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Monday, February 1, 2016

yearly writing income-article 2 of 2 today

note: this is the second article today.  The regular article was published prior to this one.  Scroll down.


I love you all, and here I shall prove it.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love that you love, enjoy or at least tolerate my writing.  I love that most of you are smarter than me and contribute to my education.  But nobody is going to write full part time without financial compensation and I believe I am one of the best paid ones out there on a reader per capita basis ( compared to other non-fiction self publishers, not to Stephen King ).  For as few readers as I have, I get a rather rewarding monthly stipend.  Not enough to live on, but enough to buy almost as many books as I want.  I get paid in books, and I’m happy.  You get those books returned to you as better knowledge and clearer understanding of the issues you are concerned with, so you should be happy.  And best of all, it doesn’t really even cost you all that much.  Half of you buy through my Amazon links to return a commission to me, and a quarter of you donate cash.  I assume you are not silly enough to give me more than you can afford.  Book sales, as per the last two decades, once again disappoint.  The only good they do is to allow me to claim to be an author rather than a blogger.  But I shan’t complain unduly.  The financial support is still there one way or another. 


Broken down to a monthly average:

   $76 Amazon commissions.  This cost you nothing extra.  When you enter through my blog graphic ad links, then buy prior to exiting, I get a 6-7% commission on the sale of anything you buy, not just the ad item.  Keep it up!

   $35 from donations, usually of the PayPal kind.  All this money is put on my Amazon gift card and used just for book purchases.  I no longer use these for living expenses as I once did while broker than a politicians promise.  Any cash is turned to reference books.

   $20 from Google ads.  I used to have more on my blog but the greedy pukes started using video ads which bogs down the load time.  I HATE blog bogging ads with a purple passion.  I won’t participate in such asshattery.  I now have just one or two.  These don’t cost you anything, but do NOT click on unless the item is a desired purchase.  I won’t play the Fake Click Game as any abuse leads to not only the ads being pulled, but the free blog publishing halted.  And I won’t pay to have the blog published.  If I did, I would have, literally, zero profits.

   $8 from Kindle Books.  If it wasn’t for the Malthusian Survivalist newsletter, that would be only about $3.  Sad.

   $1 WHOLE FRIGGIN dollar from Lulu.com  This is how well my fiction writing pays, as do the print versions of my books.  Oh well. 


Now, add it all up to about $140 a month.  My average book purchases over the last year were about $200 a month.  That isn’t as insane as it sounds, the average used printed book being close to $10 after shipping when lucky and closer to $15 for more recent books which never produce a mass market paperback edition that leave any cheap used books behind.  I only buy Kindle when I have to, such as when the price difference is insane.  I love paper, not digits.  Paper has a better chance of seeing it through the collapse ( plus Amazons bankruptcy.  I can almost see that happening, then the New York publishers buying the Kindle books and offering even less of a discount.  Good-bye independents.  Of course, who am I kidding?  Both industries will collapse at the same time with no survivors to buy any assets ). 


In the end, because of my wonderful writing and all you who support it, I end up with a very reasonable book collection at one quarter of the price.  Cheers!  Let’s keep it up, shall we?



  1. 6% to 7% eh? Well, that's better than what I was thinking, but still nothing to write home about. For example, I recently ordered about $80 through your links. If I figured right, you probably only made just under $5? That is rather paltry. Oh well, I need to get a grain grinder and a couple of other items. I order exclusively through your links. I will try to send another book your way in the near future if it's in the budget? Seems like a lot of work for little compensation, but believe it or not, there are some of us that really appreciate your efforts.

    1. Well, I haven't lasted this long for the cash alone. I know I have a loyal following and that helps a LOT more often than not.

  2. Please clarify something for me and other readers. If I click on a amazon ad and don't buy it does that penalize you???

    1. Other than my butt hurt feelings? No, no penalty.


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