Friday, February 19, 2016

why WBS matter 2 of 2

Note: this is post 1 of 3 today.
The winning side always writes the history books.  So the Revolutionary War was about freedom and independence and human rights.  Except the Constitution took power away from the states, nullified the previous agreement by a gathering of rich humpers, and pushed the lands of settlement into Indian territory.  For Blacks and Indigs, there was no sharing the fabled Free And Independent country.  And for anyone who had fought to help free us from British colonialism, if they then objected to the same high tax rates as before, Ol’ Wooden Teeth led the entire federal army into their farm region and viciously dissuaded any dissent.  For the War Between the States, the re-writing has been systematic, deep and unrelenting.  If you rely on your history from public schools and PBS, everything you know about the conflict, except for a few dates and the colors of the uniforms, is a flat out lie.  Why?  What is so bad that the feds can’t just fess up and present a Give A Crap attitude, just like they did with Indian Massacres and with napalming Little Brown People?


What do you think the governments job is?  To protect you and your money?  To present you with opportunities?  To provide a safety net?  No.  The governments job is to provide a protection racket, and to protect those that enrich and empower those running the government.  A protection racket as in, pay me and you are protected from me sending you to a jail where you have a pretty much 50/50 chance of getting AIDS or another fatal disease, if you don’t get shived first.  Cruel and unusual punishment, sure, but what Amendment hasn’t the FedGov crapped on?  And protect and enrich the bankers who provide it credit to continue growing ( corporations are just the red headed stepchildren of the Feds and the central bank, reliant on one for credit and the other for “protection”.  All “corporations are evil and rule us and control the government” bullcrap is just blatant propaganda and misdirection from our true controllers ).  As was discussed elsewhere, a private bank providing credit to a central government is the cheapest and longest lasting method of growing and maintaining an empire. 


But you certainly can’t tell your peasants any of this, because the cheapest and easiest form of social control is to make your slaves think they are free.  Anyone is free to connect these easy dots but most of the herd is content to queue up to the corn derivatives trough and constantly eat as they gaze upon large screen sports entertainment.  As long as the trough stays full, and the pretty flicking images keep them in a REM sleep brain state, the golden handcuffs are ignored and anyone who points out the shackles is vilified and burned at the stake.  All this isn’t even new, but nearly fifty years old as the protesters of the Sixties made this common knowledge.  No wonder those dirty hippies were so loathed and ignored.  Okay, to be fair, they didn’t get everything right.  But they sure knew about breaking free of their conditioning.  Yet, as more and more economic calamity befell us as a nation, the farther and farther most of the population retreated from reality.  It got easier and easier to control the masses.  It isn’t even necessary anymore to massacre students or religious leaders.  Just keep the bread and circuses flowing, and circuses aren’t just gladiator spectacles but also feel good propaganda and conditioning.  


Let them think their vote matters.  Let them think they still live in a Republic.  Let them think the tyrants and dictators freed oppressed people instead of oppressing them.  Let them think the states still respond to its citizens rather than the FedGov.  Let them think that democracy always returns, even after a brief regrettable suspension of civil liberties.  Let them think It Is All About Them.  Baffle them with bullcrap.  Make them happy to be eating the crap sundae that is their lives.  Let them think that civil servant pensions and Social Security and Food Stamps are an entitlement and a right rather than a backdoor payment to the bankers and the corporations paying the bankers and not least a bribe to let them continue being controlled.  Let them think teachers care about a young children’s mind and aren’t in fact the conduit for early training for control.  Let them think firefighters are there to serve the public rather than taxpayer paid agents used for protecting private insurance companies ( who are central bankers bitches ) profits.  Let them think the police protect and serve them rather than the moneyed interests.  Let them think the FedGov didn’t colonize the states and has been exploiting them since.  Let them think the federal army is a force keeping the serfs free rather than an instrument that will be turned on the citizens immediately upon discovery of dissent.


Don’t let them think that your king hates all you serfs and slaves and would rather kill you all than look at you.  Good subjects, good.  Go back to sleep.


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  1. Excellent !!!! History in 500 words. I have asked my kids if confederacy had won how would the north have been judged. If Germany had won www1 or ww2 what would the USA be portrayed in history?

    1. The champions of states rights and the slayer of communism.

  2. Getting into the let them think rap. I can here the base and scratching album.