Thursday, November 26, 2015

cheap wheat 2


If “wheat cleanings” is unavailable to you ( and, you are NOT near a farmer willing to deal with your small time ass-a method so rare I don’t consider it as a forth procurement method in the cheap price category ) your next cheapest method is feed store wheat.  Feed store wheat was taught to me ( and all his subscribers to his newspaper that published just a few issues in the late ‘80’s ) by Kurt Saxon, may his pea-picking heart be eternally blessed.  You don’t find this taught in too many places because NOT making a profit is un-American and against most religious teachings in this country.  If God loves you, you’d have money.  Just ask Glenn, he’ll tell you ( he’ll also tell you the fracking boom will last for three hundred years and that only Democrats will hump you- I’ll assume the best of him and assert the devil himself is whispering in his ear and the poor dear is just confused to the origin of the deity ). 


Even if feed store wheat is covered there will be stupid crap added as warnings to give you the illusion that it is a bad idea.  Such as the belief you need “clean” wheat and only the official survival food purveyors can give you that ( whatever small bits of chaff are in the kernels is easily picked out or ground up, or just turn on your rotary fan or go outside on a windy day and have your lazy and fat children get a bit of exercise throwing the wheat up and having the chaff float away.  When you find the odd corn kernel, pick it out.  My goodness, are people completely helpless anymore, or just that willing to trade extra money to avoid any and all work?  That should work out well for you come the collapse ).  We’ve already covered the constant push towards expensive “pure white” buckets.  Or, they’ll try to push Mylar bags on you.  As if wheat will curl up and die on you at the faintest whiff of air.  You merely need one cup of diatomaceous earth ( food grade ONLY!!! Don’t use swimming pool filter DE ) per five gallon bucket of kernels.  Dump in, seal, roll and shake to distribute the DE on all the kernels in the bucket ( which is why I place 33.33333 pounds of wheat in each bucket rather than its maximum of 35 or 36, to more easily coat all the ingredients with DE-besides being easier to calculate in multiples of hundreds ).  This will kill off insect infestation and eliminate the need to evacuate the oxygen inside.  I would never EVER, never recommend the dry ice method as I believe you introduce moisture into the inside of the bucket that way.  DE might seem expensive as you can’t always find it at your feed store and must pay a butt ton on shipping it in the mail, but it sure is cheaper than Mylar bags ( Mylar might be a good investment if you are worried about the toxicity of the bucket [ again, NEVER reuse a bucket of previously suspect non-food ingredients ] but other than that I call it an expensive solution in search of a problem ).

Next article, the Wal-Mart wheat.

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  1. FYI, food grade DE can be found in the gardening section of most Home Depots. Used as bug control in gardens and comes in 5 & 10 lb. Bags. Little more expensive than feed store but available in suburbia.

    1. I did not know that. A very handy tidbit and one I'll shamelessly steal. Thank you!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving !
    May you eat, until you pass out .....or drink one on me too !

  3. the DE that I sold at home depot did not say it was food grade on the container.

    1. This one from the Despot is food grade, but it is out of stock online. I don't know if it is in stores:

    2. Sorry, I found it. NO, this item is not in stores. Perhaps if enough people pester the Despot stores they might start carrying food grade. Or not. Mail order through Amazon.

  4. Thanks for the tip on DE cause I didn't know that even though I'm familiar with DE.

    I got a bag at Menards or Lowes a couple years ago when the mutts had a couple fleas and because I'm a cheap ass I know it wasn't expensive, maybe 10 bux or so.

    Neat stuff. I put it in a mayonaise jar, put about 20 nail holes in the lid, then sprinkled it on the mutts like parmesan cheese. I also put it in my hose end sprayer and do the yard each late spring.

    DE is the driest shit known to civilized man and each microscopic particulate has an average of 14 cutting edges. When an insect encounters the DE it sticks to it and cuts it's way into its joints and it starts sucking the moisture out of it's guts. In 24 hours all of the insects are gone. Even works if it gets rained on.

    DE is completely safe. If you eat it and you have a tapeworm it will be killed and evacuated, otherwise it can't hurt you.

  5. First ever comment! I wish you were wrong about what you write, but I can see that you are right on with every thing that you say. Love your Amazon letters. If we didn't have to deal with others the outcome might be easier and different, but that is not the case. The "others" will make what the other "Survival Blog Writers" are suggesting unworkable. Oh and great hair also! Thanks for the daily writing. Look forward to it.

    1. Most Blog writers suffer from the "emulate the kindly Christian Militia fellow" which leads to skewed advice. New Testiment turn the other cheek is not a good group survival advice ( oh, they will retaliate, but that is not the same thing and is reactive rather than proactive ).