediately back to pre-renaissance tech. It will be a slide over generations as irreplaceable tech breaks down.
      Einstein was wrong WW4 wont be fought with rocks and sticks it will be fought with what remains after WW3.
      Horses _and bikes_ will replace cars -
      Crossbows may replace guns- or guns will be adapted to black powder.
      Gardens will replace lawns.
      Greenhouses and stables will replace garages.
      local seasonal holidays will replace vacations.
      Candles will take at least a generation to replace the LEDs for night lighting.
      Electricity will no longer be national or regional grids - each town or household will have to provide what electricity they need.
      But electricy will still be there, surgery and germ theory will still be there, a desire for democratic rule of law trappings (if not actuality) will still be there, etc. For at least a couple of generations.

    3. Your argument makes sense. So I should amend mine to say ASSUME tech will break down quickly and plan accordingly.

  3. LED's run at low current (<10% of rated max) will last a crazy long time, but the failure will be voltage regulators and capacitors well before the diodes themselves. Same result: No Worky!

    Edison-tech incandescent lamps and Delco lead-acid home battery requires a lot less tech-level to make than silicon diode LED's. Alternatives to Edison tech are kerosene/swamp-gas in thoriated mantles, fire up the smokey lard candles, or beeswax candles for the rich. A couple of 20L/5Gal buckets of tea-light 4-hour candles (sale priced as low as $3.50/hundred) and 24-packs of Bic lighters may be a good speculation on light/heat/fire. Burning candles in a closed space while breathing is not great for lungs or eyes, but it could be needful.

    Don't forget bundles of fiberoptic cable to pipe sunshine into your cave during the day. People will use the super-tech materials to make tents, until they get back to tanned hides to cover the treasure of pre-fall stainless steel pots and spoons. The silverware shortage will be especially acute in heavy-duty Danish ss soup spoons that make wicked arrow points.

    I just got bike #2. Panasonic "City Bike" of late 1980's (ChroMo, no shocks to fail, 18-sp). Added Jando big rear rack and matching panniers from collection. Replaced awful seat and pedals with 80%-off Bell "good enough" models. So far, I've got about $65 into the bike with DIY-only service and need a good lock.


    1. The only problem living out here in cowboy country is a lack of used bikes ( used guns, a lot easier to find if I wanted them ).