Saturday, August 26, 2017

elite racists


Are the Elites that control societies levels on the macro level ( not the Micro, they have minions for that and they don’t even do that great of a job at it ) racist?  No, they hate everyone not of their own class.  They are skin colorblind, except for Green.  Do they encourage racism?  Duh, of course they do.  Divide and conquer, bitches!  Just look at your very favoritist mostest wonderfulness Idaho Yuppie Scum Survivalist Guru.  He goes out of his way to make sure you know he isn’t racist, which is for a very good reason ( covered below ) and most likely true.  Hell, he was an Officer in the military, and they vet their candidates very closely to make sure they have indeed drank the grape flavored Kool-Aid.  Look at his strategy and tactics-pure Yankee Industrialized Mechanized Petroleum Warfare.  They are not allowed to be racists, our Officers And Gentlemen.  They can be Class Pigs of course ( Orwell Animal Farm pigs ), and they had better be, since our elites, rulers, supervisors and minions know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are FAR better than the proletariat masses-how else to use them as cannon fodder?  Hating those you kill is the oldest tribal trick in the book.


Classists hate you for being poor.  The poor, on the other hand, generally don’t hate the rich for being wealthy as they see the evolutionary dead ends for what they are and want in no way to emulate them, but do hate them for trying to trick, cheat, kill or destroy the poor for extra profit.  What, you slurp down your testicle shrinking radiation laced soy and GMO Frankenfood and don’t hate the humper that sold it to you?  You think he is just a Champion Of The Free Market?  Wow.  Okay, whatever, dude.  Denial is more than a river.  You don’t think Yuppie Scum survival advice won’t get you killed?  It would be better if our survival gurus WERE racists ( I’m not trying to disparage Kurt Saxon here, and I could be WAYYY off mark, but it seems he was a bit leaning towards the right wing militant racist tent from what I’ve imagined I remember.  I could be wrong, so don’t quote me on that.  My point is, if true, you get better advice from racists than class pigs.  Me, I’m just xenophobic.  Race is a mind hump they try to draw you into and while I’m glad I no longer live alongside our darker brethren for reasons of personal safety, I don’t hate them but merely fear them.  That is xenophobia as a protection device, despite the fervent cries of protest from the Left as they imagine you shouldn’t notice skin color or religion, even as you are being killed by them ). 


I was really into guns as a teenager, and accidentally encountered survivalism because of them, plus a buddy had a cop acquaintance who was into the prepper practice, but I came a little late to the game ( 1979 or 80 ) to pick up on all the old ’60’s and early ’70’s racist elements in survivalism ( Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord, CSA-if I was aware of the news reports on them at the time, I’m sure I ignored the Supremacist label and just focused on their cool tactical gear, so it was hyper focus rather than lack of news that formed this blinder ), so I only now am aware of the need for others to protest to being thought a racist in our field.  Not that you can really blame the folks at the time.  The Black riots and violent political protests, Black Panthers and Malcolm X, did nothing to convince any Cracker of means that it was a bad idea to leave the urban areas.  On that score, nothing has changed.  Except, now those of our own race has sold out all of their own for profit, haven’t they?  Oh, stay in the city next to those I’m not racist against, and keep working as a corporate clone, to afford the necessary prepper equipment.  Honest Injun, if you conceal carry nothing bad can happen to you.  Humpers.


Another aspect of pushing the Social Warrior message of Sameness is the situation in Africa.  Africa has been a mess forever, starting-at least for our purposes here-with their own kind kidnapping Interior Blacks to sell to the Whites waiting at the Slave Trade ports to fill up their ships ( financed by Yankees ).  If a place is going to get screwed by drought, Africa comes first.  If a religious war starts, it starts in Africa with the underlying famines as the fuel.  If you want multi-generational warfare, go to the Congo or similar area.  Africa is a craphole.  It is also our future.  But we can safely ignore that, because of the propaganda.  The SJW’s scream out in shrill anger, hatred and discontent fed by the unsatisfaction of Lesbian love, how we are not allowed to see skin color, so we do the exact opposite and look around for differences by skin, and notice Africa is filled with, well, a lot of Blacks.  Africa, failed states, warfare and conflict, full of Blacks, so Blacks are inferior.  I’m NOT saying I believe that-for Christ’s sake, lighten up.  I’m saying there is a subconscious connection.


So, when you think, Detroit, or Newark, or Watts, full of Blacks, they are unable to help themselves to looting and stealing, uncivilized, not Westernized in culture, refusal to integrate, all the stereotypical thought process, you go back to making the connection that Africa is Detroit.  The collapse can’t be due to resources, right?  It is the fault of the Blacks.  Again, I’m not agreeing ( Jesus, I wish we could have a rational discussion of race and gender without needing to quantify everything ), I’m saying this is the subconscious thought process.  They are inferior and will hump things up anywhere.  So you automatically discount the prime example of resource collapse, making excuses such as political incompetence or worse.  Africa is where overpopulation met resource contraction, decades ago, yet the same old excuses get pulled out to ignore that.  So not only does the racist label hinder survivalism ( well, it doesn’t hinder it as much as redirects it to a safe consumerist niche ) as a movement, it redirects everyone’s attention away from the real dangers, including most survivalists.  You don’t have to believe the PC Princesses, and in fact it is better if you don’t, for this to work wonderfully.


Feminism and racism, through the very act of promoting their Thought Crime status, and hence pushing us to feel the exact opposite since it goes against our biology otherwise, helps us forget globalization and overpopulation.  Blame Feminism or Racism ( hiring quotas etc ) on losing your job, not the fact the elite sent the factories overseas ( time to pull out a statistic “proving” we still have plenty of factories, even if they are automated, you globalist apologist masquerading as a Free Market proponent ) and allowed unrestricted immigration.  You can’t be against immigration anyway as that is racist.  Even if you know better, the constant redirect towards Others takes your focus off the Elites.  We are so busy hating all those we aren’t allowed to hate we don’t focus on the true criminals.  You know, those you can’t help but work for so you can buy all those Pretty Pony Prepper Party Supplies.  We can’t even have a logical discussion on racism to discuss all its aspects harming us, not even amongst ourselves, the Justice Warriors Of America pretty much everywhere.  Go to ANY prepper site, ANY, and tell me they aren’t 100% Politically Correct.  They direct you to Venezuela, pretend it is socialism that caused the collapse there, and completely ignore Africa as a Collapse Lesson.  Hell, they writes books pretending you can Yuppie Scum Prep an entire country into being there, a perfect proverbial shopping list of Nothing But The Best/Most Expensive equipage of a nation state ever conceived.  I wanted to pour acid in my eyes after trying to read that turd.


As an Elite, what isn’t to like about racism?  All your debt serfs finance a protective force moat around you, by willingly paying more taxes for better police for themselves, to avoid the ghetto’s ( want to bet that the destruction of public transportation was not objected to at the time, as a means to keep Others away from the suburbs?  Kunstler, please note-White Boys protected themselves by segregating and your befouled motor vehicles helped him do that.  Or are you too much of a Yankee Apologists to see the possibility?  ).  As an Elite, all your workers are busy hating your Equalitized females or your Non-Merit hired Blacks or the No-Document Required Illegal immigrant workers around them, rather than you.  If you argue against the Black or immigrant you are considered racist.  Against the female you are a misogynist.  By pushing PC, the Quisling masses betray their class and race and endanger everyone ( note, if you possibly can, have a Black in your tribe.  That way, it will be highly amusing when they are the ones to string up the PC Warriors during the revolution against the Elite.  Sorry, bitches, you asked to be put on the Lamp Post List ).


Racism, just another tool in the box conquering the masses.

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  1. All this is true, but it hides the true inequality in mankind, between the bright and the not so bright. Of course everybody thinks of himself as a brighter than average person. But nobody is.

    There are, however, people who invest time and effort into mastering something. And others who don't.
    I don't say people do this voluntarily, the family and environment play a part in it. In some cases it's the parents who force you to learn trigonometry, in other cases it's say a young girl who has to do every chore within her section 8 family and figures out all the others are all lazier or dumber than her.

    The moment somebody wants to take control of his life, he develops his abilities. Beyond this, there is also the pride of having made something by yourself etc.

    Now it's easier to do nothing than do something. This is why most people don't invest enough or at all. This laziness encompasses the culture, social groups are the most programmable thing there is, you create a community and show them messages saying "your are this and those who are not like you are like that" and presto ! you have a social group. Whoa.

    Not so surprisingly, those who went past that crap are in a way similar, and associate more readily together (skin colour or last names being of little importance). And they don't want to associate with stupid people.

    Recently one guy I have known for 10 years tried to take something I lent him, worth 15 EUR. Now not only he had to give it back to me, but I'll never deal with the guy again and have alerted those I regularly exchange with to be weary of him. The guy was simply stupid, and is being discriminated against because of his stupidity.

    Now Ayn Rand would have written 10,000 words on that anecdote (perhaps naming him Cuffy McFlab or something) but here is the real discriminating process right here : you don't engage in detrimental associations.

    And since there are always much fewer bright people or people with good work ethics than the rest of the pack, an elite forms spontaneously.

    Thank God for hormones or this elite wouldn't even procreate.

    1. What am I missing here? The elite become the elite because they are smarter, okay. But the elite are stupid on the macro level. They see how empires rise and fall and then engage in behavior that does the exact same thing. How is that smart? Or, are we talking of a different elite?

    2. Actually the people at the top are not at all comparable in the different periods.
      It takes really smart people to build up a civilisation. Then they get gradually replaced by increasingly incompetent people, who accelerate the civilisation out of control (more people, more complexity etc.) and it eventually collapses.

      I knew somebody who built several large houses and was a well-respected man in his profession. he did it all for the vision he had. After he died, his inheritors have let the houses rot, and basically spoilt his efforts. What he did was all about himself, and his vision. He thought he had it all figured out, but he didn't.

      I generally believe a civilisation is built around a religion. People believe all the same things, and it works. A dollar bill is a piece of paper, but to almost everybody it has real value, and since eveybody believes the same thing, you can pay with paper. Nothing around us right now would be here if we didn't have this belief.

      Collapses occur when people start believeing something else (humans always believe something, see example above) because those at the top could not maintain the necessary belief, which appear more and more as lies.

      Until the collapse occurs, survivalists themselves are only following a belief. They think they know what is coming. (Big news, a Warsaw Jew in 1938 could not possibly have anticipated what was going to happen in the next few years).

      I think that on a large scale, the 9/11 debacle was the moment all those who could reason by themselves stopped believing in the system. Not that it was a conspiracy, but because it was so sloppy. It was a downward trend from there.

      Nowadays the same people who were probably busy building a civilisation in 1870 are now building their small Noah's Ark (survivalsim etc.) and they deserted the workplace, where stupidity reigns supreme.

      I don't know if I answered your question, but I hope so :)

    3. No, that makes sense to a degree. Not sure where intelligence ends and resource contraction begins to thwart any applied intelligence, but we would be opening more cans of worms. For instance, do those in charge have kids they teach how to sustain power, but they cannot. Or is it always, through history, those handed the treasure too lazy to keep it? Or do they try, then can't achieve anything despite their intelligence because of resources. In other words, why can't the founders great great grandchildren if they were bred for smarts see the example of all the other empires failing? Can they, but can do nothing? Or can't they because so rare is real intelligence. Is it even intelligence, or just stubbornness and drive? Are the smarter people stupid in all but one area? See all the spin-offs and permiations?

    4. This is where I have to make a statement that ruffles some feathers : US Americans are accustomed to think in racialist ways (= there are different races and they hold different characteristics).

      Thus they believe in an "intelligence" gene. The blog "vault-co" is very much about this.
      Well let me tell it this way : if there is such a gene and you have, but spend your time watching TV and eating crappy GMO stuff and injecting yourself with drugs, you are not going to shine, gene or not.

      I can understand that genetic defects can be transmitted, but for genetic advantages, there's only so much the genome can do. Schools, books are real intelligence factors, but then again, there's only so much they can do. In the perspective of supply-side economics, if you put a child in a place with lots of books and computers his intelligence automaticaly rises. Ha !

      No, the thing that is the secret ingredient is a person's drive (or willpower etc.). When you are born the grand-grandson of a business tycoon, you didn't even know him, and also don't have the same drive if you even have one (perhaps you have also a drive but it's a different one).

      Also, if you're a car manufacturer, having worthy heirs is one thing, but if your heirs won't have good engineers when they come of age then they're screwed no matter what. So you need an extensive school system. Which is being dismantled for the last two generations (to say the least).

      And even if you do find ood engineers, there is little they can improve upon what has been developped so far, whereas engineers in the 1910's had a whole universe to explore. And thus, Jospeh Tainter's "Collapse of Complex Societies" kick in.


    5. there is a saying, 'from clogs to clogs in three generations.'.
      that is, a blue collar man , a wearer of clogs, equivalent to work boots or muck boots in today's parlance, works hard and makes a successful business.
      his children, who may never have worn muck boots, maintain the business and may increase it.
      their children, raised in luxury, fritter it all away and consider labor to be beneath them.
      they or their children end up poor, at least by the standards in which they were raised.
      t is a common cycle.

    6. Ave-culture is very dominant in learning. Black culture does not reward learning, at least not in the context of learning modern industrial post-hunter/gatherer tribal learning. So of course lazy Whites don't see past that distinction.
      DH-I like that. It just bothers me that it IS a cycle-almost as if it could be broken by observation but isn't. I'm looking for the reason it is ignored and perpetuated. I could be looking in vain.

  2. I guess if you are using racism as a weapon, it can mean anything you want.

  3. This post reminded me of the time that my older cousin instructed us kids on the proper way to talk to Mexicans. He said, “yeah, you just walk right on up to them and say:

    “Hey mon, whachu doin tuday mon? Eberthing coo widyu tuday mon?”

    “And they totally respond to it:”

    “Hey mon, I doin good mon, tanks fer askin mon!”

    So we’re driving down the road and us kids are in the bed of the truck (in those days we weren’t so much of a nanny state that you could still do this without restraints) and we come to a stop sign, and there’s a Mexican kid a little older than my brother and I (10 and 12) on the sidewalk.

    And my brother decides to follow my cousin’s advice and says to him:

    “Hey mon, whachu doin tuday mon? Eberthing coo widyu tuday mon?”

    And the Mexican replied back in perfect English:

    “Shut up you fag” 😀

  4. "Racism, just another tool in the box conquering the masses." AKA a weapon.
    The marker of skin color is a marker - but it can easily be a false one. Culture, that is to say the CHOICES a person makes in what to do with their mind, values, and ethics, are a far more reliable tribal marker, it just takes a bit more effort to recognize. "the clothes make the man" look at what MLK wore (suits) and the respect even his enemies had to give him because of it. Look at what today's ghetto rats, of whatever color wear (baggy pants, bling, and hats sideways) and it is clear, that all pretensions to the contrary they are NOT of the same tribe as MLK, nor Collin Powel (There is a 'black' guy used as a token by the elites, who probably belongs to a tribe not dissimilar to our own.)

  5. Enviroment fosters intelligence.
    cold weather forced people to become more inventive in order to live.
    perpetual hot weather let's the mind cocentrate on fewer choices to survive.
    natural intellegence takes thousands of years to develop and ingrain itself in a "tribe".

    1. But doesn't that negate the growth of species intelligence evolving in Africa?

    2. The warmer climate and abundance of food limited the growth of intelligence in Africa.

    3. What I mean is, going back hundreds of thousands of years, how did proto-man evolve his bigger brain? That supposes he was NOT living in Africa or the whole theory is incorrect. My thoughts are fire and cooking was behind the whole increased brain size evolution. Or, are you just saying the minor variations of intelligence today is due to culture, and that doesn't effect the base level all humans have?

    4. Theory is not necessarily incorrect.
      Europeans may have originated from Africa but it was cold not fire that fostered intelligence.