Friday, September 13, 2019

ohtay fascism

Good gravy! Full Retard Leftism seems to know no bounds in ideological stupidity. Not because the right is much better ( they are water carriers for the globalists ). Both suffer from Growth Uber Alles delusions. No, they are merely stupid because they never met a biological fact they couldn't ignore. A minion recommended some new Druid Dude type site, and the guy is talking about Gore Warming and Food Failure, and follows that up with a plea for the Leftards to protect immigrants. How in the holy hell can you be this friggin stupid without pills or a frontal lobotomy?
Lefties need to join to stop the evil Nazis from being evil or a Nazi, and virtue signal for more immigration? Now, to be honest, I skimmed over this article, got pissed and left, deleting the bookmark. I should have read it again to verify all this. So it is probably a good thing I don't recall the name in case I'm way off. But my blood pressure had already spiked from Wal-Mart's retarded form letter, then having gone over to Doomstead Diner I unfortunately read “Surly” who hates the Second Amendment because its sole use was to arm the slave hunters ( I'm not going back to Doomstead. It jumped the shark. I know the guy is one botched prescription away from a dirt nap, but he seems to be paying zero attention to things ).
"Surly” has always pissed me off with his way far left bullcrap, and I usually just avoided his nonsense, but there has been little enough else to read over there and I screwed up and subjected myself to him. Also, over at the above unattributed article, our own Green Mountain Dude was cheerleading for the author. I can take a huge dose of Hippie crap from C5, because he has so much common sense on survivalism I can grant him extra “contention points”. But now I do get more of where he comes from in philosophy. With him, I can agree to disagree.
I get that Marxists hate guns. Marxists gotta Marxist. They are blinded by ideology, and hence cannot learn simple English like, “shall not be infringed”. CEO's of corporations with a minimum of four years college have the same language incomprehension. After all, “a bill of rights” must REALLY actually mean “a bill of permissions revoked at will” if you want to turn the globe into a gentle glittery unicorn clown world. Given these idiots perception of reality, it is a good thing the only other choice politically isn't just capitalism.
Capitalism was a mirage from the very beginning. It NEVER meant “free market”. It meant “government protected monopolies”. It was mercantilism, more than an Adam Smith utopia of competition. You might MEAN capitalism as it is taught in its propaganda, but the reality on the ground is a capitalist CLASS controlling all the others. It is as free market as a middle age guild system. Now, don't take that to mean I'm completely opposed to capitalism. Its most successful form, that the British empire ran, proved to work rather well.
If you were an empire. In practice, a central bank funded the government and expanded the money supply for growth ( growth is needed to pay loan interest ). The “free market” meant some competition gave a better feedback loop that was not AS corrupt. It meant that your blue blood family owning a mill had to keep down the waste to get the government contract and protection. You had incentive against ruining a good thing. Clearly, this is more efficient than government agencies allocating resources. But both systems protected the elite.
The French system, despite ( or because of? ) a revolution, was more socialist. It wiped out the nobility and church corruption, which freed up that waste, and it its place the inefficient government still got more resources into the hands of the common people. In their case, socialism was a win. But as the British showed, a government protected private bank lasts longer and funds empire better than an all public system. That is the only reason the Brits won the colonial system game, and the American elite knew this quite well.
The price for longevity and a bigger colonial prize however, is LESS protection for the masses. Yes, I'm painting with a broad brush here. But in general there was more trickle down benefits for the lower classes. But NOT because it was mercantilism verses socialism. It was because that model was better at gaining, controlling and holding colonies for extra loot. Socialism was better at distributing resources, for less inequality, but it was also the failed system forced to do that.
Follow my reasoning here. Capitalism, which if not more correctly called mercantilism should be called Private Bank Monopolist-ism, was the supreme colonial strategy. Those systems that lost in that conflict usually resorted to socialism. For the simple fact it was the path to avoid revolution with less wealth. Capitalism is how you allocate extra wealth, socialism is how you allocate less. Capitalism must practice classism as a control mechanism, where socialism must practice egalitarianism as a social order mechanism.
Now, as we can also surmise from both the British and American experience, failed capitalist states do revert to socialism. They have no choice, having lost the colonial wealth pump. They MUST keep public order with less resources. The only way to do so is eliminate excess private wealth and more evenly distribute increasing poverty ( the existence of the rich in England is to my mind explained away by them being handmaidens to American colonialism. In general, it is a poor socialist system ). The US is well along the way down this path and will almost guarantee the increased growth of socialist philosophy.
Yet, may I suggest an alternate path? In between the central bank capitalism and total government control lies a system that is perhaps a better model. Fascism. No, NOT “kill all Jews” fascism. More along the lines of the original, over in Italy ( I have no knowledge of the Spanish version ). Fascism is only different from capitalism in that it doesn't have a central bank, and that private business is far less equal. It differs from socialism by introducing some free market competition, but without the waste that would demand extra resources.
Fascism is populist. There is a lot of attention towards providing for the poor, but it isn't charity as in socialism. It is providing for wards of the state, because they protect the state. It is, in essence, one large military run operation, yet the communists ( less timid socialists ) had the same militaristic organization. Fascists don't RUN business. They run the government which guides business. The communists both guide AND run, making it less efficient. Of course, big picture, communism shares with fascism the same distinction of not having a central bank.
This was why communism appeared to be beating capitalism during the Great Depression. Our central bank had to destroy the old system which was more Industrialist than anything else ( Robber Baron controlled-which had expanded the federal government for its funding. Yet, to compete and beat other colonial powers, the bankers had to gain control from the Industrialists, because now we had to emulate Britain to steal the globe from her ), and we were distracted there for a time with the shake out. In the end of course, we won the colony game.
Capitalism will always beat socialism, but that is because the capitalist had the resource advantage to begin with. Capitalism was created to dispose of colonial excess resources. Socialism is how the losers in that game manages the country. It isn't one philosophy being superior, it is one system having excess resources. Fascism is the alternate to socialism, but the culture MUST be conducive to its implementation. I'll cover that, tomorrow.
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note: as per a loyal minions suggestion, the book by Henry Ford HERE.  It is actually hard to put it down once you get started.  Warning-the introduction was him babbling about the evils of communism and 'Murica!, which I found unreadable.  Don't be fooled by this false start.  Once you hit Chapter One, it zips along splendidly.  
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  1. I would argue we already have a facist government. Try running a traditional small business without a dozen or more government entities wriggling their way in. Everything from the local fire marshal and zoning board to the EPA, IRS, and OSHA.

    In fact, I did a quick review of Mussolini's government and we are running a scary parallel. We already did our bank bailout which effectively gives us Italy's IRI.

    The poor are not provided for because the government feels sorry for them, the government needs to keep them fat, dumb and happy so come election time the officials can keep their jobs. I guess you covered that under protecting the state.

    I guess the only thing left needed to go full blown Italian style facist is a national enemy and it looks like the white male gets the nomination .

    1. Although, because we are as inefficient as Italia ( as opposed to German organization and will ), the national enemy might have a fighting chance. Just don't draw too many parallels, as we are a hybrid system of socialism and mercantilism for the homeland and fascism for overseas colonies.

    2. Outside of how businesses are run, it is hard for me to distinguish between fascism and socialism. In fact, the world's most famous fascist party had the word socialist in it's name.

      I'm not asking you to waste a lot of time educating me, but if you know a good link I can use for an in depth analysis, let me know. Thanks.

    3. Can't you tell this is my own twisted theory? Sorry, no links. And you essentially correct-the big difference is how business is run. But that can make a BIG difference.

  2. Great hair....
    This essay is full of double talk and wrong conclusions.

    Why don't I cite an example? Because almost every paragraph belongs in a abottoir's gut pile.
    Not even the spleen and testicles fit to freeze dry.
    An essay with more bullshit than the Augean stables.
    Little to no logic, no persuasion by facts just leaps across historical reality only to land in the fetid malarial swamp of authoritarian fascism.

    I pick up that vibe of envy that metastasizes into resentment. Lots of implied "poor me-ism" shrouded by references to over played historical tropes like "monopolist", "blue blood", "robber barons".

    I'll get out now. Thanks for the ride.

    1. Your reply is so very typical of everyone who has bought into the mythos of capitalism. Who has yet to be be stung by those who allow some crumbs to be dropped to approved classes. Your tune will change as your protected status is used as the next profit center by the elites. I don't expect many to agree with me-although I know I'm correct. Like all religions, capitalism uses its own victims consent to govern. Enjoy being a pawn.

    2. Lord Bison has good ideas. He thinks outside the box.

      He deserves respect even if you don't agree with him.

    3. Don't you think just returning shows enough support? I don't want to reach for the stars :)

  3. re:
    yesterday's conclusion article

    What name do you prefer for your daily columns? Articles? Opinions and observations and predictions? Desecrations and consecrations?

    Dream destroyers?

    Speaking of yesterday's dream-destroying eye-opener:

    Probably around 1975, I was shopping for an answering machine for my landline telephone.

    As I looked around the small shop, I mumbled aloud "Is everything made of plastic these days..."

    The shop owner explained "Nobody could afford it otherwise."

    On that day in 1975, I wondered what happens after we run out of oil.
    Who could predict we will be chucking fractured dysfunctional battery-operated tools at TheOpposition... and degrading our remaining vocabulary to sub-verbal grunts such as 'da po-po bees coming!'.

    I fail to see any benefit to the continuation of our species. A frequent science-fiction theme is the locust species, arriving to consume everything on a planet, then abandoning it to move to the next.

    How are we different?
    Is the purpose of our existence to write a few (make baby locusts 'love') songs and extrapolate a few theories from a locust viewpoint? That seems particularly shallow.

    On the other hand:
    Some rascally dogs, relaxing in the rocker on the porch, a bucket of tennis-balls in easy reach seems a far higher calling.

    But I could be biased.
    But I have plenty of practice at that.
    But, occasionally, a tennis-ball gets returned to me shredded beyond redemption.
    So maybe, locusting is the nature of everything.
    In that case, frack on!

    "Never go full Zimbabwe."

    1. I like Dream Destroyers. Nothing is as satisfying as dining on BBQ'ed Sacred Cow. Don't worry for our species survival. We've always overconsumed and destroyed. It just seems worse as it is now global. Perhaps it is. But probably not-Mother Nature laughs at the puny Earthlings efforts to change her.

  4. At the risk of inflating your ego, Jim, I must say that I think you're on a roll with the quality and originality of thinking these last few articles. I'd read your ideas on the role of energy in countries, history etc. But to further work energy into the socialism/fascism/capitalism dynamic is, to me, verging on the mind blowing.
    Keep it up!

    1. Oops! Too late, inflating ego in danger of causing structural damage to the building! :)