Monday, February 29, 2016

oil economy lies 5


Lie #4

The US has a free market, Yankee ingenuity and other one of a kind traits.

At what point do lies and propaganda go from team spirit, tribal identity and cohesion building to hubris, delusion and insolence?  All tribes believe they are God’s chosen people and that all outsiders are scumbags and pukes and not worthy of being pissed on if afire.  This is human nature and is a mandatory survival mechanism.  Man is territorial and vicious about it and if he wasn’t we wouldn’t be here today talking about it.  Dirty Long Hair Hippies had a huge energy surplus society to enable them to sit around in smoking dope ( not that there is anything wrong with smoking pot.  It is organic and makes you mellow rather than crazy or violent.  The derisive tone is directed at the Total Life Waste of its habitual user ) and talking out of their ass about, dude, can’t we all, like, you know, get along.  No, jag off, we can’t.  The hatred directed against you was due to the fact that we are violent, take no shame in it, tribal and you just form your own alien group, and to rub salt in the wound you are using the old tribes resources!  Most hippies went to college to stay out of Vietnam but they sure didn’t learn a damn thing while there.


And there was your apex of our economic activity along with the opening of the cultural wars.  It was all downhill from there.  Society has been disintegrating since that time.  Groups lose cohesion when they turn against each other in times of resource shrinkage.  Most groups use the tribal structure as a means of surviving times of troubles, which would include when you see said resource contraction.  But the American tribe was never a cohesive body.  It wasn’t a tribe conquering territory and then forcing the defeated into their tribe and making them conform to the mores and norms.  No, it was an immigrating force practicing genocide and only the WASP members were eligible to partake in the loot.  All others were never fully assimilated.  And the dominant culture was never about surviving hardship but about being a resource parasite.  The posers and wannabe’s and apprentices were sent West to fight the indigenous holdouts and the holders of civilizations light followed afterwards to reap the lions share of the reward.  Money alone was a good class divider ( the myth of the lack of class divisions in America was for the benefit of the poor.  The rich have never been under any illusion that they were not superior in every way and a tribe onto themselves ).


Yankee Ingenuity is another myth which allows us to think that we arrive with nothing and through awesome brain power and perseverance and sheer cussidness build castles in the sky from nothing.  It is the “we alone can pull ourselves up from our bootstraps” fable.  And it is complete bullcrap.  At its base it is an apologists delusion that we aren’t living off the fat of the land with no effort.  It is a fat lazy persons self justification for not getting off the sofa.  And at the same time it is a fire under the ass of the poor to work harder with no thought of revolt, slaving towards the ever retreating illusive goal of sharing the wealth with the wealthy.  The wealthy who got it all for nothing and now don’t want to share.  Not that you can blame them.  Look at the rich in America as you would a lottery winner.  They put no effort into winning but once they did they know the reward is all theirs, and any new found fair weather friend coming around to borrow any is a parasite.  You think the rich care whether you die or not, as long as they stay rich?  Remember, you are not of their tribe.


Meanwhile, as the country fractures even further apart, although you didn’t think that was possible, new tribes are being formed for the sole purpose of looting.  They are not tribes of cohesion, formed to survive, but bands of thieves temporarily bonding for treasure and then dispersing.  The forerunning which comes to mind is women’s rights advocates who formed to agitate for better pay, better positions and lots and lots of alimony and child support.  This came at no expense to the rich, as it was the peons wages which was being shuffled around.  And as an added bonus, the underclass turned against itself ( and the fact that Girl Power gals were practically running the military was also irrelevant.  The rich always controlled the wealth here, and when resources started contracting they started in on stripping the House America of its copper wiring and other valuables.  The military proves incapable, they move on to a more hospitable clime ), and a house divided can’t focus on the evil landlord.


America has never been a cohesive tribe.  It was an upper class living off the resources and an under class being fed lies and hype struggling for a tiny sliver of those resources.  You will never be rich, or even comfortable ( all the assets are being mined as we speak, and they are NOT virgin resources but the ones supporting the workers ), and you shouldn’t delude yourself as such.

Oh, yes, even more articles follow in this series.


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  1. Even though I'm by far and away the most prepared person that I know. Sometimes wonder if it isn't all for naught. Seeing how first off ,I'll have to fight off all neighboring folks whom haven't prepared. Being called hoarder and very selfish to not do the Christian thing and share....after all we must stick together as a tribe ,so that all might survive.
    Even if we manage to fight off the local scum bags , yuppies, and friends. In the end, government will step in and confiscate all preps, for the good of all don't you know. On top of that, all weapons must be turned over so that we can rest assured in our security....
    Way I figure, bury it now. Hide it deep in diverse locations ! Have multiple bug out plans, because in the end you are going to end up moving on as "The Tribe" will gather like locusts to sweep the land. Until it is devoid of all life.

    Knock, knock Lord Bison. I'm coming, to be a part of your tribe heh. Sooner or later........

    1. Well, you were the one who guided me to my present philosophy. We are all dead, survivalists might last a bit longer-no worries as long as I can take a lot of the bastards with me. Sound familiar? I just want to li long enough for that. Anything more is gravy.

    2. Yes indeed, those are words right out of my mouth, and I see no reason to alter them. Yet....

      High praise, to think that I influenced the wise Bison. I am humbled yet gratified. What good is life, if one cannot help his brother ?

    3. Believe me, it was a HUGE help indeed. I quite stressing so much after that.

  2. well!
    i admire your thick buffalo head pelt.
    [sorry about caps. little finger has a life of its own].
    when you see how those little colonies of [?] live on rocks in tide pools, it is much as you have described human interactions. they sting each other and try to encroach on each others' territory. it is an armed conflict always.
    very disheartening, and the coming generations were not raised with any of the morality which helped hold together society that i was taught early on.
    it is going to be dog eat dog, dog torture dog, dog hate dog.
    hope we all have places easy to defend, because those who survive will be brigands of the worst type and they will be roving the countryside for victims and plunder.
    some frenchman said that if you offer the people liberty or sandwiches, they will take the sandwiches.

  3. Fresh good non-human meat sandwiches? With real cheddar chz? Freedom later, lunch now!

    Sht sndwch better have toasted bread, or hngr strke!
    See 1992 Soviet movie "Cheka" for red terror preview of fuSA.