Wednesday, September 11, 2019

strong dollar 2

The Industrial Age was essentially putting every swinging cheese dingus craftsman out of work and concentrating wealth into a very few hands. Just look at our food production. Over half the US population lived on farms during the Great Depression ( which was itself a coordinated event to consolidate banker and government power-but don't get your hopes up that this current Depression is under control by anyone ). Today, with mechanization and automation, the figure is below 2%. If that doesn't frighten you into selling your FLIR scope and buying more wheat, I don't know what will.
So, here is some peasant that got all cocky with semi-independence after the Black Plague wiped out enough population that labor shortages gave workers a voice after centuries of serfdom, really pissing off the Elite after they had to share the wealth, and along comes the steam engine. Yeah, buddy! Peasant replacement. You WERE producing all your own goods and services. Now, the robots will do it and welcome back to slavery. If you are lucky, and ONLY if you win the lotto, do you get to babysit the machines for less than calorie replacement wages.
Why do you think it was so important to start demonizing Southern Slavery? Slavery was legalized ( it was Constitutional, which is another reason I'm not overly fond of any part of that document past The Bill Of Rights-and to be cruel Blacks were African citizens, not US ones, so the Bill didn't apply to them. Oh, but to use that logic with Latino illegals! ). Busybody spinsters up in Yankeeland had no business getting up in the Southerners grill suddenly trying to vilify what they had voted to legalize in order to get the economic benefits of Southerners joining the Union.
It was probably those mentally unbalanced Puritans that did all the agitating. They are infamous for trying to legislate other peoples morality, while getting a pass on their own ( cough, slave traders and rum runners ). And who owned the new factories thanks to accidental geology favoring hydro power? Puritans, or at least New Englanders. Gott Damn Yankee Scum. Who benefited from the end of free human labor being replaced by banker and businessman owned machines in factories? Who benefited from ALL Americans being wage slaves as the robots ran the economy? They funded the protests and maneuvered the unaware South into war.
Hmmm. Funded the protesters. Why does that sound familiar? In case you are kind of missing the connection here, Industrialists put us all into slavery, all races. But they were one trick ponies. Replace human labor, replace human labor. Yeah, well, you greedy stupid hump, now there is no more humans laboring ( 250 million working age Americans. 100 million NOT participation in the labor market. That is a true unemployment rate of 40%. The 1929 Great Depression was 25% max ). As you jack up banker bail out amounts ( the bankers own and rent most housing, they control the insurance industry, and they loaned a butt load to the auto manufacturers-if you wondered why it costs so much each month now ).
Quite simply, the US consumer must consume less and less of anything another country might export because more and more every month goes to domestic costs ( rent, medical, transportation ). When too many people don't have a job, the idiots making and selling crap with robots have no one to sell to. Henry Ford knew that, but since he was a mean old Jew hater, no one needs to listen to that loser. Yeah, the man was a piece of work, spying on his workers in their home, blaming all the ills of the world on Jews ( way before Hitler used that for his meal ticket-if those tight ass Jews would have just bought his paintings! I'm kidding! ), but he got at least one thing right-pay your workers enough to buy their own product.
No, the elite hate the masses, because they fear them. Rightly so. I have a Lamp Post List and I'm waiting for US law to become void with the dissolution of its government so I can implement said list. Either wait for that, you humpers, or jump first ( click HERE or HERE ). Hate leads to short term thinking. Not to mention the desperation. I mean, the hooker and blow fund is effected. Bad enough when they can't afford a bigger boat to get to their Nantucket estate, or Lear Jet payments for skiing at Vale. When times are tight, cut back on labor. When the domestic population is then all unemployed, sell your crap to China.
They love high quality Chrysler products, don't they? Oh, wait. Your unemployed Americans cannot buy Chinese goods which means your Chinese factory owner cannot buy a car. All because you just had to sniff a line of powder off of Cindy-Lou's flawless ass cheek. You never thought about Cindy-Lou's STD and soon cellulite riddled unemployable ass, did you? Capitalist pig! Well, comeuppance is a bitch. Far too much overproduction finally met American automation and the world's leading consumer isn't buying all that much any more. Everyone dog piled to sell to Americans with unlimited Visa lines of credit. Oh, what jovial times these be, crank up the factory production lines.
Why can't Americans buy more crap on credit? Oh, well, you see all those countries we were screwing over with the PetroDollar, forcing them to buy our debt just for the privilege of buying oil? They bailed out of that arrangement as soon as the US military got weak enough from elite pilfering and planned corruption that the institution was weakened beyond redemption. Without everyone buying Treasury Bonds, the US economy started getting into even more serious trouble. As soon as that happened, it was every elite whore pumper and coke sniffer for himself, a food fight for the shrinking piece of pie.
If I can be the first to lay off all my staff and automate, I'll cash in and escape to Bermuda, and let the Deplorables stew in their own juices. I'll have mine, screw the rest of you. The elite are laboring to strip the last of the copper wiring, winner take all. No one cares about consequences, because there isn't enough to go around. With nothing to sell, no more flush consumers in America, the worlds factories need to start idling for more shifts. Countries lower the value of their currencies to get the last of the sales. If they can sell cheaper than their competitor, they win. The factory will be shuttered soon anyway. Might as well sell at a loss, because I'll still get my retirement.
This is your last ditch opportunity to buy foreign military surplus, steel cased Russian ammunition, Chinese cotton. China makes 90% of the world's Vitamin C tablets. Don't wait until the price quadruples. And in case you are thinking we win, last man standing, our economic condition will be dictated by our ability to import oil. No you say, strong dollar. Sure. I'll continue tomorrow.
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  1. Replies
    1. I know you didn't mean you need to stock up before inflation. What did you mean?

  2. Jim. As an awakened Southerner, what authors would you recommend to help me tackle the history curve regarding the War of Northern Agression?

    1. I really can't. Pro-Southern authors are as militant and hyperbolic as pro-Northerners. I've yet to find a neutral party. I only get snippets by reading both and discounting 90% or reading between the lines.

    2. I strongly recommend THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT by the Kennedy brothers.

      Along the lines of 'everything you know is wrong', read THE UNDERGROUND HISTORY OF AMERICAN EDUCATION by Gatto.

    3. Uhhhm...was that the one that portrayed Blacks as liking their position as slaves? Lee as benevolent father? Forgive me if I'm wrong-it's been a few years since I read "South Was Right"

  3. Oh, so much to refute...just no time!!

    "the bankers own and rent most housing"

    "250 million working age Americans. 100 million NOT participation in the labor market...a true unemployment rate of 40%."

    "Without everyone buying Treasury Bonds, the US economy started getting into even more serious trouble."

    "Chinese cotton. China makes 90% of the world's Vitamin C tablets."

    On a last note...I'll rant on my fav topic, agriculture (fracking #2).

    Next comments not directed at you personally Jim.
    You note: "Today, with mechanization and automation, the figure is below 2% (farm population)".... I say, is that is bad?

    I've come to the conclusion the worst unlisted venal sin is "nostalgia". It is suffering dipped in syrup.
    This f'd up, Grant Wood, "American Gothic",foggy rear view mirror perspective has to stop.
    I hear and read so much from preppers wanting to run off to the "the farm". That escapism mentality and nostalgia will kill you just a little slower, but just as sure as a bullet or dysentery.

    Pre mechanized farm life was stultifying and often soul crushing. Mechanized ag lifted people up from the heart ache and bleeding hands of manually harvesting 20-30+ acres of corn. Getting another picker, after selling the first to pay taxes, was a God send I'm told.

    You have no idea how people suffered, yes suffered, as their very lives depended on going across same cotton field 2, 3 or even 4 times from Sept to Dec as bolls opened. All for THREE CENTS A POUND! That was often the entirety of yearly pocket cash income, everything else of sustenance from garden and woodlot.

    ENTIRE families, bent backs, dragging a sack, picking as fast as possible trying to beat an approaching storm. The spines on the bolls leaving your fingers pricked and bleeding. Hands swollen the next morning and the next and the next.
    Rain/mud splattered cotton was docked at the gin. Just think on that...down to 2 or 2 1/2 cents a POUND!

    So often the complainers of mechanized or big ag are talking with their mouth full and their shirt stained with food that fell out between bites; their shirt straining across their fat gut. If you're going to complain, then pick up a hoe and start to chopping that long, long row. Don't let the fire ants get'cha.
    Water (no ice) is on the far end, you fuckers.

    Pull your own corn, cotton or arugula. Milk your own cow, twice a day, with a tail full of manure slapped across your smug faces for good measure. Damn you all and your nostalgia.

    I'll fight to have that last barrel of oil, that last gallon of diesel. The alternative is unrelenting misery. 6000 years of stoop labor is not something I want to resume.

    Thank you IH & Case; roll on New Holland, Gleaner & Allis-Chalmers (old girls can still rock your world).
    You green loving bastards can just stay broke down in the ditch. You know who you are! Can't hide that from the coffe house crowd. Ha Ha.

    Rant over.

    1. Does modern ag free us all from toil? Yes. Does it makes us vulnerable to a minority elite? Yes. Sharecropping is not the same as substance farming.

  4. You didn't really answer his question, did you?

    You just evaded it.

    Not cool.

    1. Did I evade? Follow my other writing-I hate ALL agriculture. A tool of enslavement with a return of extra servings of gruel. Some ag is more self sufficient and less enslaving than others. Do Afghans feel vulnerable or endangered with their farming? They are freer than a lot of Americans ( in poverty as a result? Sure. What price our leisure? )

  5. We don't allow "substance" farming here in God's Country I'll have you know, you wayward Californicator :)

    Remember my recent post arguing we should use a credit card to buy all our guns and ammo?
    Don't let the so-called elites be confused. They should know what's out here. Go to the public range on busiest day and shoot up a butt load of FRESH ammo, none of that IMI battle pack stuff from '91. Leave the brass. Do it again a few weeks later.
    People talk, right?

    Buy a f'ing FLIR! by Gawd!

    2.5 MM LEO's....80MM gun owners. Hmmm? The so-called elites know math...or at least can pay a mathematician.

    This is a time when subterfuge is not a good war tactic. Don't make them wonder. Don't allow them to draw faulty conclusions based on guesses. Remove doubt from their mind, lift the veil from their eyes.
    Shooting up $50, $60 worth of ammo monthly is preferable to The Abyss.

    I want the so-called elites to know what awaits. Currently, many sound as if they are in an echo chamber. Maybe they are just b.s.-ing, perhaps they are pandering to their stupid contributors and voters while knowing full well the Order of Battle. Make war too expensive, too dreadful for them to seriously consider. Put that thought in their head and then reinforce.

    They will not let the oil stop flowing or the food from being on the store shelves. They know riding the tiger is a frightful thing.

    Confiscation after being pulled over while driving? Pfft! After the first hundred confiscation nationwide it is GAME ON. Have your "lamp post list" handy Jim.
    Although honestly, I think ".303 list"
    sounds better, more whimsical.
    Wear that Rhodesian Selous Scouts T-shirt you ordered from SOF all those years ago too. A man with panache. Erté.

    Call me crazy, but I don't believe in civilization sized underground cities sitting empty awaiting the "elites" and their army of stooges. Bunkers for a few thousand, yeah, maybe. Small fry shit compared to Apocalypse though.

    All for now. Gotta confirm my seat on nuke sub ("S.S. Germania II") sailing for Antartic base with a connecting ion powered rocket to Mars.
    Only 5 day trip! Can you believe it? Technology, don't you just love it?

    1. Ha! You're cracking me up on that one, dude. And pretty spot on. Well, I did my part on apocalypse ordering the last month.

  6. Research shows pre-ag hunter-gatherers had none of the 'modern' diseases such as arthritis or cancers. Those are a direct result of consuming grains and dairy.

    Pre-ag hunter-gatherers were/are inherently pastoral animists.
    Agriculture cultures, and their basturd sibling civilization, are seduced by the terror of mono-theism(s).

    Agriculture requires storage.
    Supervisors and managers and administrators.
    Buyers and sellers and markets and perfect conditions.

    Based on 10,000-years of this flimsy crumbling ag/civilization experiment, I think we're heading in the right direction.

    This die-off is creating a healthier species. A recent example is the over-population of the Bahamas reduced by storms.

    Any over-population strains its environment prior to collapse. Too many deer, too many grizzlies, too much fungus... each inevitability leads to a die-off.

    If any readers here see a different route this time, enlighten me.

    Oh, and avoid crowds (per Remus of WoodPileReport).

    1. Why anyone can be optimistic after learning of Overshoot confounds the crap out of me.

    2. Dear LargeMarge,
      "...pre-ag hunter-gatherers had none of the 'modern' diseases such as arthritis or cancers.

      Yep, between parasites, disease and saber toothed tigers tearing your ass up ancient humans didn't live long enough to die of cancer and other diseases.

      As for pastoral-animism, a descendent of that Auroch painted on a cave wall can still horn hook you & rip your guts out or charge, crush a leg and severe a femoral artery. Oh, yea! Worship Ol' Bossy? No, not so much.
      Personally, I'm sticking with Sermon on the Mount.

      "This die-off is creating a healthier species." Ah... NO! Die offs are just die offs, sometimes even extinctions. Nothing healthy or sexy about dying.

      Darwinism is a THEORY, not ratified scientific FACT.
      Too bad for humanity, the forces of totalitarianism like to combine Darwinism with Nietze's nihilism into anti-human scientism.
      100 million dead victims in 20th century wail from their graves.

      As for supposed over population, exactly who is over populated? Is it really a crisis or elites' fear the current order will be overthrown?
      Sounds like a casting call for an action movie. A historical drama combo of the film, "The Purge" and the Spartan Agogi going out and hunting helots lest they become too numerous & uppity.

      Looking for a different route in our journey? I say spend the extra coin and catch the #42 ion powered rocket to Mars. Its a non-stop. Skip that nasty, moon base connector. Lousy cabin service,no booze & no toilet facilities (strictly catheters, 5 days at that! Can you spell UTI?)

    3. Over population as far as carry capacity. Solar powered energy only ( as in plant based energy, not carbon fuel/mechanical ) and the Earth's capacity is 200-500 million. To say we are not overpopulated at 8 billion is saying the modern fuel to power Big Ag won't ever run out. Which is rather silly, isn't it?

  7. @ Anon()(),

    Just like you should never take advice on how to raise children from people who have never raised children, never take advice on how to farm from people who have never farmed.

    But Lord Bison is correct on so many of his insights that you can't NOT read his blog daily. So there's that.

  8. Anon ()() is right enough I have to keep listening to him. Sometimes though, one feels sorely tested :)

  9. This trope of Henry Ford: Jew Hater has really been overcooked. His "My Life And Work" written around 1935, is free online and while he's not a great writer, his life was so interesting that you can't stop reading the thing.

    He didn't like bankers. Full stop. He didn't understand bankers and paper-pushers in general, hated farming, and wanted life for the avg. Joe who was a farmer to be better. The main source of his momentary period of Jew-hatred was due to a factory security chief he had for a while, who was a genuine anti-Semite. Ford himself never really was.

    Like a lot of "tech" guys, he was pretty shallow on the "soft sciences" and was mainly about solving mechanical problems. Really, read his "My Life And Work", disregarding him is kind of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    1. I appreciate the book tip. I will check it out-kind of between interesting books ( getting harder to find great ones ) right now. I love auto/biographies in general anyway. The only book I ever read that gave much information about Henry was about his planned city in South America ( Brazil? ). And that was mediocre. But at least it only soft-served the PC agenda. The books coming out now go in heavy and hard with the PC'ness. Even Jared Diamond in his last book did the same. Old twat.

  10. Anon()() and Jim. I appreciate your volleying back and forth. Learning a lot. Seeing my poorly developed processing and filtering tools but I'm coming around!
    My awareness, as objectively as possible I suppose, began about a year ago and seems to be picking up speed (scope, breadth, visibility?). I've noticed a great deal of commentary and forensic discussions are tinged with defeatism and dystopian projection. That is not my nature. So I appreciate more and more a call to look ahead, take stock of my current advantages, and plan for a future that can leverage this awareness. I don't want to get caught looking down or inward too much. Gather and strengthen for a future to build. That's what I'm after.

    1. I'm not dystopian enough? I gotta dust off my doom and gloom multiplier.