Monday, February 1, 2016

head for the hills-article 1 of 2 today


Good God in heaven, the cashless society is here!  The cashless society is here!  This morning ( as of this writing, not its posting ) I read an article over at Rawles wherein the warning was given-with irrefutable proof!-that soon we would see a law outlawing cash and coin and mandating e-money only.  The usual advice was given to prepare for this.  The main problem was that Big Obammy Government would track every transaction and tax it herewith.  Now, I don’t necessarily disagree with the general information presented.  The proof was shaky on logic, but it isn’t like we all haven’t thought the same thing.  It very likely could happen.  It is far more probable than, say, an EMP attack by North Korea.  But while it would suck pus engorged monkey member, adjustment wise,  there is also a very bright silver lining in this story.  First, the author listed every single payment that has gone electronic.  This was his proof that we shall all follow Norway abolishing cash ( with the assumption that since they might do it, it follows that automatically the EU would do so and that somehow locks the US into doing so also.  I’m not sure why, unless we are going under the assumption of Illuminati control or something ).  Does the author understand that profit motive is underlying most of the switching, rather than centralized control?  He really gets worked up that Food Stamps are electronic, but fails to mention that CitiBank gets paid for every transaction on a Food Stamp EBT card.  It is simply a Too Big To Fail Bank hidden bail out. 


Then the advice veers into the “suck-up to win” category and all the officially approved tangible items are trotted out.  Nickels and ammo and such.  Don’t get me started on those Gott Damned nickels again!  That advice is right on par with “east Oregon desert country with white supremacist gangs as a groovy retreat location” ( I’m serious about Oregon.  One of our volunteers moved from there and swears the White Power folks have a foothold in the local power structure in certain counties.  I could be wrong, but then Rawles published advice on relocating to Gardnerville/Mindon Nevada is a good twenty years out of date due to current overpopulation.  If my above info is dated, I’ll be in good company ).  Okay, what the crap, people?!  We are talking about functioning government altering the currency.  Not about post-apocalypse bartering.  Nobody pre-collapse wants your crapping nickels in trade!  Jesus Freaken Weeps.  Stuff those nickels up your ass! 


So, aside from shaky proof and a questionable solution, let’s just assume it all goes down as forecast.  Hillary outlaws cash one week after her inauguration ( following in the footsteps of her favorite demon spawn anal spelunker socialist hump FDR ).  So what?  If you have money stashed under the mattress, rather than nickels, they don’t suddenly turn into sharp edged toilet paper as you might assume.  Just because the government outlaws them doesn’t mean they are now worthless.  In fact, they GAIN value.  The government just mandated that money be electronic only.  Drug dealers and semi-auto sellers are not going to conduct transactions that are traceable.  There is not enough gold and silver around to act as the primary currency ( it will of course be gladly accepted, but it will be a niche payment method ).  What other medium of exchange is around that is in limited supply and that won’t be inflated like gold and silver?  Paper currency that is no longer legal tender.  The supply is fixed and so makes an ideal currency.  The exact thing happened after regime change in Iraq.  The old currency was preferred since the supply was fixed.  Something to think about, as far as government control ( obviously, the above does NOT apply to hyper-inflation when the approved dollar is still paper.  Then it does become TP ).

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  1. Jim: bless you and your hair. How about a guide for us poor bastards east of the Mississippi who see that living here is untenable for the coming collapse? How are we to relocate and what areas out west do you recommend? Especially for us humpers who spend all day turning coffee into piss at our desks.

    Btw, thanks for the write up on the shaving. I felt so special that you answered one of my questions.

    1. As you know, the West is no magic solution. Cities here are far worse places to be in the die off. Let me ponder it for an article.

    2. I liked Jim's concept in a series of articles quite a bit ago about thinking about three phases of a collapse. Where to be and what to have and do might be different depending on the stage. I don't have the names he used, but 1. major economic dysfunction is happening but society and government are still there to mess with you with all the normal social controls stepped up, 2. social disintegration where there is chaos (disorganized hell instead of centralized, well-planned hell), and 3. post-collapse new rules for how things work.

    3. I think the concept was better than the execution.

  2. "Jesus Freaken Weeps.  Stuff those nickels up your ass!"

    I think that there's something in the bible James about not inserting foreign objects into one's anus, so don't be surprised if they decline your friendly suggestion ;)

    But in all seriousness, we really have been moving more towards a cashless society over the years, and it kind of sucks because it makes tracking one all the easier. Now the fitbits are getting in on the action and tracking their users (take it off before committing a crime homey). It's been some time since I have purchased ammo, but is it still possible to walk into a store, purchase ammo with cash, and no ID?

    1. Cash is great for prepping, no doubt. I prefer it for all non-Internet use. And I have few worries we will get to dystopia before collapse.

    2. I don't know. I expect overall dystopia tyranny before total final collapse, however the dystopia will occur in part BECAUSE of localized collapses/disasters with no recovery ala NOLA.
      The roman empire didn't fall in a day, in fact there were entire countries claiming to still be the roman empire or its direct descendants until WW1 (austro-hugarian empire for example). I expect much the same for the USA - Peurto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, will fall away second after the places that aren't US held officially, then Alaska and Hawaii, Texas, and then things will really begin falling apart.
      But such moves to secede from the union will initially be met with greater and greater tyrannical response from DC, that they will also likely impose on all other areas.
      It will probably be a nasty kerfuffle.

    3. I don't disagree, yet I question how long the process will take. We've already been in a fifty year collapse with the last ten an imperial unravelling and economic crapstorm papered over. We will unravel very quickly. Think Seneca Collapse ( reference Ugo's blog- check out his new blog, just Seneca articles from Cassandra's. Amazing how gloomy it is all highlighted in one spot. Should make a believer out of everyone ).